Ofudesaki Part 7, verses 25–44

[Cosmic Space-Time]’s ruling over everything and bringing forth a myriad saving graces 

(25) So sincere are thoughts of [Cosmic Space-Time], but what are the thoughts in the minds of you all?1

(26) Whatever I say to you in My tedious appeals, it is solely from My single desire to save you.2

(27) If only all of you understand Me quickly, truly from your innermost heart,

(28) Then [Cosmic Space-Time] will rule over everything and bring forth a myriad of saving graces.3

(29) From the desire to show you these blessings of salvation quickly, the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] solely hastens.4

(30) Because I hasten for all these matters, it is urgent that the innermost heart be quickly swept clean.5

(31) Do not wonder to whom I am directing this talk. This is all a matter for homes of each and all.6

(32) Each of you, clearly express sincerity from your innermost heart. Then the blessings will be seen at once.7

(33) Because [Cosmic Space-Time] is hastening this matter so much, how busily occupied is My mind.8

(34) If only I quickly show you the free and unlimited workings, the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] will be spirited of itself.9

The salvation of safe childbirth and the free and unlimited workings

(35) Even until now, I have told you that now is the beginning of this world, yet no one knows what I mean.

(36) Be convinced by the free and unlimited workings shown at this time. It is likely you have never known such a thing.10

(37) [Cosmic Space-Time] will enter your bodies and show you free and unlimited workings in all things.11

(38) This is the first time that I tell you the truth of such free and unlimited workings.12

(39) Hereafter, it shall be like this for all time. I shall teach you quickly about the free and unlimited workings.13

(40) Though even until now I have passed through every kind of path, this is the beginning of the test for the salvation of safe childbirth.14

(41) This time, though [Cosmic Space-Time] is hastening to save you by the truth of the salvation of safe childbirth,

(42) Since you have never known of such a thing, all of you remain hesitant, depressed.15

(43) If you truly resolve your mind and pray to Me, I shall grant you My free and unlimited workings at once.16

(44) No one knows of this matter. Therefore, no one understands My heart. Oh, the regret of [Cosmic Space-Time]…17


  1. OC 7:25: What do all of you think of how much and how sincerely I worry my mind incessantly in various ways?
  2. OC 7:26: The reason why I speak about various matters is from My single desire to quickly save the entire world.
  3. OC 7:27, 28: Once the innermost hearts of the entire world are purified and quickly awaken to My intention, because I protect all things in this world, I shall reveal My free and unlimited workings and show you all forms of myriad saving graces.
  4. OC 7:29: I am hastening for the entire world to replace their minds from My single desire to bring about myriad saving graces and quickly show you My blessings.
  5. OC 7:30: Because I am hastening to have you replace your minds out of My wish to save everyone in the entire world, please fully understand My intention, quickly sweep your innermost heart, and have your mind become sincere and completely pure.
  6. OC 7:31: Do not ignore My talks, saying that you do not know where they come from. They are My instructions for everyone in the entire world that are directed to your very household.
  7. OC 7:32: I will immediately reveal My blessings once you completely cleanse your innermost heart, firmly resolve your mind, and quickly bring out your mind of sincerity.
  8. OC 7:33: I am restless over every matter and hastening to have you replace your minds because I want to quickly save the entire world.
  9. OC 7:34: When the minds of the entire world are replaced, My free and unlimited protection quickly appear, and manifold forms of salvation is attained, My mind will naturally become spirited and joyous.
  10. OC 7:35, 36: Although I have repeatedly said that now is the beginning of this world, you human beings have remained unaware of what this meant. However, fully gain insight into the meaning of My words upon seeing My free and unlimited workings I reveal at this time. Until now there was very likely no one who was aware that you can receive any kind of free and marvelous protection depending on whether or not each of you replace your minds.

    *Note: “Now is the beginning of this world”: Oyagami is telling us that through this ultimate and final teaching, all of humanity will begin to undergo a physical and spiritual rebirth.

  11. OC 7:37: I, Oyagami, shall enter your bodies and show you free and unlimited protection.
  12. OC 7:38: This is the first time that I explained this much to the entire world about the truth of My free and unlimited protection.
  13. OC 7:39: I swiftly inform you that I shall always provide My free and unlimited protection in this manner from this point on.
  14. OC 7:40: While there have been various paths traveled since human creation, truly, the salvation of safe childbirth possible through the Joyous Service is something that had never existed since the creation of the world.

    *Note: “Salvation of safe childbirth” refers to the Grant of Safe Childbirth, whose recipients are ensured an easy delivery, do not need to follow various traditional taboos after childbirth, and can immediately get up and work as usual. Further, the time of delivery can be quickened or delayed according to the recipients’ mind of sincerity. It is a form of miraculous salvation due to Oyagami’s free and unlimited protection.

    The Grant of Safe Childbirth is offered at Jiba due to the truth that human beings were conceived at Jiba at the time of human creation. Consequently, Jiba is the only place where this grant is offered.

  15. OC 7:41, 42: Although I am hurrying, quickly wanting to reveal the truth of the salvation of safe childbirth, because this is something without precedence until now for the entire world, you are not fully convinced, hesitant, and indecisive.
  16. OC 7:43: Once you pray to Me wholeheartedly, resolved with a mind of true sincerity, I shall immediately give you free and unlimited protection.
  17. OC 7:44: Because these extraordinary free and unlimited protection are something that no one has known about until now, there is no one who can awaken and grasp My true intention. This has been a source of impatience for Me.