Ofudesaki Part 12, verses 1–21

Part 12

Part 12: [Kami] urges the people to cleanse the heart in connection with the arrival of the time for single-hearted salvation indicated in the Ofudesaki. Impatient with people unable to have faith in Oyasama, [Kami] uses the expression “regret,” declares Oyasama to be [Cosmic Space-Time], and strongly urges people to have faith in Her. In regard to the lameness of Shuji’s leg, the present part—in contrast to the explanation offered in Part 1—does not merely lay the blame on the “wrongdoing’ but also emphasizes the significance of his lameness as causally related to the founding of the teachings.

Cleansing the heart of everyone, referring both to those within and those in the world

From the 27th day of the 12th month

(1) From today, discerning the heart of everyone in this world, [Cosmic Space-Time] will begin the cleansing.1

(2) In this cleansing, there shall be no discrimination between those within and the world. I shall manifest all of the mind of each of you.2

“Regret”; “[Cosmic Space-Time] may withdraw”

From the 14th day of the 3rd month

(3) Until now, to the mountainous regret of [Kami], much dust is piled in your heart.

(4) It is sad. The day has not yet arrived. I cannot speak about anything, though it is My desire.3

(5) This time, [Cosmic Space-Time] truly cannot bear to look on. I shall manifest all things [whatsoever].4

(6) Today, however thriving selfishness and willful acts may be, Know that [Cosmic Space-Time] may withdraw.5

[Cosmic Space-Time] begins to cleanse everyone’s heart in the whole world, without any discrimination between Nihon, Kara, and Tenjiku

From the 4th day of the 4th month

(7) To say what this talk is about: it is equally about Nihon, Kara, and Tenjiku.6

(8) Know that [Cosmic Space-Time] will cleanse everyone in the whole world.7

(9) Even until now, though [Cosmic Space-Time] has tried to the utmost to reason with you step by step,

(10) Since I only told you by the spoken word, no one was able to understand clearly.8

“[Cosmic Space-Time] shall withdraw”

The 5th day

(11) Even until now, though, I, [Cosmic Space-Time], have been exerting My mind for you to the utmost step by step,

(12) There is no one in the world who knows of it. This time, [Cosmic Space-Time] cannot bear it.

(13) Therefore, I give you notice throughout the world unto its farthest places: [Cosmic Space-Time] shall withdraw!9

Concerning useful timber

The 12th day

(14) To explain what talk I shall give today: it is solely about the beginning of My useful timber.

(15) About this timber: I do not indicate anyone in particular. From one trunk, there are eight branches.10

(16) The urgent desire to graft this tree quickly, oppresses the breast of [Cosmic Space-Time].

(17) If one branch of this tree is securely grafted, the others will all quickly settle.11

(18) Listen carefully to whatever [Cosmic Space-Time] says: once you have settled it in the mind,

(19) Then the sufferings of the body will disappear. The mind will be but spirited step by step.12

(20) Unaware of this, the mind of everyone, whoever one may be, bespeaks only the worldly common.13

(21) Do not think of this place as being worldly common. There is only the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time].14


  1. OC 12:1: From today I, Oyagami, shall discern the mind of all human beings in the world and embark on cleansing dust away from the heart of from each person.
  2. OC 12:2: This cleansing of the heart will be no different from those within and those from the world at large. I shall manifest the ways which each of you have used your minds all into the open exactly as they are.
  3. OC 12:3, 4: Until now, to My deepest regret, dust has accumulated and filled the minds of human beings, to the point where I, Oyagami, cannot endure it any longer. Pitiful as it was, I could not tell you of My true intention since the appointed time had not arrived and the minds of human beings had not yet spiritually matured.
  4. OC 12:5: At this time, I cannot sit still and watch silently. I shall manifest all matters into the open.
  5. OC 12:6: At this day today, no matter how much a person may act selfishly or swagger, I shall very likely stop the physical protections I provide unless the perceive My divine intention.
  6. OC 12:7: If you ask what kind of talk I will instruct you in now, it is a matter that will purify the minds of the entire world, despite where they may be.

    *Note: Because everyone in the entire world are Oyagami’s beloved children, Oyagami’s compassion shows no favoritism over who was born first. Oyagami also does not discriminate those who have perceived the divine will earlier and those who have perceived it later. It is Oyagami’s overflowing divine favor and true intention is to purify the minds of the entire face of the earth and widely spread the parental love that is behind Oyagami’s single-hearted salvation.

    Nihon, kara, and tenjiku” refers to the entire face of the earth. Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 2:31, 6:29–51, and 10:55–56.

  7. OC 12:8: From this point on, I, Oyagami, shall cleanse the hearts of everyone in the world. Be thoroughly aware of this, all of you.
  8. OC 12:9, 10: Although I, Oyagami, have given you enough of My warnings until this time, there is no one who knows the truth of My intention with certainty when I only inform you with My words.
  9. OC 12:11–3: Because people behaved so selfishly, while I, Oyagami, have been exerting My fullest to correct them, there is not a human being who has gained the insight that I am correcting them. Because I, Oyagami, cannot allow this to continue, I warn you beforehand that I will immediately discontinue My protection if you show an inability to reform yourself.
  10. OC 12:15 *Note: This verse is saying that if a single person settles their heart, this becomes a basis for that person to spread the fragrance of the teachings to his or her family, guiding many of them to become Yoboku.
  11. 12:17: If this single branch, this single Yoboku would only be firmly committed to the path, everyone else will later come swiftly and follow with determination.
  12. OC 12:19: Once those who are Yoboku resolve your minds, the ailments afflicting your bodies will disappear, and your minds will only become radiant and spirited.
  13. OC 12:20: Unable to gain insight into My intention, everyone is solely speaking of matters in the same way as the world at large.
  14. OC 12:21: Do not think of this Jiba as a place you can find in the world at large. Oyasama is solely speaking to you single-heartedly about My intention, the intention of Oyagami.