Ofudesaki Part 6, verses 1–29

Part 6

From December in the 7th year of Meiji

An old woman of 77 years

Part 6: The teachings on the beginnings of origin

“Something marvelous” and “Calm your minds and please listen”—that is, [Oyagami]’s message and the attitude to be taken by human beings

(1) This time, I shall begin to tell you something marvelous. Calm your minds and please listen.

(2) Everything is what [Kami] says or does. I shall never cause trouble to you who are close to Me.1

(3) All of you, please calm your minds and become truly convinced of this talk.2

(4) What do you think this path is? It is the true path that will settle this world.3

The way to settle the world is [universal forms of salvation] by means of the Joyous Service.

(5) When the distinction between fire and water in the high places is made, joyousness will settle of its own accord.4

(6) Know that the distinction between fire and water will be made by the performance of the Joyous Service at this place.5

(7) I shall do marvelous things, the same as My beginning of this world.6

(8) I shall begin a Service which has never existed since I began this world, and assuredly settle the world.7

(9) There may be no one at all who knows the truth of the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] of this universe.8

(10) Until now, you have been saying that you cannot see a [Kami] with your own eyes, whatever kind of [Kami] he may be.

(11) This time, truly revealing whatever [Kami] there may be, I shall speak to you.9

(12) From this time on, whatever you say or think will appear just as you say or think. This is the wonder.10

(13) At the sign of the wheat harvest, all things will begin to appear. Hurry and begin the Joyous Service.11

(14) There are a great number of people living throughout the world, but their minds are all as if in a haze.12

(15) Day by day, your innermost heart will be purified and understanding will come. You will come to see the truth as you mature.13

(16) When this path is clearly seen, take delight. Your future will be promising.14

Preparing for the Service

(17) Step by step, hasten with spirited minds. I am hurrying to have you go out to the main path.15

(18) When [Kami] has accepted the sincerity in the minds of the ten performers of the Service,

(19) Thereafter, I shall teach you all of the thoughts of [Kami] on every matter step by step.16

(20) Though the mind of [Kami] hastens day after day, to what avail if the ten performers do not assemble?17

(21) Take warning: fire, water, and wind will withdraw from the three deemed as right-hand men among the ten.18

(22) Whatever happens, it is the work of [Kami]. Never think it is an illness.

(23) I work all matters because I truly desire to let you know of the free and unlimited workings of [Kami].

(24) Until now, no matter what path you may have been on, I kept still because the day had not yet come.19

(25) Hereafter, I shall tell you the real truth of all matters step by step.20

(26) Until now, people have worshipped and prayed to a [mountainous number of Kami].

(27) Should there be anyone who knows the origin, [the Kami permit] you to seek and inquire.21

(28) In the future when the main path is opened, I shall teach you everything step by step.22

(29) I shall begin to tell you solely of that which had never existed before, and teach you the Service for [universal forms of salvation].


  1. OC 6:2: Whatever Oyasama may do or say, it is all done and said by Oyagami. Therefore, there is nothing that I do or say to make those of you nearby concerned.
  2. OC 6:3: All of you, calm your mind from within become and fully convinced after thoroughly pondering these talks I tell you.

    *Note: “truly” (shinjitsu) here refers to from within.

  3. OC 6:4: What kind of Teaching do you think this path that I am attempting to establish is? This path is the true path that will attain a peaceful condition and settle the minds of people in the world.

    *Note: “settle” (osameru) refers to the replacement of the mind, that is, the process of steadying people’s minds through spiritual cultivation.

  4. OC 6:5: If those above fully awaken to My protection, this world will naturally become a peaceful world of joyousness.

    *Note: Refer to note for Ofudesaki 2:40 for a description of “fire and water.” “Distinction” (wakeru): If water and fire mix, it will result in a chaotic and disorderly condition. A harmonized world, i.e., the world of the Joyous Life, exists where the providence of water and fire are segregated and work in equal measure according to Oyagami’s protection. The distinction between fire and water refers to the distinguishing a chaotic state and gaining insight to Oyagami’s protection.

  5. OC 6:6: It will do for you to fully ponder that the Joyous Service is necessary more than anything else for everyone to awaken to My protection and realize the peaceful world of the Joyous Life.
  6. OC 6:7: Although you may think that it was a marvelous occurrence for Me to create the world and human beings out of which they did not exist, I shall show you similar marvelous occurrences from now on as well.
  7. OC 6:8: I shall manifest once again the providence that created this world and human beings, begin the Joyous Service that did not exist ever since I made the world and human beings, and provide the blessings that will replace people’s minds with minds of joy assuredly settle this world into one of tranquility.

    *Note: For an explanation of “settle,” refer to note for Ofudesaki 6:4.

  8. OC 6:9: There perhaps is no one who grasps My intention, the true intention of original Parent and Kami who created this world.

    *Note: “Cosmic Space-Time” refers to Tenri-O-no-Mikoto, the original and true Kami.

  9. OC 6:10, 11: No matter what Kami there were until now, it was said they could not be seen. However, at this time, I shall reveal Myself and speak to you so you fully understand.
  10. OC 6:12: From now on, whatever you may say or think will become reality. This is the wonder of My workings.
  11. OC 6:13: Quickly begin the Joyous Service by all means, for at the sign of the wheat harvest I shall bring everything (you say or think) into reality.

    *Note: Part 6 was written beginning from December 1874. The location of the Jiba was identified in the 5th lunar month of 1875 and the song “Ichiretsu sumasu Kanrodai” and its hand movements were introduced thereafter. One sees this verse as an anticipation of these developments. The Japanese term “aki” here means the season for the wheat harvest.

  12. OC 6:14: There are many people living in this world, but their minds are clouded as if in a haze; they cannot see ahead.
  13. OC 6:15: If you follow this path, your mind will become purified day by day and you will come to understand My true intention accordingly to your spiritual growth (maturity).

    *Note: “Mature” (seijin) refers to spiritual maturity or spiritual growth.

  14. OC 6:16: If you come to see this true path with certainty, it will do from now on to trust that there will not even be the slightest mistake in My words. Look forward to the day when the Joyous Life arrives.
  15. OC 6:17: No matter what kind of path befalls you now, devote yourself to bringing the Joyous Life into reality in high spirits. I am hastening so that all of you can come out to the true path as soon as possible.
  16. OC 6:18, 19: Once the ten Service performers have assembled and their minds have been accepted by Me, I shall gradually tell you My intention on any kind of matter.

    *Note: The phrase “sincerity in the minds of the ten performers of the Service” (shinjitsu no Tsutome no ninju ju-nin) refers to the ten Service performers whose minds have been accepted by Oyagami and assigned as the ten dancers of the Service. The Joyous Service is performed with each of the ten dancers representing each aspect of the ten aspects of Kami’s complete providence.

  17. OC 6:20: No matter how My mind hastens each day to have you quickly perform the Joyous Service, it will come to naught unless the ten Service performers who have the mind of true sincerity assemble.
  18. OC 6:21: It is possible that My protections of fire, water, wind will be stopped among those the Service performers who ought to be considered My three main lieutenants (right-hand men). It will do for you to be well forewarned of this matter.

    *Note: Followers at the time remembered this verse when Ichibei Matsuo of Higashiwakai, Kanbei Inui of Tatsuta, and Kanbei Kitano of Onishi passed away for rebirth.

  19. OC 6:24: Until now, despite what kinds of paths people have been following, I have been waiting still since the time to fully instruct them had still not come.

    *Note:Izumi iru nari” here means not “being depressed” as it is usually rendered, but means to wait still, or withhold/postpone action. *See Ofudesaki 6:59.

  20. OC 6:25: From now on, I shall gradually tell you the genuine truth of every matter.
  21. OC 6:26, 27: Although people have prayed and invoked help from all varieties and multitudes of Kami, saying that they bring benefits, no one knows the fundamental reason why these prayers and invocations brought benefits in the first place. I permit you to go and seek out anyone who may know anything about this matter.
  22. OC 6:28: From now on, once I assuredly establish the broad path, I shall gradually explain every matter.