About Tenrikyology.com

Welcome to Tenrikyology.com, the first English website strictly dedicated to Tenrikyogaku — the study of Tenrikyo!

The ultimate aim of this site is to be a reservoir of information on Tenrikyo — a religious organization based on the revelations of Oyasama (Nakayama Miki) and the Honseki (Iburi Izo) — with the hope it will enrich the understanding of English-reading followers and non-followers alike.

About Roy Forbes (Self-Intro)

I am a third-generation follower originally from Honolulu. I went to the 691st session of Shuyoka (Spiritual Development Course in Jiba) between November 1998 and January 1999. I completed the first half of the Head Minister Qualification Course (Kentei Koshu-kai, Zenki) in March 2000 and completed the second half (Kentei Koshu-kai, Koki) in July 2005.

I currently live in Tenri with my wife and three children.

Educational background

BA in East Asian Languages and Literature (Japanese), 1998 UH Manoa and MA in Religion (Asian), 2005 UH Manoa. (To anyone who is curious and bold enough: you’re more than free to take a peek at my masters thesis.)

About site content

This site is still in its early stage of development. Its main features at the moment include:

I hope to eventually add future commentaries on The Life of Oyasama, Tenrikyo Scriptures, the Tenrikyo Story of Creation, and more.

Note: The site is undergoing maintenance that is long overdue — overdue even before the site was migrated to WordPress circa November 2011.

Disclaimer: The content of this site is the responsibility of mine alone and does not reflect or represent the opinions or stance of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters.

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