Ofudesaki Part 16, verses 44–63

The imminent arrival of the time, the cleansing of the heart, and the replacement of the mind

(44) Though until now I have been patiently holding back in whatever matters,

(45) Now hear Me! Until now, you have only listened to what I said in My talks.1

(46) But today, as I am hastening the path, all things will quickly appear.2

(47) Once they begin to appear, it will be too late. Therefore, all of you must ponder.3

(48) Though even until now [Kami] has tried to persuade you by teaching various things step by step,

(49) However earnestly I appeal to you, no one understands. Oh, the regret of the Parent…

(50) Even until now, I made great efforts to persuade you. This time, indeed, you must ponder.4

(51) What are you thinking on hearing this talk? It is the result of matters accumulated and piled up.

(52) Know that the regret and anger of [Kami] on this day are not small matters.

The stopping of the drum and [Oyagami]’s regret

(53) [Cosmic Space-Time] is the Parent who began human beings and this world which did not exist.5

(54) Be that as it may, the drum is being stopped by children who know nothing. Behold My regret.6

(55) This time, I shall give a return for this. Beware of it, all of you, wherever you may be.

Clearing away the regret

(56) Until today, you have known nothing. But now, things are beginning to appear—a great promise.7

(57) What do you think this path is about? It is to cleanse the heart of everyone in the world.8

(58) What do you think this matter is about? It is to clear away [Kami]’s regret.9

(59) Hereafter, I shall not indicate anyone in particular. I am watching the innermost heart of each of you.10

(60) From today, [Cosmic Space-Time] will go forth to work. There is no knowing what I shall do.11

(61) The work that [Cosmic Space-Time] will do from now on: perhaps no one knows where I shall do it.

(62) I shall work in the high mountains as well as in the low valleys, here and there, throughout the world.12

(63) When [Cosmic Space-Time] works throughout the world, perhaps there is no one who knows how to settle matters.13


  1. OC 16:45: Listen attentively. The talks I gave until now, no matter what I spoke of, all of you listened to it carelessly as if were mere talk.
  2. OC 16:46: However, on this day today, since I am hastening for the salvation of everyone, everything that I, Oyagami, have spoken about will swiftly become reality.
  3. OC 16:47: Since there is nothing to be gained from raising a clamor after a trouble of the body or circumstance appears, it is best that all of you quickly perceive My mind, the mind of Oyagami, and ponder.
  4. OC 16:50: Since the hastening which I speak of to this degree is not an ordinary matter, be sure to fully listen, understand, and ponder at this time.
  5. OC 16:53 I, Cosmic Space-Time, created human beings and the world which did not previously exist. It is I, the original Kami and Parent, who is now present before you at this moment.
  6. OC 16:54: However, it is truly to My deepest regret that My children, who know nothing, have stopped the playing of the drum.

    *Note: This verse is referring to the stopping of the drum for the Service.

  7. OC 16:56: It is very likely that there is no one who knew what this path is going to be. Now, a truly delightful path is coming into view.
  8. OC 16:57: You are thinking to yourselves, “What kind of path is this?” It is a path to cleanse the hearts of human beings in the entire world.
  9. OC 16:58: How you think this cleansing of people’s hearts is supposed to be done? This is cleansing is to clear away My thoughts that have piled up until now.
  10. OC 16:59: From now on, I shall not name anyone in particular. However, I see through and know the contents of the minds of everyone.
  11. OC 16:60: From today, since I shall come out Myself and reveal free and unlimited workings, there is no knowing what I shall do.
  12. OC 16:62: I shall go about here and there revealing free and unlimited workings throughout the entire world, even in the high mountains and low valleys.
  13. OC 16:63: If I go out to work throughout the work in order to cleanse hearts, various things will occur. There is no one who knows how to settle them.