Osashizu, January 10, 1887 (12/17 lunar calendar)

On the 10th, however, Oyasama’s health failed again. Everyone was again astonished. Again, at about three o’clock in the afternoon, after a discussion, an inquiry was made through Izo Iburi, in the room adjacent to Oyasama’s: “What should we do about Oyasama’s condition? We are performing the Service every night. Should we also perform the Service during the day? Will You accept our sincerity and show us Your blessing in restoring Her health?”

Divine Directions through Izo Iburi:

Sah, sah, I have already taught you everything up to now. I shall not tell you to do this or that any longer. The path from forty-nine years ago. . . . Has not every kind of path been passed through? Surely you must have understood. Surely you must have been saved. There is no one who reflects deeply, even now. From near and far you have been drawn. No one understands the circumstances. No longer shall I direct you to do this or that. It will be up to the mind of each person. I shall not direct you any further.

Startled by these words, those who were gathered informed Shinnosuke about the directions. They discussed the directions and set their minds to comply with them. Those present were Kikutaro Maegawa, Matsujiro Kajimoto, Isaburo Masui, Chuzaburo Koda, Naokichi Takai, Chusaku Tsuji, Shirobei Umetani, Shobei Masuno, Yonosuke Shimizu, and Kunisaburo Moroi. Their conclusion was to devote themselves single-heartedly to God’s will. They informed Shinnosuke of their conclusion and requested his approval. Shinnosuke replied that he had to deliberate on the matter further before he could give his answer. A little past nine o’clock that night, another meeting was held. Chuzaburo Koda, Isaburo Masui, Shirobei Umetani, Shobei Masuno, Yonosuke Shimizu, Kunisaburo Moroi, and Hidenobu Nakano asked Maegawa and Kajimoto for their advice because they could not receive a reply from Shinnosuke. It was decided that these two should go and ask for Shinnosuke’s reply. They were not able to perform the Service throughout the night, as ordered by God, because they feared the reactions of the civil authorities. It was decided that Shinnosuke should inquire of Oyasama concerning this point. It was after dawn when they recessed.