Tenrikyo Fundamentals

Omichi no joshiki 『お道の常識 』: Contents

Translations of excerpts from Omichi no joshiki by Prof. Koji Sato of Tenri University

Part One: The Lives Led by Our Predecessors 第一部・先人の生き方

*The following have been provisionally translated but have not yet been posted due to personal reservations regarding their quality, especially the quality of translations of extensive passages from the Osashizu.

Part Two: A Way of Thinking and Its Basis 第二部・考え方、その元

  • Revelation 啓示
  • Shrine of God 神のやしろ
  • A Return (Pilgrimage) to Jiba おぢば帰り
  • Illness 病
  • Purifying the Mind 心を澄ます
  • True Joy 真の陽気
  • Principles Set In Motion 理が回る
  • If They Tell You “Don’t”  いかんと言えば
  • Toku (Virtue / Merit)  徳
  • Stormy Wind and Muddy Water 悪風、泥水
  • To be Spirited 勇むこと
  • If Humans Become Spirited 人が勇めば
  • God Will Also Become Spirited 神も勇む
  • Truth of the Teachings 教えの理
  • Minds In Unison (Unity of Minds) 一手一つの心
  • Wrong Sentiments, Wrong Opinions, Wrong Principles 悪風、悪説、悪理
  • The Second Generation Than the First 一代より二代
  • Amiability 愛想
  • Every Single Individual, Every Single Person 一名一人
  • Natural and Spontaneous 天然自然
  • Marriage 結婚
  • Hinokishin ひのきしん
  • The Path お道
  • A Large Misfortune into a Small One, a Small Misfortune into Nothing 大難を小難、小難を無難
  • The Paradise of this World この世の極楽
  • Until the Age of Fifteen 十五歳まで
  • Repentance さんげ
  • Seeds (1) The Seeds that You Have Dedicated 種(1)—心尽くした物種
  • Seeds (2) Seeds Not Sown Will Not Sprout 種(2)—蒔かぬ種は生えぬ
  • Seeds (3) Selecting Seeds 種(3)—種を選る
  • The Origin of Illness is the Mind 病の元は心から
  • Not Found in Learning 学問にないこと
  • A Mind of a Three-Year-Old さんさい心
  • Direction / Orientation 方位
  • The Path and the World 道と世界
  • Obligations 義理
  • No Barriers On The Path 道に関あっては
  • To Give A Small Amount of Satisfaction Through Words 言葉でなりと満足
  • Causality いんねん
  • Pondering/Contemplation 思案
  • Afterword