Ofudesaki Part 6, verses 55–85

The relationship between the Service and Oyasama

A talk from the 21st day of the 12th month

(55) This is the Residence where I began this world. Therein lives the original Parent of human beginnings.1

(56) Discerning this, [Cosmic Space-Time] descended from the desire to teach about all matters.2

(57) Truly, the thought in the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] is to receive the shrine of each.

(58) Then I would teach exactly as I wish, freely and unlimitedly at any time.3

(59) Even until now, though having firmly received the Shrine of [Cosmic Space-Time], I have been keeping still.4

(60) This time, I shall surely reveal Myself openly and tell you the truth of all matters.

(61) Until now, since I kept Myself behind a bamboo screen, nothing was able to be seen.

(62) This time, as I have come out into brightness, everything will be seen quickly.5

(63) What do you think of these red clothes? [Cosmic Space-Time] dwells within.6

Reconstructing the world into the Joyous Life by means of the Service

(64) Even until now, though everything was under the rule of [Cosmic Space-Time], things were overlooked because the day had not yet come.

(65) Now that the time is sufficiently full, I shall manage everything as I intend.7

(66) Unaware of this, what is the thinking of the high mountains who are managing everything as they please?8

(67) In any concerns, never think that there is a human mind at this place.9

(68) Whatever I may say or write by the tip of My brush, it is none other than directions from the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time].10

(69) Whatever the high mountains may say or think, it is all from their human thoughts.11

(70) They banned the name given by [Cosmic Space-Time]. What do you think of this regret of Mine?12

(71) Know that in truth the anger and regret of [Cosmic Space-Time] are not small matters.13

(72) Until now, the high mountains, boastful, have thrived and done as they pleased in every manner,

(73) But from now on, I, [Cosmic Space-Time], shall do as I please instead. Copy what I do if you can.14

(74) Whatever I may say or do at this place, it is none other than the thought of [Cosmic Space-Time].

(75) From now on, I shall work solely on preparations to clear away the regret from the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time].15

(76) Hereafter, whatever dust may be stirred up, never think it is an illness.16

(77) I shall give returns for the regrets of [Cosmic Space-Time] piled mountainously high until now.17

(78) Even until now, though I spoke of My returns, you have been wondering what it could mean.

(79) This is what My returns mean in truth. Beware, all of you on the high mountains!18

Again, the teachings on the beginnings of origin                                       

(80) This world was a muddy ocean. Therein was [Cosmic Space-Time] alone.

(81) [A sincere] idea came to [Cosmic Space-Time]: how promising it would be to begin a world.

(82) It was difficult to begin a world which did not exist. I prepared to find what could be used as instruments.

(83) Looking carefully within, I found loaches, a fish and a serpent, and other creatures, too.

(84) I called them together and conferred with them to begin My providence for human beings.

(85) In order to begin a world which did not exist, I, [Cosmic Space-Time], devoted Myself at every step.19


  1. OC 6:55 *Note: Jiba is the Home of the Parent where human beings were conceived. Oyasama is the One who has the causality of being the Parent of the entire human race.
  2. OC 6:56: I descended after discerning the causality of Jiba and the causality of Oyasama’s soul, borrowing Her mouth to reveal the Teaching because I wish to have you human beings know about everything.
  3. OC 6:57, 58: My wholehearted desire is to receive the shrine of each and once the Service performers assemble, I will speak freely and unlimitedly, whenever I wish.
  4. OC 6:59: Although I had previously received Oyasama as My Shrine, I had been holding back.
  5. OC 6:61, 62: *Note: The expression “behind a bamboo screen” (misu no uchira) refers to how Oyagami was holding back in fully expressing Oyagami’s manifestation as Oyasama, revealed by the fact that She had always worn a black crested garment. The expression “into brightness” (akai tokoro) refers to how Oyagami will fully be revealed into the open when Oyasama began to wear red clothes after Her return from Yamamura Palace (Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 3:42 and 5:56, 57).
  6. OC 6:63: What do you think of these red clothes? This is proof that I, Cosmic Space-Time, am inside Oyasama.
  7. OC 6:64, 65: My free and unlimited workings have been constant from the time I created the world and human beings until now. However, because people’s minds had not attained spiritual maturity, no matter what I said or did, it was all dismissed. Yet because the day marking their attainment of sufficient spiritual maturity will be arriving shortly, I shall reveal all My free and unlimited workings in some form.
  8. OC 6:66: Unaware that all My free and unlimited workings will be revealed, the people in the upper classes rely on their wealth or authority, many of them indulging in selfish behavior in some form. What on earth could they be thinking about?
  9. OC 6:67 Because Oyasama is My Shrine, do not ever think that even the slightest human thought is behind anything She says or does.

    *Note: Oyasama had a human body and Oyagami borrowed Her mouth to express the divine revelation. This is a verse admonishing people who thought that all that Oyasama said or did were merely the words or actions of a human being.

  10. OC 6:68: No matter what Oyasama says or what She writes here in the Ofudesaki, because they are all My instructions, there is not even the slightest human thought mixed within.
  11. OC 6:69: No matter what the people in the upper classes of society say or think, these are all selfish words and self-centered thoughts that come from human minds.
  12. OC 6:70: All of you, what do you think of how frustrated I feel for those with mere human thoughts to ban the sacred name I came up with?

    *Note: This verse is referring to when a number of followers were summoned on lunar 11/17 of 1874 and were sternly warned to stop their faith by officials of the Nara Chukyoin, who said, “There is no Kami by the name of Tenri-O-no-Mikoto. It would be best that you not worship such a Kami hereafter.”

  13. OC 6:71: It would do well for you to consider My frustration concerning the sacred name being banned as not an ordinary matter.
  14. OC 6:72, 73: *Note: The government authorities rely on their power and oppress the path and indulge in selfish behavior. However, these verses are saying that, because Oyagami shall truly enact free and unlimited workings from now on, Oyagami is challenging anyone out there to imitate these workings if they can.
  15. OC 6:75: From here on, I intend to clear away these feelings of frustration.
  16. OC 6:76: From this point, no matter what illness or trouble may appear, never take it to be an ordinary disease.
  17. OC 6:77: While much frustration has piled up in My mind so far, I shall give returns for them.

    *Note: While “returns” (kayashi) have the implications of a response, it by no means has any implications of revenge or retaliation. That is because these returns are outbursts of parental love that help inform us of our mistaken mindset.

  18. OC 6:78, 79: Although I have told you about these returns so far, no one knew what they were about. But the true meaning behind these returns that I told you about is that they are warnings that come in the form of illnesses and troubles. Because of this, those who are in high positions must all be aware of this and make sure they not have any mistaken use of the mind.
  19. OC 6:80–85: The beginning of this world was a muddy ocean. Therein was only Cosmic Space-Time. At that time, the following idea came to Cosmic Space-Time: “There is no delight in just the two of us. Let us make a world for human beings.”

    Yet it was quite a difficult task to begin the world out from where it did not exist. Upon looking through the muddy ocean to find instruments to use in the creation of the world and human beings, Cosmic Space-Time saw there were loaches, a fish, a serpent, and other instruments. Then, after summoning them and discussing the matter with them, it was finally decided to embark on the creation of human beings. In this way, humans came to be because Cosmic Space-Time exerted our mind gradually from the thought to create them and the world from where they did not exist.

    *Note: *See note for Ofudesaki 6:29–51 and accompanying general summary.