Excerpts from Miki Nakayama and discriminated peoples

I realize it has been a reeaaallly long time since I posted anything or made any updates to this website. I offer my apologies.

I stumbled upon a translation I did some time ago that I felt could be useful to researchers of Tenrikyo and burakumin in general. I am unsure if this post will lead to more activity on this website down the road or not.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!! Thank you for visiting the site!

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted anything on Tenrikyology.com. Thank you all for your continued patience. Hopefully, I’ll be back to posting regularly sooner if not later.

As of now, I plan to spend an American-style Thanksgiving in the first time in who knows when. It will be the first time my wife and children will be experiencing a Thanksgiving. For this, I am immensely thankful.

Other things I have been greatly grateful for recently:

  • Wonderful and understanding family and friends
  • Spiritual solace from unexpected sources
  • Life and all that it has to offer

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!