Ofudesaki Part 7, verses 1–24

Part 7

February in the 8th year of Meiji

An old mother of 78 years

Part 7: Indicating the slowness in understanding which results from the difference between the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] and the human mind, [Kami] urges humankind to open up their hearts quickly and be in accord with the intention of [Oyagami].

Oyasama’s position

(1) Thirty-eight years ago, [Cosmic Space-Time] descended because of the causality of origin.1

(2) Because this causality exists, [Cosmic Space-Time] desires to tell you all the truth in detail.2

(3) Unaware of this, those in high places think My teachings all to be worldly common.3

(4) As this place is the Jiba of Origin, there is nothing unknown about the beginning.4

(5) Though [Cosmic Space-Time] desires to make this truth quickly known to the high places,

(6) Unaware of this, those in the high places are thinking only about their selfish concerns.5

The slowness in understanding on the part of all, and parental love

(7) Because [Cosmic Space-Time] sees a dreadful and dangerous path opening before you step by step,

(8) Know that [Cosmic Space-Time] worries and is anxious to tell you quickly about that path.6

(9) Just as you humans worry about your children, I worry over your dreadful and dangerous path.7

(10) Unaware of this, all of you everywhere are living your lives without heed.8

[Cosmic Space-Time] rules over everything

(11) Know that [Cosmic Space-Time] rules over everything in this world without exception.

(12) What do you think this talk is about? Watch the path which lies ahead.9

(13) However high the mountains, floodwaters will reach them. Yet in the low valleys there will be no danger.10

(14) As it is [Cosmic Space-Time] who rules over all, never say that this is large or that is small.11

The nature of useful timber and preparations for gathering useful timber

(15) Even until now, from My desire for useful timber, I have searched most everywhere.12

(16) This time, in the low valleys I see promising trees in abundance.

(17) When [Cosmic Space-Time] enters these trees and brings them to completion step by step, they will become pillars of nations.13

(18) Then, looking closely day by day, [Cosmic Space-Time] will prepare for more timber.

(19) Step by step, I shall nurture trees, starting with aged ones, and assemble them in preparation for the future.14

Gathering the Service performers                                                              

(20) Day after day, as the intent of [Cosmic Space-Time] is deep, two or three trees will be found even at one place.15

(21) Of these trees, I do not say whether [female pine or male pine]. [Cosmic Space-Time] has an intention for any tree.16

(22) What I shall talk about in the time to come will be nothing but the preparations for My timber.

(23) Of these timbers, it is not to be just a few. I desire fifty or sixty in numbers of people.

(24) I desire this number never to decrease but to continue without break through all generations.17


  1. OC 7:1: Thirty-eight years ago from now, I, the true Kami, descended due to the Causality of Jiba, the Causality of Oyasama’s soul, and the arrival of the Promised Time.

    *Note: Thirty-eight years before this verse was written, that is, on 10/26 (lunar) 1838, Oyagami descended and received Oyasama as the Shrine of Kami.

  2. OC 7:2: I descended because these Causalities coincided and out of My wish to directly tell you everything in detail regarding the original causality.
  3. OC 7:3: Those in high positions, not knowing My intention even in the slightest, think lightly of My teachings as if they were worldly and ordinary.
  4. OC 7:4: Because this Residence is the Jiba of Origin where I began the world and human beings, there is nothing about the fundamentals regarding creation that I am not aware of.
  5. OC 7:5, 6: Although I wish to inform those in high positions about the causality of origin as soon as possible, being unaware of My profound intention, they all selfishly think only of themselves and are unwilling to lend an ear to My talks.
  6. OC 7:7, 8: I fully understand that because human beings think only of themselves, there are many fearful courses from this point on. I am filled with concern and quickly want to inform you of these dangerous paths and teach you so that you will not have to go through them.
  7. OC 7:9: Just as you human parents worry over your children in various ways, I, Oyagami, worry my mind incessantly over how to have you avoid the fearful and dangerous paths that lie ahead.
  8. OC 7:10 *Note: “without heed” (ukkari) also means “carelessly,” “vacantly.”
  9. OC 7:11, 12: Be fully convinced that I rule over all matters in this world. Although you may not fully understand what this implies, watch all developments that will appear from this point on with utmost care. You will be convinced and come to an understanding if you do so.
  10. OC 7:13: No matter how much wealth or authority someone may have, if his or her negative causality appears, he or she must suffer the consequences through illness or other adverse circumstances. No matter how impoverished a life someone may lead, he or she can live joyously without worry or hardship as long as his or her mind is sincere enough.
  11. OC 7:14: As long as I, Oyagami, rule over all things, do not say such things that selfishly discriminate, calling others great or small, strong or weak.
  12. OC 7:15: Until now, I have searched long and hard, by all means wanting to find those who will work as My hands and feet.

    *Note: “Useful timber” (yōgi) is an alternate term for Yoboku, which means the building materials for the construction of the world. It refers to a person who devotes him or herself as Oyagami’s hands and feet to the sacred task of single-hearted salvation.

  13. OC 7:16, 17: Although not fully developed, I find many sincere people among those who are considered lower class that have the potential to become My Yoboku. While they may not be able to fully serve Me as they are now, once I gradually instruct them from this point on, they will become admirable resources in the future who will fully exert themselves for the sake of their countries.
  14. OC 7:19: I shall give My attention to, draw, and utilize as My Yoboku these trees that have matured in years, that is, those who have accumulated years on this path. Further, after that, I shall make efforts to nurture many Yoboku one after another.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese expression—“hineta ki” (aged trees) refer to trees that have matured in years, or those who have grown spiritually upon advancing their faith in the path.

  15. OC 7:20: My intention is deep, and I shall select two or three Yoboku even from the same place.
  16. 7:21: Of those who will become My Yoboku, I shall not make any distinction between man or woman. Man or woman, if the person is sincere and has a purified mind, I will consider to make him or her My Yoboku.
  17. OC 7:23, 24: I say Yoboku, Yoboku, but I do not mean merely two or three of them. I wish to have at least 50 to 60 of them. I also wish to have it so this number between 50 and 60 is to never decrease and stop but to continue on for endless generations.