Ofudesaki Part 13, verses 100–20

Blessings according to the mind: the blessing of water to grow crops, “the Service for the protection against smallpox,” “the Proof Amulet that protects you from illness, death, and weakening,” and “prayer for rain”

(100) The mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] hastens day after day. Yet there is no understanding in the minds of you close to Me.

(101) What do you think My hastening is about? If you grow crops, you may be in need of water.1

(102) In the minds of all of you, with what thoughts are you pondering over this talk?2

(103) [Cosmic Space-Time] desires first to help you in your needs. That is why I speak of all things [whatsoever].3

(104) No matter how [Cosmic Space-Time] tries to persuade you of all matters, no one listens to My words as the truth.

(105) Therefore, the regret and anger of [Cosmic Space-Time] have piled up like a mountain.

(106) Until now, as the month and day has not yet come, I have been keeping still.

(107) This time, as the time is pressing, I shall quickly begin any work [whatsoever].

(108) Hereafter, on whatever path you may find yourself, never bear a grudge against others. Reproach yourself.4

(109) This talk is not for a particular place. It is for the high mountains as well as for the low valleys.5

(110) Everything I say is from My desire to save you. That is the reason for My various and repeated persuasions.6

(111) Hereafter, know that in whatever I say and in whatever matters, I say nothing evil.7

(112) The reason I admonished you step by step is only that I hasten for your true salvation.8

(113) Once your mind has become truly purified, I shall quickly teach you the means to salvation.9

(114) To explain what this salvation is about: it is the Service for the protection against smallpox.

(115) Another salvation: I desire quickly to give you the Proof Amulet that protects you from illness, death, and weakening.10

(116) As I am hastening [universal forms of salvation], I shall work in all matters according to your mind.11

(117) All humankind, everything depends on the heart of each of you. There is nothing that cannot be realized.12

(118) About the prayer for rain, though [Kami] has not said anything yet in truth,

(119) This time, if you come seeking to Me, I shall tell you all the truth of all matters.13

(120) Whatever it may be, [Cosmic Space-Time] will never say that it cannot be realized. It all depends on the mind of each of you.14


  1. OC 13:101: What do you think I, Oyagami, am hastening day after day? If you are growing crops, you are sure to want water to irrigate them. I am hastening as I wish to sufficiently provide you with the providence of water as the first step toward universal forms of salvation.
  2. OC 13:102: All of you: what do you think upon hearing this talk?
  3. OC 13:103: I, Oyagami, wish to sufficiently provide you with the providence of water as the first step toward universal forms of salvation. Thus I explain and instruct you gradually in various matters.

    *Note: When analyzing the historical record, in the area surrounding Shoyashiki Village, while the rice fields north of the Furu Road were of good quality, the rice fields located south of this road in Shoyashiki and Mishima were called hiyakeda (literally, fields burned by the sun). They were among the most renowned of these sun-drenched fields and experienced a drought at least once in three years.

  4. OC 13:108: Despite what may appear from now, since they are matters that appear according to the use of your own minds, do not bear a grudge against others but look back and fully reflect.
  5. OC 13:109: I do not specify who this talk is for. It is a matter that both the high and the low must carefully listen to.
  6. OC 13:110: No matter what I, Oyagami, may speak of, I explain and instruct various matters in detail because I wish to save the entire world.
  7. OC 13:111: No matter what I, Oyagami, say from this point on, and no matter what I may do, I shall never say anything bad or harmful since it is all out of My love for My children.
  8. OC 13:112: I, Oyagami, admonished people through gradually placing disorders on the body because I am hastening true salvation.
  9. OC 13:113: If people’s minds have been genuinely and completely purified, I shall immediately teach you the method to bring about universal forms of salvation.
  10. OC 13:114, 115 *Note: For “protection against smallpox” refer to Ofudesaki 7:78 and 8:31.

    For “protects you from illness, death, and weakening” refer to notes to Ofudesaki 3:99, 100; 4:37; and 8:78, 79. For “Proof Amulet” refer to the note for 4:5. 

  11. OC 13:116: Since I, Oyagami, am quickly desiring to bring universal forms of salvation into reality by all means, I shall engage in all forms of workings accordingly to human sincerity.
  12. OC 13:117: If only I accept the sincerity in the minds of each person in the entire world, there will be no prayer that cannot be granted.
  13. OC 13:118, 119: Until now, I, Oyagami, have not explained to you the truth regarding the fundamental root behind prayers for rain. However, if you come to ask at this time, I shall tell you the fundamental truth regarding anything.
  14. OC 13:120: I, Oyagami, do not say that there is any kind of request which I will not grant. I shall reveal all forms of free and unlimited protection all according to the state of true sincerity of the individual making the request.