Ishizue/Cornerstone: The Faith and Life of Genjiro Kashihara by Teruo Nishiyama

English translation, draft

Publisher: Zenponsha (249 pages)

Table of Contents

Foreword by Yoshinori Kashihara

Chapter 1: His Young Days

Chapter 2: As a Young Live-In

Chapter 3: Becoming Heir of the Kashihara Household

Chapter 4: Missionary Work in Karatsu and Succumbing to a Severe Illness

Chapter 5: Life as a Minister and Its Trials

Chapter 6: Asceticism and Its Source

Chapter 7: Installation as Head Minister and His Mission Tours

Chapter 8: Thirty-Thousand Sermons

Chapter 9: Examples of Genjiro’s Salvation Work

Chapter 10: Years Leading Up to the 30th Anniversary of Oyasama (1916)

Chapter 11: The Construction of Muya Grand Church

Chapter 12: Life in the Kashihara Household

Chapter 13: Yoshinori’s Missionary Expedition and His Trip Around the World

Chapter 14: Becoming a Yoboku of Jiba

Chapter 15: Counseling and Administering the Sazuke at Church Headquarters

Chapter 16: Kazuko’s Marriage to Yoshiro and the Storm of War

Chapter 17: The Path of the Parent, the Path of the Child

Chapter 18: The Construction of Myodo Grand Church

Chapter 19: The 70th Anniversary of Oyasama and Yoshiro’s Illness

Chapter 20: To the Far Ends of the Earth