Cornerstone: Foreword/Table of Contents

The following is a translation of the Foreword from Ishizue: Kashihara Genjiro no shinko to shogai (Cornerstone: The Faith and Life of Genjiro Kashihara) by Teruo Nishiyama. Note: This translation is a provisional one and may need to undergo further revision.

Foreword by Yoshinori Kashihara

My father Genjiro entirely devoted himself to missionary work, from the time he embraced the faith while in his teens until his passing at age 83.

My father Genjiro took no byroads in his life. He grappled with God face-on. Whereas there were many twists and turns in his life, he always walked life’s main road in a straight line. Genjiro did not have a single secret which he could not tell anyone. He lived life with a clear conscience. His life was a happy one, a result of his faith in the path. While savoring the depth of his causality, he gave himself to the heartfelt joy of single-hearted salvation.

My father wrote a work titled Fukyo sensen ki (A record at the front lines of the mission). At the end of World War II, the followers dormitory in Jiba became a training center for 30,000 Japanese Navy’s Preparatory Flight Training Program recruits. General Kiyomiya of Air Headquarters lived in the room next to us. When the general read Fukyo sensen ki, he did so with great enthusiasm and relish. He said: “Anyone who has made as much effort as your father did would have become a marshal in the navy. In the business world, he can be compared to entrepreneur Zenjiro Yasuda.”

My father had no interest in personal fame or fortune. Still, he shone brightly as God’s Yoboku. He has my heartfelt respect and I enjoyed basking in the light of his joy.

Nishiyama-kun from Tenrikyo Doyusha Co. had his biography on my father, entitled Ishizue (Cornerstone), serialized in the weekly Tenri jiho over a year. Although he never met my father or even heard a sermon from him, Nishiyama-kun closely examined his writings and mine, interviewed my father’s former students, and not only walked the Muya Road as my father did in his younger days, but also roads in Kyushu before taking up his pen to write. People belonging to Myodo who knew Genjiro well were greatly satisfied at how Genjiro would reappear before them while reading Ishizue. Mr. Koyama’s artwork was also received very well.

It is my wish that many people will read Ishizue now that it has been published as a book at the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his passing.

January 5, 1967

Yoshinori Kashihara

Ishizue, Table of Contents

Foreword by Yoshinori Kashihara

Chapter One: His Young Days

Chapter Two: As a Young Live-In

Chapter Three: Becoming Heir of the Kashihara Household

Chapter Four: Missionary Work in Karatsu and Succumbing to a Severe Illness

Chapter Five: Life as a Minister and Its Trials

Chapter Six: Asceticism and Its Source

Chapter Seven: Installation as Head Minister and His Mission Tours

Chapter Eight: Thirty-Thousand Sermons

Chapter Nine: Examples of Genjiro’s Salvation Work

Chapter Ten: Years Leading Up to the 30th Anniversary of Oyasama (1916)

Chapter Eleven: The Construction of Muya Grand Church

Chapter Twelve: Life in the Kashihara Household

Chapter Thirteen: Yoshinori’s Missionary Expedition and His Trip Around the World

Chapter Fourteen: Becoming a Yoboku of Jiba

Chapter Fifteen: Counseling and Administering the Sazuke at Church Headquarters

Chapter Sixteen: Kazuko’s Marriage to Yoshiro and the Storm of War

Chapter Seventeen: The Path of the Parent, the Path of the Child

Chapter Eighteen: The Construction of Myodo Grand Church

Chapter Nineteen: The 70th Anniversary of Oyasama and Yoshiro’s Illness

Chapter Twenty: To the Far Ends of the Earth