Ofudesaki Part 12, verses 101–26

Have faith in Oyasama; understand the mind of single-hearted salvation

(101) Do not think of this salvation as being trivial. It is the principal matter of the Divine Record of Nihon.1

(102) If only I show this quickly and clearly, however high your place may be…2

(103) This indeed is not human workings. No one will be able to turn away from the free and unlimited workings of [Cosmic Space-Time].3

(104) When it is shown, however high your place may be, you will not be able to imitate it. Ponder this.4

(105) Though [Cosmic Space-Time] desires to show proof quickly against illness, death, and weakening,

(106) All of you everywhere doubt Me and take My words as being worldly common.5

(107) There is not at all a human mind at this place. There are only the thoughts of [Cosmic Space-Time].6

(108) But there is no one who knows this. That there is no understanding is the regret of [Kami].

(109) Is there not a way that the minds of all of you can be truly purified?7

(110) If only your minds quickly become open to reason, I shall show you the proof at once.8


(111) Until now, I have listened to all kinds of falsehood, but from now on I shall hear them no more.

(112) From now on, if you speak falsely, you yourself will become false. Beware!9

(113) [Cosmic Space-Time] dislikes falsehood and flattery. If you persist, [Cosmic Space-Time] will withdraw.10

(114) Therefore, I have postponed yet another day, overlooking almost all of them.11

The disorder in Shuji’s leg as a basis for the proof of [universal forms of salvation]

(115) I say that I desire to show the proof quickly at this time. What do you think of My words?

(116) What do you think the proof is to be? I have put a clear test on the body.12

(117) About this test: know that the regret of [Cosmic Space-Time] is no small matter.13

(118) A body that had no disorder anywhere: [Cosmic Space-Time] bent it and caused you much trouble.

(119) The time was thirty-nine years ago. Since then, I have given you worries, troubles, and suffering.

(120) Because of it, you doubt all the words of [Cosmic Space-Time]. It is not unreasonable.14

(121) This time, I am preparing to clear up your innermost heart. This is the first matter.15

(122) Unless your mind is turned toward [Cosmic Space-Time], any talk will be to no avail.16

(123) Everything that has been done is all by [Cosmic Space-Time], but there is perhaps no one who knows this.17

(124) Today, there will be no time even to look aside. I shall show you the proof quickly.

(125) When you see it, be convinced, whoever you are. All of My talks proceed in this way.18

(126) My regret up till now is not something that can be told in words.


  1. OC 12:101: This salvation is not to be an insignificant salvation. This salvation is the ultimate model for single-hearted salvation for nihon, which I manifest at the Jiba of Origin at this time. It is by virtue of this model that the human beings of the entire world will be saved, for all of eternity. *Note: Refer to note for 5:31.
  2. OC 12:102: Once I show this to you quickly and with certainty, the path will also go to all high places imaginable.
  3. OC 12:103: This is not something done by a human being, but My workings, the workings of Oyagami. No one will be able to turn away from them.
  4. OC 12:104: Consequently, no one, no matter how high a person may be, is able to imitate My free workings. Fully ponder over this.
  5. OC 12:105, 106: Although I quickly wish to put forth the proof that everyone will be able to live the Joyous Life without becoming ill, dying prematurely, or weakening, but I cannot since everyone doubts and considers My words as those said by a normal human being.
  6. OC 12:107: There is not even the slightest human thought mixed in what Oyasama tells you at this Jiba. What She says are solely the thoughts of Oyagami.
  7. OC 12:109: Is there not any way for everyone’s minds to be purified upon understanding My true intention?
  8. OC 12:110: If only the minds of everyone quickly becomes completely purified. I would immediate bring forth the proof for universal forms of salvation.
  9. OC 12:112: I wonder if you are well aware that a person who tells a tells a lie to Me, Oyagami, will no longer receive My protection.
  10. OC 12:113: Oyagami detests falsehood and flattery. If there are still those who utter falsehoods and flattery even after I have said this, I shall stop My protection within the body.
  11. OC 12:114: Since the Cosmic Order is so imperative, I pity you when this immediately becomes manifest. Until now, I have delayed this by even a day and forgiven you of most matters.
  12. OC 12:116: What kind of matter do you think this proof is? I have placed a test on the body. I am thinking of giving you certain proof at the beginning of the Salvation Service conducted for the sake of this affliction of the body.
  13. OC 12:117: It is My deepest regret that you cannot fully understand My heart behind this test which I am revealing through the body.
  14. OC 12:118–120 *Note: Shuji originally had no affliction of the body. Yet when Oyagami became revealed at the arrival of the Promised Time, he received a leg affliction. This health disorder was a test for the sake of single-hearted salvation. If Shuji had gained insight that this was a matter based on Oyagami’s intention, Oyagami’s free and unlimited protection would immediately appear. Oyagami attempted to induce momentum toward building the Kanrodai as the proof of universal forms of salvation. However, Tenrikyo suffered from various forms of interference and oppression that directly affected Shuji, the head of the household. It was difficult for the finances of the Nakayama household to support Oyasama’s mission to fully explain the spirit of the path, and it is unknown to what degree which Shuji worried and suffered over affairs within and without the household. For this reason, the verse here acknowledges that it was not unreasonable that Shuji could not bring himself to accept and believe Oyagami’s words that came from Oyasama’s mouth. Refer to note for 1:26.

    “Bent it” (igamete) in 12:118 refers to Shuji’s leg disorder.

  15. OC 12:121: I am rushing at this time before everything else to undertake the arrangements that will completely clear the thoughts from the hearts of those who have worried for the sake of the path over a long time. 
  16. OC 12:122: For these people to understand Oyagami’s warm, sincere parental love and firmly lean on Me, there is no other way but to share with them of the teaching of universal forms of salvation.
  17. OC 12:123 *Note: The physical afflictions and other various circumstances that caused suffering were all matters done by Oyagami in order to create the Divine Record for single-hearted salvation. Yet these things were not only not understood by others and not understood even by the person in question.
  18. OC 12:124, 125: On this day today, the time is pressing so that there is not even the slightest chance to look aside. Therefore, I shall now show you proof that there is no mistake in the matters I speak of. All of you: be persuaded once you see this. Every matter that I speak of is exactly the same way: there is no mistake in what I say.