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Osashizu, February 18, 1887 (1/26 lunar calendar), afternoon

From January 9, 1887 (12/16/1886, lunar calendar), Oyasama was afflicted slightly and took to rest. From the night of January 18 (12/25, lunar calendar), performances of the Kagura and Teodori were begun. The performances were continued every night until the night of February 17 (1/25, lunar calendar). As Oyasama’s condition grew more severe from twelve o’clock noon, February 18 (1/26, lunar calendar), the Kagura was performed around the Kanrodai, followed by a performance of the Teodori. At that time, Shinnosuke explained the will of God to those who had assembled and told them, “The police may come and do whatever they can to stop the Service. Only those devoted enough to perform at the risk of their lives should take part.” Each person made a firm resolution, then prepared for the Service and began to perform it. The participants were: singers—Tokichi Izumita, Narazo Hirano; Kagura—Shinnosuke, Kikutaro Maegawa, Masajin Iburi, Risaburo Yamamoto, Naokichi Takai, Isaburo Masui, Chusaku Tsuji, Chuzaburo Koda, Iso Ueda, Yonosuke Okada; Teodori—Yonosuke Shimizu, Risaburo Yamamoto, Naokichi Takai, Isaburo Masui, Chusaku Tsuji, Yonosuke Okada; musical instruments—Tamae Nakayama (koto), Yoshie Iburi (shamisen), Kiyoshi Hashimoto (tsuzumi). Shirobei Umetani, Shobei Masuno, and Matsujiro Kajimoto were assigned the responsibility of caring for the Residence in the event of untoward circumstances. There were nineteen members in all. The Service began at one o’clock in the afternoon and ended at two o’clock. As the Service drew to a close, Oyasama ceased breathing. An inquiry was made through Izo Iburi on the second floor of the storehouse.

Sah, sah, I shall level the ground. Has everyone assembled, has everyone assembled? Listen and understand well. All that I have said until now was put into a container of truth. But now God has opened the portals and stepped out. Because of My love for you, My children, the Parent shortened Her life by twenty-five years to step out and save the world from now. Observe well. Observe well what the path has been and what the path will become. When I asked whether I should open the portals or keep them closed to level the ground, you answered, “Please open the portals and level the ground.” I have done as you wished. Sah, there was a thing I had intended to give to My children but I was not able. I shall bestow this truth on you step by step hereafter. Remember this well.

Thus were the words of God. Preparations were made for the funeral.

Osashizu, February 18, 1887 (1/26 lunar calendar), morning

Concerning the Service on the twenty-sixth:

On the night of February 17 (1/25, lunar calendar), Oyasama’s health improved. She dressed Her hair as She sat on Her bed.

Sah, sah, on any matter whatever, you must listen and understand well, understand well, understand well. Sah, sah, each and every matter. . . . Sah, I have instructed you night after night, night after night, night after night. On this one matter, I told you to do it now, to do it at once. I instructed you to do it immediately. Sah, now, at this time, I am in haste. Some of you say, “Respond to God’s will at once.” Others say, “Be prudent.” Still others say, “Wait awhile.” Sah, sah, concerning the one thing, do you fear the law, the law? Do you fear God or do you fear the law? It is useless to hesitate. The Service must be performed at any cost. I have told you this many times before. I am not instructing you in something new at this time. Which path will you take? Do not ask Me such a question. You should understand by this one instruction.

At twelve o’clock noon on this day, preparations were made and the Main Service was performed. At two o’clock at the close of the Service, Oyasama’s body became cold and She finally withdrew Her physical presence.

Life of the Foundress, Part 8

The following is an excerpt of “The Life of the Foundress” by Yoshinaru Ueda as it appears in Tenrikyo: Its History and Teachings (1966), pp. 36–40. Note that this excerpt has been slightly revised to reflect current translation styles.

The content below more or less corresponds what appears in The Life of Oyasama, Chapter Ten. Continue reading Life of the Foundress, Part 8

The Life of the Honseki Izo Iburi, Part Eight

“A Thing I Intended to Give My Children”

Oyasama hastens the performance of the Service

In February 1886, during the harshest Yamato winter in 30 years, Oyasama was imprisoned at Ichinomoto Station for 12 days. But despite such oppression by the authorities, Oyasama continued to hasten Her followers to conduct the Service.

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