Ofudesaki Part 7, verses 45–64

The mind that is worldly common in contrast to the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time]

(45) Though you have not been able to see anything until now, from now on you will see things quickly.1

(46) If your mind is sincere, pray to Me quickly about any concerns. I shall respond at once.2

(47) I shall not refuse any prayer, for I am hastening solely to save you.3

(48) Such is the hastening in the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time]. Why are the minds of you close to Me so depressed?4

(49) Quickly become spirited of mind and hasten. Do you not know that [Cosmic Space-Time] waits impatiently?5

(50) Do you not know that [Cosmic Space-Time] waits impatiently? This is My single desire.6

(51) So sincere are the thoughts of [Cosmic Space-Time], but the minds of you close to Me are yet worldly common.7

(52) Whatever I say, it is not from a human mind but from the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time].

(53) Until now, whatever I say, you took My words as being mixed with the human mind.8

(54) Listen! Replace your mind from now, and never think I have a human mind.

(55) Until now, because you thought I was human like you, you were unable to understand anything.

(56) From now on, whatever I may say or do, do not take it in the least to be human.9

Returns for the regret of [Cosmic Space-Time]; working with those in high places

(57) Until now, as the day has not yet come, I have been holding back on everything.

(58) Hereafter, whatever I may say, know that there will be nothing fearful or dangerous.10

(59) From now on, [Cosmic Space-Time] will go out and give returns for whatever kinds of matters.

(60) The regret of [Cosmic Space-Time] until now has accumulated and is piled mountainously high.

(61) No matter how high this regret is piled, I shall not tell you to do this or that.11

(62) From now on, however high their position may be, to show them the truth quickly is My desire.

(63) If only understanding comes to the minds in high places quickly, [Cosmic Space-Time] will show free and unlimited workings quickly.12

(64) [Cosmic Space-Time] desires to make these free and unlimited workings quickly known to the whole world.


  1. OC 7:45: While the time for all matters to actually become reality has not come until now, My blessings will swiftly appear from this point on.
  2. OC 7:46: If your mind is sincere, quickly pray to Me. I shall accept your prayer and respond according to your mind.
  3. OC 7:47: I do not say that I will not listen to any kind of prayer. Because I am singly hurrying for the sake of single-hearted salvation, I shall protect you in any matter if you pray with a mind of sincerity.
  4. OC 7:48: Look at how much I am hurrying for single-hearted salvation. Why are the minds of you who are close to Me depressed?
  5. OC 7:49: Quickly have your minds become spirited and hurry salvation. Those of you close to Me: do you not know how much I am waiting in anticipation?
  6. OC 7:50: I quickly want to truly reveal My free and unlimited protection and show them to the entire world. This is My true and single desire.
  7. OC 7:51: Unable to awaken to the depth of My sincerity which wants to quickly reveal free and unlimited protection and save all My children, those of you close to Me use your minds exactly in the same manner as those of the world who still do not know My teachings. This is truly a source of frustration for Me.
  8. OC 7:52, 53: Nothing I tell you is said from human thinking. Everything is said from the mind of Oyagami. Yet you doubt what Oyagami has said until now. No matter what I tell you, you believed that it was mixed with human thinking. See following note.
  9. OC 7:54–56 *Note: Because Oyasama had a human body, followers believed that what She said was mixed with a human mind and tended to listen half-heartedly, they had a hard time gaining insight into Oyagami’s true intention. As we are taught, “The mouth is human, the mind is that of Cosmic Space-Time” (Ofudesaki 12:67), while Oyasama is of human form and teaches with a human mouth, Her mind is that of Cosmic Space-Time, or Oyagami. Thus the Ofudesaki cautions us over and over that whatever She says, we must not think of it as something said by a human being, but rather be convinced that it all comes from the mind of Oyagami.
  10. OC 7:57, 58: While I have been holding back in all matters until now because the time was still a little early, because now the timely season has arrived, I shall fully reveal My power from this point. No matter what I may say, there is nothing that is fearful or dangerous. Ease your mind and devote yourselves for the sake of single-hearted salvation.

    *Note: These are words directed to encourage those close to Oyasama who were depressed due to the interference of the police/authorities at the time.

  11. OC 7:59–61: From now on, because Oyagami will directly go out, a return will be given to anything said or done. This is because much frustration has piled up in the mind of Oyagami. This frustration and returns of Oyagami comes from the love Oyagami has for the entire world, Oyagami’s children. Although they are called returns, they are not to be considered as retaliations like you see in the world at large.
  12. OC 7:63: If those in high positions quickly know of Oyagami’s sincerity, I will quickly provide free and unlimited protection. Nevertheless, this has not sufficiently or fully come about.