Ofudesaki Part 13, verses 73–99

From the good day, the 19th of the 9th month,

Meiji 10, the year of the Ox

Lean on [Oyagami] and have faith in Oyasama; [Oyagami] is hastening the purification of the human mind throughout the world

From the 19th day

(73) From today, I shall begin to tell you the thoughts of [Cosmic Space-Time] on all matters [whatsoever].1

(74) Though even until now I have told you almost everything, I have not yet told you [Cosmic Space-Time]’s intention.2

(75) From now on, whatever talks I may give, never think that they are false.

(76) There is no knowing what I shall say, for the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] hastens.3

(77) What do you think My thoughts are about? They are about Nihon, Kara, and Tenjiku.4

(78) Though there are many leagues in between, I shall work even in a single night.5

(79) What are you humans thinking of this talk? Your bodies are things lent by [Cosmic Space-Time] and you are all children of Mine.6

(80) So long as [Cosmic Space-Time] keeps still, there will be no hope of a settling.

(81) Therefore, [Cosmic Space-Time] will go forth to work. There is no one who knows where I shall go.7

(82) I say that I shall purify all minds throughout the world. Never think of it as a small matter.

(83) In whatever matters, if the innermost heart of each of you is purified, there will be no danger.

Demonstrating the truth instead of teaching it just by mouth

(84) Day after day, the thought of [Cosmic Space-Time] is only to wait for a large number of people to come to Me.8

(85) The reason I am waiting for these people is that I desire to save all of My children in the world.9

(86) You cannot know what a marvelous path will come into sight this year.10

(87) No matter how I try to tell you the truth by words, there is no one who understands.11

(88) Therefore, [Cosmic Space-Time] will at this time demonstrate the truth for you in all matters.12

(89) Whatever I do, never think that there is any human mind mixed in it.13

(90) [Cosmic Space-Time] cannot bear to look on any longer. That is why I shall work in all matters.14

Cast away human thinking and understand the free and unlimited workings of [Oyagami]

(91) However strong or youthful you may be, never think that such a condition is reliable.15

(92) At this time, [Kami] is openly revealed and speaks to you freely without restriction.

(93) As I shall work in truth in all matters, your innermost heart will, of itself, be made clear.16

(94) Until now, all humankind has been pondering only with the human mind.

(95) This time, there is no need at all to ponder with the human mind on any matter.17

The strength of [Oyagami]’s providence

(96) I shall tell you any and everything. Whatever I say, never take it to be false.

(97) Whatever kind of people may be rampant on the high mountains, no one knows the truth.18

(98) Wherever you may be, [Cosmic Space-Time] clearly sees your innermost heart.19

(99) If your innermost heart accords with the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time], I shall exert Myself in your favor forever.20


  1. OC 13:73: I shall begin to say everything that I am thinking from now, from this to that.
  2. OC 13:74: Although I have roughly spoken of several matters until now, I, Oyagami, still have not fully spoken My intention.
  3. OC 13:76: Since the mind of Oyagami is rushing, there is no knowing what I will say.
  4. OC 13:77: What are all of you thinking of how My mind is hastening? It is My most sincere parental desire to have people’s minds in the entire world become purified and quickly bring the world of the Joyous Life into reality.

    *Note: Nihon, kara, and tenjiku respectively refers to the places where Oyagami’s teachings first spread to, spread to next, and spread last. This phrase also consequently refers to the entire world. Refer to note for Ofudesaki 12:8.

  5. OC 13:78: Though there is much distance to cover in this whole world, when the situation requires, I shall reveal My work even within a single night.
  6. OC 13:79: What on earth are you human beings thinking as you listen to this talk? Human bodies are things lent to you by Me, Oyagami, and because human beings in the world are all entirely My children, I am filled with love for you. I speak to you with the single-hearted parental desire to save you.
  7. OC 13:80, 81: If I, Oyagami, were to keep still forever, no matter how much time may pass, there appears no hope for the world to be cleared of filth and anxiety. Thus I am stepping forward Myself to work. Yet there is no one who knows where I will step forward and what kind of work I shall do.
  8. OC 13:84: As the season for world salvation is gradually imminent, I, Oyagami, am waiting for a great number of people.
  9. OC 13:85: If you are to ask why I am waiting for a great number of people, it is because I wish to save all My children of the entire world.
  10. OC 13:86: There is no knowing what kind of extraordinary paths will appear this year, so everyone, expect for them.
  11. OC 13:87: Despite how much I, Oyagami, tell you of the truth, there is no one who listens and understands My sincere parental love from the bottom of their hearts if I only express it in words.
  12. OC 13:88: For this reason, everything at this time shall become reality all according to Oyagami’s wishes.
  13. OC 13:89 *Note: Refer to Ofudesaki 7:52–56 and note for 12:67–68.
  14. OC 13:90: Since the matters which human beings engage in do not appear to Me as an individual’s sincerity, I, Oyagami, admonish by revealing it in a variety of forms.
  15. OC 13:91: Those of you with renowned strength or youthful health: never rely on these attributes alone.
  16. OC 13:93: At this time I shall show all kinds of matters as reality. Once you see this, your minds will become completely purified on their own accord.
  17. OC 13:94, 95: Until now, everyone lived solely according to their human thoughts. However, even the slightest human thought will not be necessary in any matter from now on. All is required is the mind that singly entrusts oneself to Me, Oyagami.
  18. OC 13:97: No matter how much those among the high classes have acted selfishly, there was perhaps no one who perceived the truth that I rule over everything in the world.
  19. OC 13:98: No matter what circumstance a person may be in, I, Oyagami, clearly see and know everything within each person’s mind.
  20. OC 13:99: If your use of the mind is of true sincerity and acceptable to My mind, I, Oyagami, will firmly protect you for all time.