Ofudesaki Part 12, verses 22–43

The regret of [Cosmic Space-Time], the impatience over the human mind, and the coming of the time

The 14th day

(22) This regret in the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] today: know that it is not a small matter.

(23) Because of the shallowness of human beings, there is no one who knows what [Cosmic Space-Time] does.

(24) [Cosmic Space-Time] has already given you notice about each and every matter step by step. Do you understand?1

(25) Even until now, though I have repeatedly appealed to you about the regret of [Cosmic Space-Time],

(26) There is no one in the world who knows. Look at the regret in the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time]!2

(27) At this time, I am giving you notice again, on top of My previous notices and appeals.3

(28) Alas, no matter how many notices I give and appeals I make, there is no one who understands.4

(29) So the days come and go, but at no time is there anyone who is able to understand My intention.5

(30) Today, as the time has already come, [Cosmic Space-Time] will set out. Everyone, beware!6

The arrival of the time and course of the path ahead

(31) Now I shall tell you about the course of the path ahead. No one knows what I shall say.

(32) Day after day, whatever I say will be seen just as I say. This is the wonder.7

(33) There is no knowing what I shall say. That is why I give you notices on everything repeatedly.8

(34) My notices are not to be taken lightly. There is no knowing what will be seen.9

(35) Since there is no knowing what will be seen, I feel deep pity for you.10

(36) The time when things will be seen: this cannot be known. The mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] is filled to the brim.11

(37) Great is the worry in the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time]. Yet you close to Me know nothing of it.12

(38) You close to Me think of your own work alone. But when things are seen, everything will change.13

(39) I shall inform you of everything in advance. Make sure you will not be remorseful later.

(40) To [Kami], who began this world, all things [whatsoever] are seen.

(41) This time, as all matters are brimming over, there is no time at all to waver.14

(42) Until now, no matter what I had said to you, I have still been holding back.

(43) Today, do not be off your guard even to look aside! There is no knowing what will happen or when.15


  1. OC 12:24: Are you fully aware of My, Oyagami’s, repeated warnings that there is no knowing when you will encounter My hastening unless you follow My intention and turn your minds toward establishing the path of single-hearted salvation?
  2. OC 12:25, 26: Although I, Oyagami, am instructing you about My hastening in various ways until now so that the path will not be delayed, the people in the world at large do not realize this at all. Truly, this is the source of My deep regret.
  3. OC 12:27: I, Oyagami, have warned you many times until now that unless you follow My intention and proceed on the path of single-hearted salvation, there is no knowing when or in what form My hastening will appear. No matter how much I have instructed you, I warn you again at this time since you still not have gained insight. 
  4. OC 12:28: No matter how much I give instructions and warnings, there is no one who listens and accepts what I say.
  5. OC 12:29: Therefore, while the days gradually pass, there is never any sign of anyone perceiving that this is My true intention, the true intention of Oyagami.
  6. OC 12:30: The time has arrived as of today. Therefore, all of you: be aware that I cannot wait for people to gain insight and will come out into the open to work.
  7. OC 12:32: The matters I, Oyagami, speak of day after day all will appear exactly as I say. Everyone will very likely think to yourselves: How truly wondrous this is!
  8. OC 12:33: There is no knowing what I, Oyagami, may say. Further, everything will all appear exactly as I say they will. Therefore, I fully give you caution in all matters beforehand.
  9. OC 12:34: The reason I urge you to take precaution is not an ordinary one. I do so because there is no knowing what kind of changes you will come to see.
  10. OC 12:35: While I truly feel pity for you, if you human beings do not listen what I, Oyagami, say, there is no knowing what will appear.
  11. OC 12:36: Because My mind, the mind of Oyagami, is pressing, what I have said until now may appear at any moment. 
  12. OC 12:37: Although I, Oyagami, am worrying incessantly to this degree, those of you close to Me do not notice the Parent’s concern even in the slightest.
  13. OC 12:38: You close to Me are solely thinking of the work that comes from human thoughts. Yet once My workings, the workings of Oyagami appear, this situation will change completely.
  14. OC 12:41: As of today, because each and every situation is pressing, there is no possibility even for the slightest delay.
  15. OC 12:42, 43 Until now, no matter how strongly I warned you, I held back in allowing it to become reality. As of today, it will not do to even be unprepared in the slightest. This is because there is no knowing what will appear or when.