Ofudesaki Part 7, verses 89–111

The paths that humankind has passed through until now and the regret of [Cosmic Space-Time]; the way to clear away this regret—the Service

(89) No one knows what kinds of paths humankind has passed through from the beginning until now.1

(90) From now on, I shall tell you about every kind of path and all of their courses step by step.

(91) When you hear of all these courses from [Cosmic Space-Time], you will understand that My regret is not unreasonable.2

(92) After [Cosmic Space-Time] has cleared away this one matter, there will only be joyousness.

(93) This joyousness day after day: perhaps no one knows what it is.

(94) Joy in everything is all by the Service. I shall teach you every kind of marvel.3

(95) In preparing to teach you the Service step by step, I shall sweep clean everyone’s innermost heart.4

(96) Thereafter, your mind will become spirited day by day, and I shall teach you the hand movements for every Service.5

Salvation in childbirth and from smallpox, and the salvation of the world

(97) What do you think this Service is? It is from My single intent to save you in childbirth and from smallpox.6

(98) What do you think this salvation is about? I shall teach the Service to free you from smallpox.7

(99) By this Service which teaches the path quickly, all minds in the world will be purified.8

(100) How are you hearing this talk? It is solely about the preparations for the salvation of the world.9

Have faith that the words of Oyasama are from [Cosmic Space-Time]’s mind

(101) Of whatever salvation, you are assured, because your true Parent lives.10

(102) If you believe this to be true, everything will be in accord with the mind of true sincerity.11

(103) If only your mind becomes truly pure, nothing at all will ever be in error.

(104) Until now, no matter how great was [Cosmic Space-Time]’s concern, no understanding was in the minds of you close to Me.

(105) From now on, whatever Service I may teach, it is not from a human mind.

(106) [Cosmic Space-Time] will teach on every kind of thing, things never known since I began this world.12

(107) [Cosmic Space-Time] never speaks about thoughts conceived in the minds of human beings.13

(108) [Cosmic Space-Time] will teach about every matter to all humankind equally, and the world will be filled with joy.14

(109) If only human beings throughout the world have purified their minds and lead lives joyously…

(110) When the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] is truly spirited, so will be all human beings.15

(111) When the minds of all the world are spirited, [Cosmic Space-Time] and human beings will be one in mind.16


  1. OC 7:89: There is no one who knows about the journey I went through or of what paths I took until today. The Inoue/Eynon translation may convey best what this verse is saying: “There has been no one who has really known what the nature of My path hitherto has been.”
  2. OC 7:91: If you hear all the details about My journey, from Me, you will realize that there is nothing unreasonable about My impatience.
  3. OC 7:94: The state of joyousness in which everyone becomes joyous shall all be brought about through the Service. I shall teach you everything that is extraordinary about this Service.
  4. OC 7:95: As I am making the preparations to gradually teach the Service, I will first completely cleanse the dust from inside the hearts of each of you.
  5. OC 7:96: After the cleansing inside the hearts is done, you will become spirited with each day so I will teach you the hand movements of every Service.

    *Note: After the location where the Kanrodai was to placed was identified on 5/26/1875 (lunar), Oyasama taught the hand movements for the Service of the Kanrodai along with the Services of Safe Childbirth, Smallpox, Fertilizer, and Germination (of crops).  This is what is meant by “every Service.”

  6. OC 7:97: What kind of Service do you think this Service is? These are Services for single-hearted salvation such as Safe Childbirth, Smallpox, and so on.
  7. OC 7:98: You wonder what kind of salvation this is to be. I will teach you the Service so you will not contract smallpox.
  8. OC 7:99 I teach these Services of manifold forms of salvation because I quickly want to convey this path to the entire world. It is through this Service that the minds of the entire world will become truly and completely purified. 
  9. OC 7:100: What are you thinking as you listen to these talks of Mine? I am speaking solely of taking the steps to save the entire world.
  10. OC 7:101: No matter what salvation I say I will do, I undertake them all because the true Parent lives.

    *Note: “true Parent” (shinjitsu no Oya) is Oyagami, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto. Here, it refers to Oyagami’s Shrine or Oyasama.

  11. OC 7:102: If you truly believe that Oyasama is your Parent, each of you shall receive numerous blessings according to your minds of sincerity.
  12. OC 7:106: While I teach you everything to know about all matters, what I teach are solely of things unknown to human beings and things had never existed since the creation of the world.
  13. 7:107: I shall never say anything ego-centric or something that lacks foresight that human beings may think of saying. Everything I say is said with the distant future in mind and solely for the purpose of saving the entire world.
  14. OC 7:108: I wish to teach the entire world in the same manner without distinction to enable everyone to live in joyousness.
  15. OC 7:109, 110: Once the minds of everyone in the entire world truly and completely becomes purified, enabling everyone to live in joyousness, My mind shall also become spirited, and once I become spirited, the minds of human beings will similarly become spirited as well.
  16. 7:111: If the minds of the entire world become spirited in this manner, the minds of Oyagami and human beings will be spirited as one and will together overflow with delight that comes from a state of joyousness.

    *Note: This verse is telling us that once the minds of all humanity becomes completely purified, becoming the mind of true sincerity, the Joyous Life will be attained, bringing about an ultimate state in which Kami and humans become one.