Ofudesaki Part 13, verses 41–72

All human beings are equally brothers and sisters; the body is a thing lent by [Cosmic Space-Time]

From the 16th day

(41) Until today, whatever wrongdoing there is said to be, perhaps none of you has known of it on your body.

(42) [Kami] will teach you the truth about this. Ponder over it, all of you.1

(43) All of you throughout the world are brothers and sisters. There is no one called an outsider.

(44) That there is no one who knows the origin of this is the very cause of the regret of [Cosmic Space-Time]. 2

(45) Those living in the high mountains and those living in the low valleys: their souls are all the same.3

(46) Furthermore, the instruments you use daily are all things lent by [Cosmic Space-Time].4

(47) Unaware of this, the thought in the minds of all human beings is that there are the high and the low.5

(48) By all means, [Cosmic Space-Time] desires to make the truth of this matter clearly understood by the whole world.

(49) If only this is clearly understood, the root of rebellion will be cut off.6

(50) [Cosmic Space-Time] sincerely desires only to end the wars among those on the high mountains.7

(51) By what means can they be ended? If only you set forth on the Joyous Service…8

The truth of the Service and the control by the high mountains

(52) Do not wonder from whose mind these words come. They are solely from the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time].9

(53) It is difficult to do this Service because of the high mountains, but [Kami] gives you firm assurance.

(54) This time in all matters, I shall truly give you My firm assurance and shall work.10

(55) When [Kami] goes forth and works throughout the world, there will be nothing to fear in doing any Service.11

(56) Listen! Though the high mountains, boastful, have done as they pleased to the low valleys,

(57) From now on, [Cosmic Space-Time] shall come out in their place. Let them try to do as they please if they dare.12

(58) Everything will be different from what it has been until now. From now on, it will be as [Kami] intends.13

If we do not have faith in Oyasama’s teachings, [Cosmic Space-Time] will withdraw; if we have, we shall be saved in accord with the mind. The blessings of crops and fertilizer will be assured

(59) Perhaps no one knows the intention of [Cosmic Space-Time] in descending from Heaven.

(60) First, to help those who grow crops, I desired to teach you on the matter of the fertilizer.14

(61) Do not wonder why the fertilizer is effective. If only [Kami] accepts your mind…15

(62) Though [Kami] has been speaking the truth until now, even those within only have doubts.

(63) This time, do not doubt whatever I say. If you doubt, [Cosmic Space-Time] will withdraw.

(64) I repeat this to you tediously. If you doubt, you will truly repent it.

(65) What [Cosmic Space-Time] once said will never become false through all time.16

(66) Until now, all of you have only doubted whatever [Cosmic Space-Time] said, always erasing it by your words.17

(67) For [Cosmic Space-Time], this is the greatest regret. I shall correct this matter by all means.

(68) From now on, you must not turn away from whatever [Cosmic Space-Time] says. You must lean on [Kami].

(69) Then, I, [Kami], shall truly give you My firm assurance and shall work.18

(70) As [Cosmic Space-Time] persuades you to such a degree, if your mind is in error, I shall withdraw at once.19

(71) If your mind is truly sincere, there will never be a failure in any salvation.

(72) Hereafter, in order that there be no failure in the fertilizer for the crops, please understand Me clearly.20


  1. OC 13:41, 42: There is perhaps no one until today who knew that their use of mind would appear on the body, no matter what wrongdoing there is said to be. I tell this truth to you at this time, so I would like everyone to fully ponder over this matter.
  2. OC 13:43, 44: The people of the entire world are brothers and sisters, there is no one who is an outsider. I am extremely impatient that there is no one who knows the origin of this truth.
  3. OC 13:45: I, Oyagami, equally gave the same soul to those who are living high-class lifestyles and those who are living low-class lifestyles.

    *Note: Various differences, such as those between people of different classes and circumstance, are all due to the causality of each individual developed during the multiple births and rebirths across the generations.

  4. OC 13:46: The instruments that you use—the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, both hands, and both feet and such—that is, the entire body, is lent and provided by Me, Oyagami.
  5. OC 13:47: Without knowing this truth, you human beings believe that there is fundamentally separating the nobility from the destitute, the high from the low. However, this is not the case at all. Human beings are all equally My children, the children of Oyagami.
  6. OC 13:49: If only this truth is firmly settled in the minds of everyone, sentiments that cause people to be hostile with one another will completely disappear.
  7. OC 13:50: It is My most sincere desire, the desire of Oyagami, to settle the jostling for power among people in high positions. If only this fighting comes to be settled, peace will come to this world. It is but My wholehearted wish for eternal peace to come to this world.

    *Note: As a historical fact, there was a great amount of unrest at the time during Japan’s modernization as represented by the Satsuma Rebellion. By way of this example, it was shown that it was Oyagami’s ideal to provide the protection to bring true peace.

  8. OC 13:51: If you are to ask what is to be done to settle peace in this world, if you proceed to perform the Joyous Service, I shall accept this and reveal free and unlimited protection. Thus, this disturbance will settle in due time.
  9. OC 13:52: Do not think that this is being said by a human being. This is being said by Me, the Parent who created this world, out My single parental love for My beloved children.
  10. OC 13:53, 54: When you perform this Service, it is possible that the people who are in high positions may express their displeasure in various ways. However, proceed to perform the Service spiritedly and without concern, for despite what circumstances may arise, I shall certainly take charge at this time.
  11. OC 13:55: I, Oyagami, am revealed out in the open and reveal free and unlimited workings in the world. Despite what kind of workings I may do there is absolutely no need for concern.
  12. OC 13:56, 57: Listen with care. Until now, those with status or financial power had behaved selfishly toward those in lower positions. However, from now on, I, Oyagami, will appear into the open and reveal free and unlimited workings. So if you are willing to go against the Cosmic Order and engage in picking on the weak, go ahead and do so if you dare.
  13. OC 13:58: The situation will entirely change from what it was until now. From now on, everything will happen according to My intention.
  14. OC 13:60: I, Oyagami, began this Teaching out of My desire to teach the single protection of fertilizer in order to first save those who produce crops.

    *Note: As Oyasama once said, “It quickly wish to save first, the farmer; second, the worker; third, the craftsman; fourth, the merchant;” it is the divine intention to save those from the low valleys in succession.

    The verses from 60 to 72 are mainly about the single protection of fertilizer.

  15. OC 13:61: Though it is fertilizer, never think that it is the fertilizer itself that is effective. My protection appears when I accept the mind’s sincerity of the person who prays wholeheartedly.

    *Note: Refer to Ofudesaki verse 4:51.

  16. OC 13:65: Matters which I, Oyagami, have spoken of at any time will never become false.
  17. OC 13:66: Until now, whatever I, Oyagami, may have spoken of was doubted by everyone beginning with those within, and nothing was done but the erasing of My words.
  18. OC 13:69: Once you entrust yourselves to Me and follow My words, I, Oyagami, shall take charge, protecting you freely and unlimitedly according to your minds.
  19. OC 13:70: If you still doubt and turn your back to My divine will after all I, Oyagami, have said, I shall immediately take leave from the body.
  20. OC 13:72: From this point on, I somehow wish to have you firmly settle this talk in your mind so that there is no mistake in the fertilizer for the crops.