Ofudesaki Part 12, verses 70–100

Oyasama’s words and actions are [Cosmic Space-Time]’s intentions

(70) Whatever is said, it is all by [Cosmic Space-Time]. Never is there mixed the least bit of a human mind.

(71) However difficult you think matters to be, you need not worry. [Cosmic Space-Time] takes charge.

The brightness of the day when the regret of [Oyagami] is all cleared away

(72) All of you in the world, look forward to the path ahead. If only the regret of [Kami] is all cleared away…1

(73) When I set out to cleanse your heart day by day, there will be none able to resist Me.2

(74) What do you think this cleansing is about? [Cosmic Space-Time] will enter the bodies of all.3

(75) Where do you think this talk is about? I shall fully manifest My workings in the high places.4

Have faith in Oyasama’s teachings, cleanse the heart, and become filled with joy

(76) Ponder over everything [Cosmic Space-Time] says. There is not an error in anything I say.5

(77) As I desire to purify the mind of everyone throughout the world, there is no knowing what [Cosmic Space-Time] will do.6

(78) Whatever I do, it is solely from [Cosmic Space-Time]’s single desire to save you.

(79) All of you in the world, keep your eyes firmly on the future. The cleansing of the heart will be accomplished of itself.7

(80) When this cleansing is thoroughly done, I shall begin at once to prepare for the Amulet.8

(81) The mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] hastens daily for such a path to be, but no one is aware of it.9

(82) If you come onto this path quickly, all of you will be spirited, whoever you may be.10

(83) Do not wonder who is giving this talk. It is solely the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] speaking.11

(84) It is because I desire to make the truth of this world known by all means to the entire world.12

The reconstruction of the mind as the mind to save others; miraculous salvation

(85) Though until today I have let the days go by and held back in whatever matters,

(86) This time, as the day is pressing, I cannot hold back even for a moment.13

(87) Whatever you hear and whenever you hear of it, it is the regret and anger of [Cosmic Space-Time].14

(88) To [Cosmic Space-Time], everyone is My child, whoever you may be. Though I have been watching over you with nothing but love,

(89) And though each of you throughout the world has been pondering until now,

(90) To My sorrow, no matter how deeply you have pondered, you have no mind to save others.

(91) From now, [Cosmic Space-Time] requests you, everyone in the world, to replace your mind firmly.

(92) To explain what kind of mind it is to be: it is none other than to save the world single-heartedly.15

(93) Hereafter, if all of you throughout the world save one another in every matter,

(94) Know that [Cosmic Space-Time] will accept that mind and will provide any salvation [whatsoever].16

(95) What do you think this salvation is? It is My assurance of your freedom from smallpox.

(96) Another salvation I desire to teach: an equally abundant harvest everywhere at all times.17

(97) To train you in such a path quickly is My desire, but there is no understanding in anyone’s mind.18

(98) I do not discriminate among any of you in the world. Please ponder, each of you.19

(99) If a true resolve comes to your mind, and you do not turn away from the words of [Kami],

(100) Then [Cosmic Space-Time] will firmly accept this mind and directly hasten your salvation.20


  1. OC 12:72: If only these accumulated thoughts of Mine are cleared away, everyone will become delighted, seeing the broad path that lies ahead.
  2. OC 12:73: Once I, Oyagami, begin the cleansing of the hearts of human beings day after day, there will be no one who be able to defy it, no matter who they may be.
  3. OC 12:74: Though you may wonder about this cleansing and what I will do, I shall cleanse by entering each person’s body and revealing the use of the mind physically and circumstantially.
  4. OC 12:75: If you ask where this cleansing will take place, I shall cleanse the hearts of human beings equally and indiscriminately among the high and the low. It will do for you to be persuaded of My impartial workings when you see the same providence appearing among people of high positions as well.
  5. OC 12:76 Fully ponder all matters with what I, Oyagami, have said in mind. Everything that I have said will appear without fail, exactly as I intended. 
  6. OC 12:77: All of you, be well forewarned as there is knowing what I may do out of My desire to purify the minds of the people in the world.
  7. OC 12:79: All of you, look carefully at the future. When the Cosmic Order is realized before your very eyes, people’s hearts will be cleansed of their own accord.
  8. OC 12:80: When this cleansing is thoroughly completed, I shall immediately take the steps to prepare and hand out the Amulets.
  9. OC 12:81: I, Oyagami, am rushing the path to save you all each day, wishing to cleanse your hearts in this manner, grant you the Amulets, and have you live the Joyous Life through My free and unlimited protection. However, there is no one who knows of My parental heart.
  10. OC 12:82: No matter who they may be, the minds of all people will become spirited if this path of single-hearted salvation were quickly became reality.
  11. OC 12:83: Do not think of this matter as something that is to be said by a person. It is I, Oyagami, who is speaking My mind.
  12. OC 12:84: The reason I speak gradually in this way is from My desire to by all means inform the world about the truth of this existence.
  13. OC 12:85, 86: Until today, I have been holding back as much as possible, for instance, delaying things even by a day. However, at this time, because the day is pressing, I cannot, by any means, hold back any longer.
  14. OC 12:87: No matter what strange matters you may hear of anytime in the future, it is My thoughts that have piled and accumulated appearing into the open as My severe hastening.
  15. OC 12:92: If you are to ask what kind of mind you are to replace it with, I wish for you to have a single-hearted mind that is focused on saving the world.
  16. OC 12:93, 94: If all the people of the world would respect and help one another, I, Oyagami, will accept your sincere minds and will take charge of any and every form of salvation.
  17. OC 12:95, 96: If you are to ask what these universal forms of salvation amounts to, I first will take charge so that you will not succumb to smallpox. Further, I wish to teach you the means to allow all the agricultural crops in all places to always reap a rich harvest.
  18. OC 12:97: Although I wish to quickly teach you this path of universal forms of salvation, I cannot teach it since the minds of all humanity are not completely purified.
  19. OC 12:98: Since the human beings of the world are My beloved children, it is My sincere and loving desire to save you all without the slightest hint of favoritism. I, Oyagami, wish to have the entire human race to fully ponder this and perceive awaken to this true intention of Mine.
  20. OC 12:99, 100: Once people’s minds are resolved to be sincere and not turn against what I, Oyagami, have said, I shall quickly rush salvation as soon as I accept your minds of true sincerity with certainty.