Osashizu, February 18, 1887 (1/26 lunar calendar), morning

Concerning the Service on the twenty-sixth:

On the night of February 17 (1/25, lunar calendar), Oyasama’s health improved. She dressed Her hair as She sat on Her bed.

Sah, sah, on any matter whatever, you must listen and understand well, understand well, understand well. Sah, sah, each and every matter. . . . Sah, I have instructed you night after night, night after night, night after night. On this one matter, I told you to do it now, to do it at once. I instructed you to do it immediately. Sah, now, at this time, I am in haste. Some of you say, “Respond to God’s will at once.” Others say, “Be prudent.” Still others say, “Wait awhile.” Sah, sah, concerning the one thing, do you fear the law, the law? Do you fear God or do you fear the law? It is useless to hesitate. The Service must be performed at any cost. I have told you this many times before. I am not instructing you in something new at this time. Which path will you take? Do not ask Me such a question. You should understand by this one instruction.

At twelve o’clock noon on this day, preparations were made and the Main Service was performed. At two o’clock at the close of the Service, Oyasama’s body became cold and She finally withdrew Her physical presence.