Osashizu, January 9, 1887 (12/16 lunar calendar)

From the morning of the 9th, Oyasama’s condition improved. She began to eat a little food. Everyone was overjoyed at this. Then Oyasama spoke.

Words of Oyasama:

Sah, sah, do you think that I have become feeble with age or that I am having difficulty because of illness? I am not ill, nor am I feeble. I have taught you completely, step by step. Ponder over it well.

Oyasama spoke the above words. On the 10th, however, Oyasama’s health failed again. Everyone was again astonished. Again, at about three o’clock in the afternoon, after a discussion, an inquiry was made through Izo Iburi, in the room adjacent to Oyasama’s: “What should we do about Oyasama’s condition? We are performing the Service every night. Should we also perform the Service during the day? Will You accept our sincerity and show us Your blessing in restoring Her health?”