Ofudesaki Part 13, verses 1–20

Part 13

Part 13: This part explains the Salvation Service in greater detail than does Part 2. The meaning of “[Cosmic Space-Time] withdraws” is explained not only as the stopping of the providence within the body but also as Oyasama’s withdrawal from physical life. In anticipation of the impending advent of the important time, we strongly feel the urgency of the situation where there is no time at all to waver.  

The hastening of the Salvation Service and the workings of [Oyagami]

From 12 o’clock, 28th day, 4th month

(1) Until today, you have worried about many things. But from tomorrow, a broad path will open.1

(2) Until now, because I foresaw all the paths of hardship, My words were filled with warnings.2

(3) Hereafter, as it is [Cosmic Space-Time] who firmly assures you, there will be no danger in anything at all.3

(4) Whatever tidings you may hear, rejoice all the world. They are the workings of [Cosmic Space-Time].4

(5) The work that [Cosmic Space-Time] will go forth to do from now on: perhaps no one who knows what it will be.5

(6) Day after day, looking throughout the world, I feel pity for all My children.

(7) [Cosmic Space-Time] is solely hastening preparations to save you in anything [whatsoever].6

(8) Until now, I have given you nothing but warnings. From now on, there will be warnings no longer.7

Free yourself from human through and set about performing the Salvation Service as taught by Oyasama. [Cosmic Space-Time] will withdraw if you deny the teachings of Oyasama

The 5th day, 5th month

(9) Until today, being aware of nothing, you have used only the human mind and worried yourselves.8

(10) From now, firmly replace that mind, lean on [Kami], and do the Joyous Service.

(11) When it is done, I shall directly reveal blessings clearly. Watch for them.9

(12) If only the blessings are clearly seen, thereafter all will be the Kanrodai for all time.10

(13) Hereafter, you shall not be able to turn away from whatever words [Cosmic Space-Time] once says.11

(14) If you erase the words of [Cosmic Space-Time], I shall withdraw at once. Beware!12

Admonition in order to make people listen to Oyasama’s teachings

(15) Until now, in the minds of those within and those of the world, there has been no true understanding.13

(16) For [Cosmic Space-Time], this is the greatest regret. If I could somehow make your minds clear…

(17) How can I bring understanding to your minds? In any case I must admonish you.

(18) This admonition is not just for a few.  As it concerns the hearts of so many, it is indeed difficult.14

(19) However difficult it may be, I shall admonish My children, one and all.15

(20) What is the best way to accomplish it? By all means, I shall manifest the regret of [Kami].16


  1. OC 13:1: This path was a narrow path until today. Although you have gone through various hardships, from now you will finally come to the trustworthy broad path.
  2. OC 13:2 Since there were several difficulties extending along this path until now, I have ceaselessly and continuously gave you warnings.
  3. OC 13:3 I shall assuredly take charge and lead the way, so never be concerned of any matter, despite of any difficult courses may lie ahead.
  4. OC 13:4 No matter what astonishing stories you may hear one after another, all of you: lead the way while taking delight in them. Any and everything are all My workings.
  5. OC 13:5: I shall step out and engage in My work, so I shall work spectacular things that no one will able to anticipate.
  6. OC 13:6, 7: As I watch the minds of the people of this world with My eyes, I truly cannot help but feel sorry that you lead your lives without knowing anything. It is My parental desire that I am giving My attention and hastening to inform the children in the world of the path of single-hearted salvation as soon as possible and bring manifold forms of salvation into reality.
  7. OC 13:8: I have given you nothing but caution until now. From now on, I shall no longer give you more warnings.
  8. OC 13:9: Until today, everyone has been concerned about this matter and that, merely revealing their human thinking without fully understanding My heart. 
  9. OC 13:10, 11: If you hereafter cast away all human thinking, replace your minds with the mind single-heartedly devoted to Oyagami, and conduct the Joyous Service with minds of true sincerity according to My divine will, I shall immediately accept your sincerity and reveal free and unlimited protection, so I would like you too watch carefully.
  10. OC 13:12: If only this free and unlimited protection assuredly appears, from that point on, it will become the world of the Kanrodai construction and I shall show all forms of manifold forms of salvation according to My will.
  11. OC 13:13: From now on, anything that I have once spoken of will all unquestionably come into reality. Once you see this, fully understand that there is no possibility to completely disobey My divine will.
  12. OC 13:14: If anyone should go against My intention, the intention of Oyagami, and reject the words that I say, be fully aware that I will immediately withdraw from the body of that person and stop My protection.
  13. OC 13:15: Until now, people within have, in the same manner as those of the world at large, have been unable to awaken to My intention from the depths and core of your minds.
  14. OC 13:18: Though I may reprimand, I am not talking about a small number of people. It is not at all an easy task to reprimand a large number of people one by one and purify each of their minds.
  15. OC 13:19: Despite how difficult it may be, because the entire human race are My beloved children, I, Oyagami, teach and instruct the entire human race in matters this and that like how human parents admonish your own children.
  16. OC 13:20 What is the best method for Me to do so? To do this, I cannot help but reveal My frustration through the body or a circumstance.