Cornerstone: Chapter 15-5

The following is a translation of an excerpt from Ishizue: Kashihara Genjiro no shinko to shogai (Cornerstone: The Faith and Life of Genjiro Kashihara) by Teruo Nishiyama. Note: This translation is a provisional one and may need to undergo further revision.

Note: This translation is presently incomplete.

The Source of Miracles

The miracles that occurred after Genjiro administered the Sazuke roused thrills and curiosity in people. People were curious about how Genjiro was able to bring about such miracles.

Dr. Satoru Kamio of Tenri Daiichi Hospital visited Genjiro after hearing the rumblings that were going about. Being a student of medicine, Dr. Kamio, he could not understand how a person so seriously ill that could not stand would do so in just ten or 20 minutes. Why does something so wondrous able to happen? He was searching for an explanation.

“We are not doctors. Consequently, we cannot cure disease with medicine. We convey God the Parent’s intention that hastens for the salvation of the entire world.

“You ask how God the Parent does this saving. We are taught that the body is a thing lent, a thing borrowed and that the origin of illness lies in the mind. We merely convey this set of teachings.

“People who cannot stand because of an illness pray with their heart and soul to God, casting away all other thoughts aside. They completely lean on God the Parent. I believe God enters and works in the mind of such a person.”

“If that is the case, can anyone who administers the Sazuke able to bring about a miracle of having a person stand?”

Genjiro was silent for some time before saying, “I cannot say that every single person will experience a miracle by having the Sazuke administered.”

“Why is that?”

“In Tenrikyo, God the Parent has given lessons to follow to Yoboku who administer the Sazuke. No matter how long we may have been on the path, if we cannot observe these lessons and become sidetracked, God’s truth cannot enter our mind. This makes a person who administers the Sazuke unable to ask for God’s workings.”

“What do you mean by these ‘lessons’?”

“We are taught that God dislikes falsehood and flattery. God dislikes greed and arrogance the most. These are the uses of mind that God dislikes the most. A Yoboku who misuses the mind in this way cannot have God enter them when they administer the Sazuke. If God cannot enter the Yoboku, there are no miracles.”

“Could you give me a concrete example?”

“A missionary who preaches the importance of early rising while not practicing it himself is guilty of falsehood.

“Greed amounts to being sidetracked by sexual desire and drinking excessively. We are taught greatly dislikes these habits.

“I have followed these lessons all my life. That is why I mince no words when speaking about my faith wherever I go. Because I mince no words, some times I am troubled when people approach me to administer the Sazuke. I am not afraid of the people themselves, but the causality that they carry.

“However, even if you might be able to trick a person, you cannot trick God. It is important to move forward with God as the object.”

“I understand. Now my last question. Sensei, how do you feel when you administer the Sazuke and advise a person?”

“Because I readily speak with anyone who is near me, people say that I like to talk, but that’s not the case. I talk because I want people to be saved. I want to share this wonder path to people.

“I went through seven great knots in which I did know if I would live or die. I was saved each time. I cannot help but be mindful and appreciate how indebted I am. I want to express my indebtedness in some way. This is my wish.

“All other pleasures are tenuous when compared to this joy. If you ask me what my pleasures are it is to have a person be saved. I don’t think of anything else. There is no need to think about anything else.”