Ofudesaki Part 6, verses 118–34

Self-reflection and true parental love

(118) Though I appeal to you in sorrow over and over, I shall save you if you become of a sincere mind.1

(119) Whoever you are, you are all My children. Awaken to the anxiety in the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time]!2

(120) Everything in this universe is all by [Cosmic Space-Time]. All human bodies are things lent by [Cosmic Space-Time].3

(121) If this truth is known all over the world, no one will remain selfish or greedy.4

(122) If only My mind is truly understood, there will be nothing fearful or dangerous.5

(123) But you erased everything [Cosmic Space-Time] taught. What remains is only the human mind.6

(124) Even until now, though I wished to teach you the truth of the beginning of this world,7

(125) And though the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] hastens day after day, know that I am waiting for the appointed time.8

(126) What are you thinking on hearing this talk? Great blessings are intended by [Cosmic Space-Time].

(127) Never take this to be ordinary. Great is the intent in the workings of [Cosmic Space-Time].9

(128) Thought [Cosmic Space-Time] has often spoken of the free and unlimited workings, none of them has yet been seen.10

(129) This time, when I truly show you My free and unlimited workings, know that this is truth.11

(130) Whatever is done, it is all by [Cosmic Space-Time], truly from My single intent to save you.12

(131) The conception of a baby is by [Cosmic Space-Time]. Giving birth to it, also, is by the work of [Cosmic Space-Time].13

(132) This time, as I am revealed, I shall truly show you all of My workings in every matter.

(133) Be convinced when you see this, whoever you may be: My free and unlimited workings are according to your mind.14

(134) Whatever I may work, I shall work all things according to your mind of sincerity.15


  1. OC 6:118: Concerned for the safety of all human beings, although I have spoken to you about all kinds of things and implored you in all kinds of ways, I will surely save anyone who awakens to My true intention, truly self-reflects on their mind, and become the mind of sincerity.
  2. OC 6:119: No matter who they may be, all humans are My children. Although I have worried over many things out of My parental love for My children, it will do well for you to fully consider the depth of My intention.
  3. OC 6:120: All things in this world are all My creations and receive My protection. The entire universe is My body and human bodies are things that I have created, things that are provided with My protection, and things loaned to human beings.
  4. OC 6:121: Once human beings awaken to the truth that I made each of their bodies and that their bodies are things they borrow from Me, there will no longer be anyone who behaves selfishly or shows his or her aggression or greed.
  5. OC 6:122: If you wholeheartedly accept in your minds the truth of a thing lent, a thing borrowed, there will be nothing that will be fearful or dangerous.
  6. OC 6:123: Because you human beings are engaged in a variety of selfish things resulting from their human thoughts, erasing what I have said and taught and not even making the slightest effort to observe them, you face fearful situations or have to face dangerous situations as well.
  7. OC 6:124: Although I wished to teach you the truth about how I created this world, I could not teach it because the time had not yet arrived.
  8. OC 6:125: Although I anxiously wonder each day whether to teach you today or tomorrow, I await the proper time to reveal My teachings.

    *Note: “Appointed time” (kokugen) refers to a fixed point in time. Here, it refers to the point in time or particular season to reveal a certain teaching.

  9. OC 6:127: Do not consider the great blessings I wish to grant you as something ordinary. This is My work, and comes from My great intention.
  10. OC 6:128: Although I have said over and over that I will reveal My free and unlimited workings, because you still have not seen them with your eyes until now, you human beings are unlikely to have a clear understanding of what they are.
  11. OC 6:129: At this time I shall actually show you My free and unlimited workings. Once you see them, it will enable you to accept that what I have been telling you is true.
  12. OC 6:130: Everything that happens is all My doing and from My single sincere desire to save human beings.
  13. OC 6:131: The conception of a child in a mother’s womb is possible through My protection. Again, the birth of a child is due to My protection as well.
  14. OC 6:132, 133: At this time I have appeared out into the open and will show all kinds of things. When these are seen, even those who doubted My workings will admit to the truth that I shall reveal all forms of My free and unlimited workings according to the minds of each of you.
  15. OC 6:134: Whatever I may do, they are all manifestations of the sincerity in each of your minds.