Ofudesaki Part 7, verses 65–88

The birth of Tamae, the free and unlimited workings, and gathering the Service performers

(65) What are the thoughts of those within about the baby now conceived?1

(66) Never take this to be an ordinary matter. The intention of [Cosmic Space-Time] is profound.

(67) It began on the fifteenth day of the third month, six years ago, when I received her.

(68) [Cosmic Space-Time] has held her tightly in an embrace until now, and to show her quickly is My desire.

(69) Unaware of this, those of you within are thinking of everything as being worldly common.

(70) What do you think this talk about? It is the prime matter in the beginning of this world.

(71) Hereafter, I shall tell you everything about the conditions in the future path step by step.

(72) Her name is Tamae. If you wish to see her quickly, thoroughly learn the hand movements which [Cosmic Space-Time] teaches.2

(73) If you believe this talk to be true, settle your mind and begin quickly.3

The settling of the mind, the arrival of the day, and the blessings of safe childbirth and freedom from smallpox

(74) Until now, whatever I said, there was no understanding in anyone’s heart, and the day, also, had not yet come.

(75) Step by step, as understanding comes to the heart, the day, also, will come. Great is the haste in the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time].4

(76) If only this is quickly realized, there will be no one who will stand against Me.5

(77) When [Cosmic Space-Time] has shown this matter to you clearly, all the workings afterward will be accomplished.6

(78) Even until now, the blessings of safe childbirth and freedom from smallpox: what are your thoughts about them?7

(79) This time, I shall clearly tell you the truth of everything, whatever it may be.

(80) From now on, I shall save you completely from the rigors of childbirth. You shall give birth quickly and without distress.

The Service and salvation

(81) Whatever you say will be to no avail. You must do as [Cosmic Space-Time] says.

(82) In whatever things, do just as [Cosmic Space-Time] says. There is never a mistake in what I say.8

(83) Any salvation whatever is all through the Service. If only you do just as [Cosmic Space-Time] says…9

(84) If your mind is sincere, [Cosmic Space-Time] will assuredly save you.10

(85) On salvation this time: this is the beginning of My salvation truly assured.11

(86) The mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] urgently hastens. You close to Me, also, prepare your minds for the Service!12

(87) This preparation is not just for any one thing. The Service is for any and all matters.13

(88) The Service: it is not always the same. I shall teach you the hand movements for each purpose.14


  1. This refers to the birth of Tamae Nakayama, Shuji’s daughter.
  2. OC 7:65–72 *General summary: Shuji’s daughter Oshu passed away six years earlier on 3/15/1870 (lunar). Because Oshu’s soul originally had a deep affinity, Oyagami wanted to quickly bring her to be born at the Residence of Origin where she had this affinity. While she had been in the tight embrace of Oyagami—who waited for the timely season for her to be reborn—since her passing, these verses anticipated her birth as Shuji’s wife Matsue was conceived with child. Those close to Oyasama who were unaware of this profound intention of Oyagami have been taking this talk lightly as they had not understood its implications. Oyagami knew that the child to be born will be a girl, and named her Tamae. This is proof of Oyagami’s free and unlimited workings. Then, it goes on to say that anyone who wants to see more of these free and unlimited workings to thoroughly learn and perform the hand movements of the Service as taught by Oyagami. (Refer to notes to Ofudesaki 1:61 and 3:110)
  3. OC 7:73 If you wholeheartedly believe these teachings I give you, settle your mind and quickly begin the Service.
  4. OC 7:74, 75: Until now, no matter how much I explained to you, the insides of all your hearts had not been completely purified so you could understand My intention. Also, the time had not yet come. Yet now people’s minds are becoming purified, allowing them to awaken to My intention. Because the time has come, I am greatly hastening to quickly begin the Service.
  5. OC 7:76: If only this is quickly realized, everyone, no matter who they may be, will be convinced of and admire My free and unlimited workings.
  6. OC 7:77: If I only quickly have this one be reborn, then I provide free and unlimited protection for any matter.
  7. OC 7:78: While I have given out the Grant of Safe Childbirth and protection from smallpox until now, everyone, what are your thoughts about them? Perhaps you still do not know anything about the profound providence that makes them possible.
  8. OC 7:82: No matter what I instruct, be sure to settle it in your heart and follow it. There is absolutely no mistake in what I say. 
  9. OC 7:83: No matter what kind of salvation I provide, it is all by the virtue of the Joyous Service. Once you realize the Service with certainty according to My instructions, I shall manifest all forms of salvation.
  10. OC 7:84: If you have the mind of sincerity to firmly perform the Service, I shall assure you your salvation with absolute certainty.
  11. OC 7:85: At this time, I assure you your salvation with certainty. Yet this is the first time for Me to provide such salvation.
  12. OC 7:86: Because I am hastening to such a degree, those of you close to Me: gain insight into My intention and quickly make preparations for the Service!
  13. OC 7:87: This Service which I am hurrying the preparations for: it is not confined to one particular purpose. Any kind of salvation will be manifested due to the single-hearted performance of the Service.
  14. OC 7:88: Although I may say “Service” unconditionally, it is not always done in the same manner. I shall teach you the hand movements that accompany each type of Service.