Ofudesaki Part 6, verses 86–117

[Oyagami]’s painstaking efforts in the beginnings of origin; urging self-reflection to those who cannot understand the divine intention behind these efforts

(86) There is no one who knows of this path. What do you think of this regret of [Cosmic Space-Time]?

(87) So much thought has gone into beginning this world, how deep is the regret in the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time]!1

(88) Only through the exhaustive efforts of [Cosmic Space-Time], made step by step, have you become the humans you are.2

(89) Unaware of this, the high mountains at present are rampant and doing as they please.

(90) This is the greatest regret of [Cosmic Space-Time]. There is no knowing what I may give in return.3

(91) In this world, landslides, thunder, earthquakes, and great winds are all from the anger of [Cosmic Space-Time].4

(92) Beware, you grand shrines and high mountains whoever! There is no knowing when [Cosmic Space-Time] will rush out.5

(93) Let all of you in the world take care, for [Cosmic Space-Time] will never hold back!

(94) Having warned you about all matters as much as I can, [Cosmic Space-Time] will begin to work.

(95) In whatever things, bear no grudges. It is all a matter of your self-reproach.6

(96) I have told you this talk repeatedly step by step. Please understand it thoroughly.

(97) All humankind, everything depends on the heart of each of you. Know that [Cosmic Space-Time] is discerning it.

(98) Once [Cosmic Space-Time] has truly discerned your mind, I shall give you a return as soon as I have accepted it.7

(99) Until now, whatever you said or thought, it was only from the human mind.

(100) From now on, whether you do good or evil, I shall give you a return at once accordingly.

(101) Until now, I have looked on with understanding, but from now on there will be no allowances.8

(102) The true Parent of this universe is [Cosmic Space-Time]. It is I who protect you in everything.

(103) Hereafter, nothing I say will be false. Take all My words to be true and understand them.

(104) Everything there is, was begun by the sincere thoughts of [Cosmic Space-Time].

(105) Until now, when there was illness, you turned to doctors and medicine. Thought all of you have worried,

(106) From now on, I shall save you from any pains, sufferings, or tumors by the Breath and the Hand Dance.

(107) Though you have never known such salvation until now, from now on, try it and see!

(108) No matter how serious the illness may be, I shall save you by the truth of Breath.9

(109) When [Cosmic Space-Time] has ascertained your mind’s sincerity, know that I shall grant you every kind of protection.

(110) Your newborns shall be free from smallpox and measles. They shall live on without illness or death.

(111) Listen carefully: whatever free and unlimited workings I may do, it is all from the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time].10

Those who cannot understand [Oyagami]’s intention are again urged to engage in self-reflection.

(112) Though even until now I have made most of My appeals, still more needs to be said of [Cosmic Space-Time]’s thoughts.11

(113) At this time, because the regret of [Cosmic Space-Time] has piled up so high, you shall hear all of it.

(114) Since the single-hearted salvation is being stopped at this place, I cannot bear but to give a return.12

(115) In this return, I shall clear away the grand shrines and high mountains. Let all of you be aware!13

(116) What are you thinking on hearing this talk? Flames of heaven, rains of fire, and tidal waves in the seas…14

(117) Such is the great anxiety in the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time]. What is the the whole world thinking?15


  1. OC 6:86, 87: It has been exceedingly frustrating that no one knew how much Oyagami exerted during the process of creating this world and human beings.
  2. OC 6:88: You human beings may presume that you were born and now live by your own power, that is not the case. Human beings were created precisely because we, the Divine Parents, exerted our mind and efforts in various ways.

    *Note: We must always remember that Oyagami has protected us not only at the time of creation but continues to do so even today, constantly each day and night.

  3. OC 6:89, 90: As of now, those in high positions behave in an self-indulgent manner, taking no consideration of how I, Oyagami, exerted My efforts. Because this is a source of My extreme frustration, there is no knowing what kind of returns I will give.
  4. OC 6:91: All natural disasters in this world—that is, avalanches, thunder, earthquakes, typhoons, and such are all My urgings to people to reflect on their minds.
  5. OC 6:92 *Note: “Grand shrines and high mountains” (taisha takayama) refer to those in authority that persecuted Tenrikyo at the time.

    This verse is warning people who are flaunting their authority and engaging in this persecution willfully that if they allow to let their guard down and fail to reflect upon their minds, there is no knowing when Oyagami will jump out or what kind of guidance they may receive. (Refer to note for Ofudesaki 5:56, 57)

  6. OC 6:94, 95: Before I embark on My tasks In any matter, I will have fully told of them beforehand. So no matter what may appear, never resent Me. Because it is all borne out of your willfulness and self-indulgence, there is no one to resent other than yourself.
  7. OC 6:98: I, Oyagami, will thoroughly distinguish people’s minds and respond accordingly as I accept them.
  8. OC 6:99–101: Before I descended to convey this teaching, I silently watched you humans as you used their minds selfishly and self-centeredly since you had not spiritually matured. However, from now on, I shall give a return that correspondingly responds to good and evil.
  9. OC 6:105–108 *Note: Until now, illness was a cause for concern that immediately called for doctors or medicine. Yet because illness is Oyagami’s fundamental means to inform us of our misuse of the mind, when we become ill, we must calmly self-reflect, awaken to Oyagami’s inner heart, and replace our minds accordingly. Although our health may appear to have been mended (naosu: also fixed or corrected) through the help of medicine, the cause of the illness, which is the mind, has not been mended. At this rate, we will not be able to follow Oyagami’s intention and the Joyous Life in which all people’s minds have been purified will not come about. Because Oyagami’s true intention is to mend the minds of humanity, Oyagami’s guidance (o-shirase) is not merely limited to appearing on the body. It also appears in the form of a difficult situation (jijo no nayami). When we fully awaken to this truth and Oyagami accepts our mind of true sincerity, enables us to be saved from any illness or trouble (mijo jijo no nayami). So no matter how difficult a person’s illness—even a person whose condition is regarded by doctors as hopeless—he or she can receive the vivid blessings through the Sazuke of Breath and Hand Dance according to his or her mind alone.

    However, salvation from illness is just one process in which Oyagami’s intention is actualized. While on one hand there no harm in using medicine, because Oyagami’s ultimate aim is for us to replace our minds, we must not neglect to ponder so that we may awaken to Oyagami’s inner heart and the fundamental cause and reason for our illness. Originally, even the art of medicine was something that Oyagami instructed humans in. Because medicines are ultimately a gift (o-atae) from Oyagami, one must fully consider the blessings of Oyagami when using them. Because of this, Oyasama never said that medical means were not necessary. That is because Oyagami’s intention is more broad and profound. We cannot follow Oyagami’s intention unless we set our eyes upon the fundamental spiritual instruction behind each illness and circumstance. Oyagami painstakingly instructs us in the Divine Directions in the following manner so that we do not misunderstand this principle:

    Sah, sah, there is not a single difficult thing, I do not say anything difficult. You must listen carefully. All the things that happen here and there happen because the human mind makes things difficult.

    Sah, sah, I do not say anything difficult, do not say anything difficult. You must understand well. It is the human mind that makes this difficult. That is why such a thing happened at such a place.

    There is nothing originally in the teachings that make the claim that doctors or medicine is not necessary. When those beyond the help of doctors are saved—once their help and medicines have been employed—you turn around and say to everyone the help of doctors and medicine is not necessary. Where did this come from? No one complains about saving people who are beyond medical help. The realization of being saved by Kami is just the beginning. Each of you are turning an easy path into a difficult path.

    To begin with, there is no teaching that says it is not necessary to see a doctor or take any medicine. In saving people given up as hopeless by doctors, who started saying it is not necessary to see a doctor or to take medicine? No one will say anything about saving a person given up as hopeless by doctors. Being saved by Kami is like the beginning of this path. You yourselves are making this easy-to-follow path difficult to follow.

    The idea that you do not need doctors or medication has never been part of this teaching. What I have been saying is that I will save even those who, despite having seen doctors and taken medicines, have been given up on. Who started the idea that you do not need to see doctors or take medicine? Nobody would complain if those who were considered hopeless by doctors could be saved.

    Osashizu, July 7, 1890, 10:30 a.m. (Request based on previous direction)

     “Breath” refers to the Sazuke (Divine Grant) of Breath. “Hand Dance” refers to the Sazuke of the Hand Dance, that is, the Sazuke of “Ashiki harai, tasuke tamae.”

    Although only two forms of the Sazuke are mentioned here, there were also grants such as the Sazuke of Water and the Sazuke of Food.

  10. OC 6:110, 111: Your newborns will no longer contract smallpox or measles. Also, there is no greater happiness if people can live without falling ill or dying young. However, these free and unlimited blessings all depend on My mind alone.
  11. OC 6:112: Although I have repeatedly explained virtually everything until now, I still cannot fully explain My true intention.
  12. OC 6:114: Because there are those who oppress and attempt to stop this path of single-hearted salvation I began at Jiba, I become impatient and I cannot avoid giving My returns.

    *Note: Refer to note for Ofudesaki 6:70

  13. OC 6:115: All of you, be fully aware beforehand because these returns shall spread to all humanity and clear away the mistaken mindset held by those who rely on their authority to do as they wish.

    *Note: For an explanation of “grand shrines and high mountains,” refer to note for Ofudesaki 6:92.

    “Clear away” (toriharai) refers to how Kami will clear away the dust of human thinking, stop wrongful oppression and persecution, and have those behind these wrong deeds to show repentance (kaishun) for their actions.

  14. OC 6:116: People, what do think of hearing these talks of Mine? If you stop My single-hearted intention for salvation, these returns shall appear as fire in the skies, raining flames, and tsunamis in the seas.
  15. OC 6:117: People of this world, what on earth do you think about how much I have worried over various things until now?