Song Three Summary

Song Three covers a diverse array of themes, which include:

  • [1st verse] The revelation that the Place for the Service (Jiba) in Shoyashiki is the origin of the world.
  • [2nd verse] Although Oyasama (Oyagami) does not explicitly request anyone to build the Place for the Service, [3rd verse] people outside the Residence will gather to initiate and participate so it will come to be built.
  • [4th verse] You have done well to have followed this far until now, a true, lasting salvation will be made available from now on.
  • [5th verse] Always laughed at and slandered, to the point until Kami will be compelled to promise and provide unprecedented forms of salvation.
  • [6th verse] Do not make any wishes that lack merit or that are not backed up with the necessary effort that will help bring them about. Instead, become of a heart-mind that is straight and unswerving.
  • [7th verse] A declaration: In any situation from now on I will go in a straight and unswerving manner while leaning on Kami.
  • [8th verse] There is nothing more painful than illness. I, too, will join in the hinokishin, to contribute on a day-to-day basis.
  • [9th verse] I have entrusted myself until now, but did not know I was entrusting myself to the original Kami.
  • [10th, finally] At this time, as various forms of protection have been revealed, there is no mistake that an actual Kami, the Source of life’s sustenance is involved.

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Song Three, verses 9–10

Song Three, verses 9–10

九ツ      こゝまでしん/\゛したけれど もとのかみとハしらなんだ

九つ  此処迄信心したけれど 元の神とは知らなかった

Kokonotsu / koko made / shinjin shita keredo / Moto no Kami to wa / shirananda

Nine / until here / believed have done but / the original Kami / did not know

十ド このたびあらはれた じつのかみにはさうゐない

到頭 此の度現れた 実の神には相違ない

Tōdo / Kono tabi / arawareta / Jitsu no Kami ni wa / sōinai

Ten, finally / This time / appeared / true, actual Kami / there is no mistake

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