Ofudesaki Part 12, verses 150–82

Have faith in Oyasama and pray with a sincere heart, leaning on Her

(150) Today, I shall speak about any and all matters. Whatever I say, understand Me, please.

(151) Even until now, there were many intentions of [Kami], but the day had not come, I have held back.

(152) But as the day is pressing step by step, I shall give you all of My teachings.1

(153) Until now, people everywhere have been alike. Whatever I said, all was doubted.2

(154) This time, it is the real truth. If you turn away from it, I shall give you a return at once.3

(155) In the world, there are those who desire rain, but perhaps no one knows its origin.4

(156) I shall begin to tell you clearly about this origin. If only you would understand all that I say…5

Have faith in Oyasama’s words and actions as [Cosmic Space-Time]’s workings and progress toward the Joyous Life by performing the Service single-heartedly

A talk from 8 o’clock, 28th day, 6th month

(157) Today, a talk never given since this world began: please listen to whatever I say.

(158) Though you are saying that this world is the world of [Kami], you do not know the core of all matters.6

(159) I shall truly manifest this core. When you see it, be convinced, all of you.7

(160) Whatever is done, it is all by [Cosmic Space-Time]. Whatever is said, also, is by [Cosmic Space-Time].8

(161) This time, I shall manifest all things which have never existed since the world began.

(162) [Cosmic Space-Time] is dwelling within the body. There is no knowing what workings I shall do.9

(163) Whatever you may dream, it is all by [Cosmic Space-Time]. The reality seen, also, is all by [Cosmic Space-Time].10

(164) Never yet have I spoken about the origin of water in this world.

(165) This time, on the real truth of water, there is no knowing what kind of talk I shall give.11

(166) I shall begin to tell you about this origin clearly, but I cannot tell it as long as you think in common worldly ways.12

The high mountains and the path ahead

(167) From today, I shall begin to tell you about all matters [whatsoever]. Listen carefully to whatever I say.13

(168) Day by day and step by step, those on the high mountains will come to Me to request or inquire whatever things.14

(169) When this comes to be, there will be no danger in any matters [whatsoever].

Deep self-reflection through bodily disorders will enable us to have faith in Oyasama and settle the truth of the Salvation Service in mind

(170) Today, there is no knowing what talks I shall give. Please understand whatever I say.

(171) I shall make everything in the mind of each of you clearly manifest on your body.15

(172) Whoever you may be, when this is seen, the cleansing of the heart will be truly accomplished of itself.16

(173) This time, I shall bring all things clearly out into the open and demonstrate My working.17

(174) There is perhaps no one who knows what exists inside the body.18

(175) About this talk: look at the workings of [Cosmic Space-Time]! There is no knowing what I shall do in accordance with your mind.19

(176) Today, being aware of nothing, all people remain in a common worldly state.

(177) But what path will be seen tomorrow? The core of your mind will become apparent.20

(178) When this mind is fully apparent, no one will ever be able to turn away.21

(179) When this is seen, all of you, whoever you may be, will bow your head and truly ponder.22

(180) Now ponder! If only the settling of this mind is definitely accomplished…23

Have faith in Oyasama and pray with a sincere heart, leaning on Her 2

(181) This talk is solely from the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time]. Do not think I have a human mind.

(182) If all of you in the world pray with this thought sincerely held, you shall receive any blessing, whatever it may be.24


  1. OC 12:152 *Note: “The day is pressing” (hi ga tsumari-kiru) refers to the time being imminent.
  2. OC 12:153: No matter what I, Oyagami, said, everyone until now has doubted My words in the same manner.
  3. OC 12:154: Due to the arrival of the preordained time, I, the original Kami and Parent that created this world and humanity, have revealed Myself into the open to tell the teachings to save everyone out of My sincere parental love. If there is anyone who turns their back on this, I shall immediately give a return according to your minds.
  4. OC 12:155: Though the world at large may desire for rain to fall during a drought, there is no one who knows why the rain falls or anything about its root, which is My protection, the protection of Oyagami.

    Note: This verse was written when Chusaku Tsuji, Gisaburo Nakata, Isaburo Masui and others went to perform the Service for Rain at the request of Rihei Matsuda from Kosaka in Kawahigashi Village on lunar 6/28/1876.

  5. OC 12:156: I shall firmly tell you about the root behind what makes the rain fall, so be sure to fully understand all the talks I give. If you do, I shall immediately reveal free and unlimited protection.
  6. OC 12:158: While I have said that this world is the world of Kami, you do not know the underlying principle of what makes things occur.

    *Note: “Core” (shin) refers to the underlying principle, the truth that everything in this world is protected and controlled by the parental heart of Oyagami.

  7. OC 12:159: I shall reveal the sincerity of My parental heart that is the universal basis. Be convinced and persuaded once you see it.
  8. OC 12:160: Everything that is said and done are all matters said and done by Me, Oyagami.
  9. OC 12:162: Since I, Kami and Parent of Origin, am inside human bodies, there is no knowing what kinds of extraordinary workings I may reveal.
  10. OC 12:163: No matter what kind of dream you may dream or what kind of happenings you may see, these are all possible because of My protection.
  11. OC 12:165: There is no knowing that kind of extraordinary talks I may give about the underlying principle of water at this time.
  12. OC 12:166: I will teach you the underlying principle of water with certainty. Yet I will not be able to tell it to you if you listen with the mind-set as if you were listening to a common talk from the world at large.
  13. OC 12:167: I shall begin to speak about all matters from today. Whatever I may say, since these talks will be nothing but the real truth, be sure to listen with your minds thoroughly purified. 
  14. OC 12:168: People of high positions will gradually come to ask for various favors from now on. They will also come to make requests as well.
  15. OC 12:171: The way each of you use your minds in any matter will certainly appear on the body without fail.
  16. OC 12:172: Once you see My notice appear on the body, you will not be able to help but cleanse your heart completely, no matter who you may be.
  17. OC 12:173: I shall reveal all matters out into the open at this time.
  18. OC 12:174: There is no one who knows about Oyagami’s protections that are inside human bodies.
  19. OC 12:175: Fully listen and understand this talk and carefully watch what I, Oyagami, do. There is no knowing what workings I shall reveal according to each of your minds.
  20. OC 12:177: There is no knowing what kind of path you will come to see come tomorrow. Oyagami’s protection will appear according to each of your minds.
  21. OC 12:178: Once Oyagami’s protection comes to appear according to your minds, there will be no one who will be able to turn their back from this.
  22. OC 12:179: Once you see this, you will marvel at this from the bottom of your heart and will not help but to ponder, no matter who you may be.
  23. OC 12:180: Now, ponder thoroughly. If only the sincerity in each of your minds has been determined with certainty, I, Oyagami, will accept your mind’s resolve and provide you with free and unlimited protection.
  24. OC 12:182: If you fully awaken to this truth, believe in My salvation, Oyagami’s salvation, from the bottom of your heart, and pray to Me with a mind of true sincerity, I shall answer your prayer about any matter and swiftly protect you.