Ofudesaki Part 13, verses 21–40

The Joyous Service and sweeping the dust away

(21) Day by day and step by step, the dust piles up and fills the heart of [Kami].

(22) This dust is difficult to sweep away. But if you only begin the Service…1

(23) If only your minds are truly accepted by [Kami], I shall sweep away any dust [whatsoever].2

(24) If only the innermost hearts of all humankind are swept clean,

(25) Then, the whole world will be spirited and joyousness will come of its own accord.

(26) Listen! From the high mountains to the low valleys, I see no one but [Cosmic Space-Time]’s children.3

(27) You human beings must all love your children. From this, please think of the regret of [Kami].4

The truth of the origin and founding of the teachings

(28) Hitherto, no matter what had been seen, [Kami] only looked on, keeping still.5

(29) This time, as the day is pressing, I shall speak out on everything, whatever it may be.

(30) Though [Cosmic Space-Time] looks all over the world, there is no one who knows the origin.6

(31) Desiring to teach this origin to the world by all means, [Cosmic Space-Time] has become revealed.

The path after the “regret” and “anger” are cleared away

(32) About the regret of [Cosmic Space-Time] at this time: know that it is not a small matter.

(33) [Cosmic Space-Time] desires to teach this truth throughout the world by all means.

(34) Unaware of it, you erase all the words of [Cosmic Space-Time], and all that remains is rampant human thinking.7

(35) Hereafter, I shall clear away all the regret and anger of [Cosmic Space-Time]. Are you aware of it?8

(36) After the regret and divine anger of [Cosmic Space-Time] are cleared away, I shall open a marvelous path.9

(37) What do you think this path is to be? It is solely mutual help among all people in all matters.10

(38) If all the world comes to help one another, [Cosmic Space-Time] will accept all your minds.

(39) If [Cosmic Space-Time] accepts your minds, I will work in all matters [whatsoever].11

(40) What do you think this working is to be? It is solely to distinguish between good and evil.12


  1. OC 13:21, 22: Since human beings have done nothing but add dust day after day, it has accumulated mountainously so that it even makes Oyagami’s mind joyless. It will not at all take an average task to clean the vastly accumulated dust. Yet if you begin the Joyous Service, the dust can be swept away and My mind will become clear of its own accord. 
  2. OC 13:23: Once I accept the sincere minds of human beings, I shall clean the dust, no matter how much it has accumulated and piled up, saving you from the distress of illnesses and unfortunate circumstances, which are physical manifestations of this dust.
  3. OC 13:26 Listen with care. The exalted and the wealthy, the humble and the destitute are all beloved children to Me, Oyagami.
  4. OC 13:27: There is no one who does not love his or her children. If these beloved children acted selfishly without knowing how much their parents have devoted themselves for them, how sad would their parents feel? Know that I, Oyagami, feel the same way.
  5. OC 13:28 Until now, no matter what happened to human beings, I stayed still and allowed you to do as you pleased.
  6. OC 13:30: Though I survey the minds of the people across the globe, there is no one who knows the beginnings of this realm of existence.
  7. OC 13:34: You are living solely based on your human thoughts, without taking heed to what I, Oyagami, have said and without knowing the amount of My loving devotion.
  8. OC 13:35: It would do that you be aware that I. Oyagami, will clear away all My impending frustration from this point on.
  9. OC 13:36: If only I clear away this frustration of Mine, I shall then lay the marvelous path of single-hearted salvation that did not exist until now.
  10. OC 13:37: What kind of path do you think this path is? It is a path where everyone respects and helps one another in all matters.
  11. OC 13:38, 39: Once the people of the entire world embark on the path of respecting and helping one another, I shall accept those minds and will provide all forms of free and unlimited workings.
  12. OC 13:40: What matter do you believe these workings to be? I shall distinguish good and bad through revealing My free and unlimited workings.