Osashizu, January 13, 1887 (12/20 lunar calendar)

On the morning of the 11th, Oyasama began to feel better. She sat up in bed and had Her hair dressed. On the night of the 12th, they were waiting for Shinnosuke to reply. At three o’clock in the morning of the next day they finally received his reply that he would inquire of Oyasama. Thereupon, accompanied by Maegawa and Kajimoto, Shinnosuke inquired of Oyasama about the matter.

Words of Oyasama:

Sah, sah, all things, things about which you ask, if you do not understand I shall tell you. Listen carefully, listen carefully. Everyone must understand well. It will not do, it will not do. I have told you before. I shall tell you something difficult. Ponder over only the one matter. At this time you must understand what I say about whatever matters.

Further, Shinnosuke replied, “You said, ‘I have told you before.’ Is this about the performance of the Service? There is a problem with the performance of the Service.”

Sah, sah, it may be difficult to do at this time. But difficulties will serve to settle things truly. Long, long, long have been these forty-nine years but you have understood nothing. If you had, there would be nothing difficult.

Shinnosuke replied, “It is difficult to perform the Service because of the civil law. Then:

Sah, sah, such a reply. . . . About the problem with which your reply is concerned, over the past forty-nine years, has not the way of sincerity been shown? Has not the truth been shown? Do you or do you not understand the situation?

Shinnosuke said, “Please give us a directive that will uphold both the directions of God and the laws of the country.”

It should be clear. Reflect on how this path was made step by step from the origin. Sah, sah, what you are going through at this time. . . . Your attempt to find a way to separate matters is wrong. It will not do, it will not do this time. Sah, I say at once, at once, carry out what I have been telling you. Now, now!

Shinnosuke said, “We shall practice for the performance of the Service every night. Please give us an extension until we learn the proper movements for the Service.”

Sah, sah, once you have heard what I say, you must set it firmly in your minds. There are many other paths. Even after considering all matters, you must still follow the one path. Simply to stop is wrong. The path of order, the path of order.

Shinnosuke said, “We wish to build an institute and practice the Service so we shall be able to perform it in accordance with Your direction at this time.”

Since you are unable to set your minds at ease, you say, “discussion, discussion for the time being.” But I say, “Now!” Because I say, “Now,” you must do it now. Time is pressing. Do you understand?

Shinnosuke said, “You say ‘Service, Service’ with great urgency. Through the affliction of Oyasama, are You urging us to determine the Service performers, or to perform the Main Service at any cost?”

Sah, sah, with each of you, to settle the mind is to settle the Service performers. If there are no difficulties, the mind cannot be truly set. It depends on your heart, on your mind. Ask Me until you fully understand. Once I give the order, I shall not rescind it.

Continuing, Shinnosuke said, “You taught us that the souls of the instruments and prototypes of human creation were born at this Residence, that You descended to this Residence because it is the Jiba where the creation of man and the world began, and that the souls of the rulers and our souls are the same. If we are asked about these points, how are we to answer? We do not know. We cannot defy the law.”

Sah , sah, because Tsukihi exists, the world exists. Because the world exists, things exist. Because things exist, your bodies exist. Because your bodies exist, law exists. Although the law exists, to resolve your minds is primary.

Continuing, Shinnosuke said, “As for ourselves, we are ready to comply. But we are worried about the physical condition of Oyasama. If the worst should occur, will You grant Your divine protection?”

Sah, sah, where there is sincerity, you shall receive sincerity. You may not know what My sincerity is. It is My providence —fire, water, and wind.


Sah, sah, you are to purchase My sincerity. Purchase My sincerity with your own sincerity.


Osashizu, January 10, 1887 (12/17 lunar calendar)

On the 10th, however, Oyasama’s health failed again. Everyone was again astonished. Again, at about three o’clock in the afternoon, after a discussion, an inquiry was made through Izo Iburi, in the room adjacent to Oyasama’s: “What should we do about Oyasama’s condition? We are performing the Service every night. Should we also perform the Service during the day? Will You accept our sincerity and show us Your blessing in restoring Her health?”

Divine Directions through Izo Iburi:

Sah, sah, I have already taught you everything up to now. I shall not tell you to do this or that any longer. The path from forty-nine years ago. . . . Has not every kind of path been passed through? Surely you must have understood. Surely you must have been saved. There is no one who reflects deeply, even now. From near and far you have been drawn. No one understands the circumstances. No longer shall I direct you to do this or that. It will be up to the mind of each person. I shall not direct you any further.

Startled by these words, those who were gathered informed Shinnosuke about the directions. They discussed the directions and set their minds to comply with them. Those present were Kikutaro Maegawa, Matsujiro Kajimoto, Isaburo Masui, Chuzaburo Koda, Naokichi Takai, Chusaku Tsuji, Shirobei Umetani, Shobei Masuno, Yonosuke Shimizu, and Kunisaburo Moroi. Their conclusion was to devote themselves single-heartedly to God’s will. They informed Shinnosuke of their conclusion and requested his approval. Shinnosuke replied that he had to deliberate on the matter further before he could give his answer. A little past nine o’clock that night, another meeting was held. Chuzaburo Koda, Isaburo Masui, Shirobei Umetani, Shobei Masuno, Yonosuke Shimizu, Kunisaburo Moroi, and Hidenobu Nakano asked Maegawa and Kajimoto for their advice because they could not receive a reply from Shinnosuke. It was decided that these two should go and ask for Shinnosuke’s reply. They were not able to perform the Service throughout the night, as ordered by God, because they feared the reactions of the civil authorities. It was decided that Shinnosuke should inquire of Oyasama concerning this point. It was after dawn when they recessed.

Osashizu, January 9, 1887 (12/16 lunar calendar)

From the morning of the 9th, Oyasama’s condition improved. She began to eat a little food. Everyone was overjoyed at this. Then Oyasama spoke.

Words of Oyasama:

Sah, sah, do you think that I have become feeble with age or that I am having difficulty because of illness? I am not ill, nor am I feeble. I have taught you completely, step by step. Ponder over it well.

Oyasama spoke the above words. On the 10th, however, Oyasama’s health failed again. Everyone was again astonished. Again, at about three o’clock in the afternoon, after a discussion, an inquiry was made through Izo Iburi, in the room adjacent to Oyasama’s: “What should we do about Oyasama’s condition? We are performing the Service every night. Should we also perform the Service during the day? Will You accept our sincerity and show us Your blessing in restoring Her health?”

Osashizu, January 4, 1887 (12/11 lunar calendar)

Oyasama was urging the followers to perform the Service. But on this day Her health took a critical turn. Instructions were requested through Izo Iburi. Severe directions followed. (They were given in the room adjacent to the one in which Oyasama rested.)

Sah, sah, the time is fully ripe and pressing. I have already told you everything but you have not understood at all. No matter how much I explain, there is no one who understands. This is My regret. You must reflect deeply on the life of doubt which you lead. Sah, if the words of God were false, this path would not have continued for forty-nine years until now. What I have told you until now has been shown. With this in mind, reflect. Sah, shall I withdraw? Shall I end it all?

Oyasama’s body became cold at this time, astonishing everyone. The Service was performed in apology from January 5 (December 12, lunar calendar), although the number of performers for the musical instruments was incomplete. Perhaps because the Service was performed in secrecy, at night and behind locked gates, Oyasama did not eat. On the night of the 8th, those present (those who had assembled the previous year to discuss the establishment of a church) decided that they would put two-parts weight on worldly affairs and eight-parts weight on the affairs of God, and would put their hearts into the performance of the Service, thus fulfilling the dictates of the Divine Records. The discussion ended at five o’clock on the morning of the following day.


Ofudesaki unnumbered set

Ofudesaki unnumbered set (Jpn: Ofudesaki gogai おふでさき号外) refer to verses Oyasama wrote in exterior volumes of the Ofudesaki She gave to devoted followers that are not found in the original manuscript preserved at Her Residence.

According to the Tenrikyo jiten, there are 14 unnumbered set verses that do not appear in the original manuscript.1 Continue reading Ofudesaki unnumbered set

  1. A Glossary of Tenrikyo Terms, p. 93.

Ofudesaki Part 17, verses 25–55

The way to clear away the “regret” and the arrival of the time to begin this

(25) Until now, I have listened to whatever things. This time, indeed, I shall clear My regret away.1 Continue reading Ofudesaki Part 17, verses 25–55

  1. OC 17:25: Until now, I have listened to and overlooked all kinds of matters. Yet at this time, I, Oyagami, shall reveal My free and unlimited workings, clearing away the frustration that has piled high.