Ofudesaki Part 12, verses 127–49

The completion of the Service means to free oneself from human thinking and lean on Oyasama

(127) Until now, I have passed through a mountain of regrets. If I clear them away at this time,

(128) Thereafter, whatever illness or whatever else may be troubling you, you shall be saved from them all.1

(129) If I should make the origin of human beings known to the whole world,

(130) Then I shall provide any salvation [whatsoever]. With but a word, I shall save you all.2

(131) Until now, though I have repeatedly taught the truth step by step, you do not understand the core.3

(132) To explain what this core is: the pondering of your heart is the primary concern.4

(133) If the heart and the mouth differ in any matter, never will it accord with the mind of [Kami].5

(134) If your sincerity does not accord with the mind of [Kami], in vain is devotion, however great it may be.

(135) On this one matter, whoever may come and however he may plead, it cannot be accepted. [Cosmic Space-Time] will withdraw.6

(136) In any matter, listen closely to the words of [Kami]. In whatever I say, there is never a mistake.

(137) I truly desire to teach you marvelous salvation. That is why I tell you everything [whatsoever].

(138) I desire to teach you everything that has been unknown since I began this world.

(139) You must clearly understand the truth concerning the real origin of this world.7

(140) There is perhaps no one anywhere who knows this origin clearly.8

(141) At this time, I shall tell you the real truth. Whatever I say, you must understand clearly.9

The truth, which is the true origin, and the performance for the Service

(142) Among the instruments used in the beginning of human beings at this Residence, Izanagi and Izanami,

(143) Tsukiyomi, Kunisazuchi, Kumoyomi, and Kashikone are the primary instruments.

(144) Then, the one called Otonobe is the primary instrument for the crops.

(145) Next, the one called Taishokuten is the scissors of the world.10

(146) Until this time, calling together all the instruments, I have passed through every kind of path.11

(147) Hereafter, I shall distinguish the instruments called together and hasten preparations to train them.12

(148) Do not wonder where they can be found. Here are two, both eleven years old.13

(149) One is an instrument used to begin human beings. The other is for the providence for all crops.14


  1. OC 12:127, 128: While I have been frustrated about this matter until now, I kept patient and allowed you to pass through various paths. Once I clear this frustration away at this time, I hereafter will save you from all illnesses and circumstances imaginable.
  2. OC 12:129, 130: If only I have taught to everyone in the world the truth of origin regarding the formation of this universe and human creation, no matter what illnesses or circumstances may arise, they hereafter will all be saved with a single word.

    *Note: The “a word” (hitokoto) of “but with a word” (hitokoto made de) has the same meaning of “Just a word” (hitokoto yueba) in Ofudesaki 14:47.

  3. OC 12:131: Although I have gradually explained, taught, and warned you until now, it appears you have not gained insight into the spirit of the true path.
  4. OC 12:132: If you ask what this true spirit is, it is for each of you to reflect on the use of your own minds.
  5. OC 12:133: It cannot be called sincerity if everything in the depths of your mind are inconsistent with the matters you speak of. Consequently, Oyagami’s intention cannot accept this.
  6. OC 12:134, 135: Unless the sincerity of human minds are in accord with My mind, no matter how much you may pray or devote yourself, I, Oyagami, cannot accept it. No matter how much someone may exhaust themselves in prayer, if that person’s mind is not in accordance with Mine, I shall stop My protection within the body of this person.
  7. OC 12:138, 139: You must thoroughly understand My warm, sincere parental love I, Oyagami, have exerted that has been the basis of this universe since I created the heavens and the earth and human beings.
  8. OC 12:140 *Note: “This origin” (kono moto) refers to Oyagami’s real truth since human creation.
  9. OC 12:141: I will tell you My real truth since the creation of this universe and humankind at this time, so be sure to listen carefully and have your minds gain insight, no matter what I may say.
  10. OC 12:142–145 *Note: At the beginning when human beings were created at this Residence, Oyagami used each instrument: the seed, seedbed, the male instrument or instrument of support, the female instrument or instrument of joining, instrument of eating, drinking, and elimination, and the instrument of breathing and speaking. The sacred names of Izanagi-no-Mikoto, Izanami-no-Mikoto, Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto, Kunisazuchi-no-Mikoto, Kumoyomi-no-Mikoto, and Kashikone-no-Mikoto were given to these respective protections of Oyagami. The sacred name of Otonobe-no-Mikoto was given to the protection of pulling and that of Taishokuten-no-Mikoto was given to the protection of cutting in general.
  11. OC 12:146: Until now, various paths have been passed through upon gathering all these instruments.

    *Note: This verse is referring to the matter that this Teaching was founded when those individuals representing each aspect of Oyagami’s providence were gathered as Service performers in a similar manner to how the instruments were gathered at the beginning during human creation.

  12. OC 12:147: I am solely rushing at this time to discern each of the instruments that have been gathered and to make the steps to train them.
  13. OC 12:148 *Note: Both Shinnosuke Nakayama and Kikutaro Maegawa were 11 years old the year this verse was written (1876). Tradition maintains that this verse is pointing to these individuals.
  14. OC 12:149: These individuals are those who are to represent as Service performers the protection of the seed and the protection of crops at human creation.