Ofudesaki Part 5, verses 56–88

From the high mountains, a broad path will open

(56) Today, though nothing is seen, look forward to the eight month. Then everything will be seen.

(57) Perhaps you cannot foresee what is going to appear. From the high mountains a broad path will open.1

(58) I have been preparing to open this path, but those of you close to Me know nothing of it.2

(59) Those who come here to summon or to investigate, come because it is [Kami]’s intent.3

(60) Knowing nothing about this, you close to Me think of it only in worldly terms.4

(61) Do not think of anything in worldly terms. There is a new and marvelous path for you.5

(62) Though years have passed since the beginning of this world, there is yet no one who knows the truth.6

Preparing to dig up the root

(63) No matter how the mind of [Kami] hastens, the minds of all of you are yet inattentive.7

(64) Quickly, try the pondering and then hasten. Why are you not preparing to dig up the root?8

(65) There is no one who knows the way to dig up the root, the truth of this world.9

(66) If you have but truly dug up this root, this path will become truly promising.10

(67) Once you have passed through this path, completing the digging, both the high and the low will become spirited.11

(68) From now on, I shall make every effort solely for the preparations to make everyone in the world spirited.12

Spreading [Kami] the Parent’s teachings concerning the truth throughout the world

(69) I shall teach you step by step so that there will be nothing unknown in Nihon.13

(70) I desire to teach the whole world about all matters. The intention of [Kami] is truly deep.

(71) Unaware of this, all the world thinks My teachings are somehow dangerous.14

(72) Whatever I say, it is the word of [Kami]. What danger can there be?15

(73) Though people speak about any and all matters, there is no understanding.16

(74) From now on, please quickly make preparations to purify your innermost heart.17

(75) As there are a great number of people in the world, to purify all of them will be difficult.

(76) However difficult it may be, see the truth through your own mind!

(77) When the mind is made pure and open to reason, the truth will be seen of its own accord.18

Spiritual growth obtained while progressing from a narrow path into a broad path; self-awareness

(78) There may be no one at all who knows the true working of [Kami] day after day.

(79) In whatever matters, I shall show you marvels through the free and unlimited workings of [Kami].

(80) Whatever marvels you may see, they are none other than the workings of [Kami].

(81) Until now, you have known nothing, but now a narrow path is coming into your sight.19

(82) If you follow this path step by step, you will surely see the main path ahead.20

(83) Until now, you have come through a path where there was no distinction between Kara and Nihon.21

(84) Hereafter, however highly Kara is regarded, in no case will Nihon be overcome.22

(85) I shall let you dig up the root of this world’s origin. If you have the strength, do your best to dig it up.23

(86) If only you have dug up this root completely, no one will be your match, whoever one may be.24

(87) Listen carefully: whatever you may say or think, or wherever you may say or think,25

(88) I shall give a return just as you deserve. Beware, all of you, for [Kami] may withdraw!26


  1. OC 5:56, 57 *Note: In the 10th lunar month of 1874, Oyasama ordered Ichibei Matsuo and Gisaburo Nakata to question the priests at Oyamato Shrine about the identity and protections provided by their deity. At that time a number of priests from renowned shrines from the prefecture happened to be assembled. A priest named Hara from Oyamato Shrine then in a domineering tone demanded: “The identity of our deity? No one has ever asked such a thing! Who would ask such a foolish question? It must that old woman from Shoyashiki. Indeed it is absurd! Do you have anything to prove what you say?”

    Matsuo then handed him a copy of the scripture (kyogisho) (According to The Life of Oyasama, Foundress of Tenrikyo, this “copy of the scripture” was a copy of Part 3 and 4 of the Ofudesaki. See pages 86–91.) and answered, “In Shoyashiki, Oyagami’s protections are taught to us like this.”

    The priest was unable to respond to this, and finally resorted to verbally abusing them.

    The assembled priests then as follows: “To assume the name of a Kami not found anywhere in the ancient chronicles is inexcusable and liable to censure. The Isonokami Shrine itself is not exempt from censure, for it has allowed its own parishioners to advocate such a heresy due to its inadequate supervision. You ought to receive an appropriate investigation from Isonokami Shrine. At any rate, I give you fair warning that you shall be investigated soon.”

    As a result, five priests from Isonokami Shrine arrived to argue with Oyasama but She made them shrink back at Her eloquent responses. They then left to make a complaint with Tanbaichi Police Station. Due to this complaint, police officers came to the Residence and confiscated bamboo screens, silk cuttings, mirror, and other things from the Place for the Service and put them in the custody of the village head (村総代). Thus, this led to Oyasama being summoned to Yamamura Palace on lunar 11/15 of 1874 where Nakata, (Chusaku) Tsuji, and Jubei Ohigashi of Hata Village, and others accompanied Her. The line “From the high mountains, a broad path will open” refers to these aforementioned events and Oyasama’s efforts to sprinkle the fragrance to the authorities, that is, the high mountains.

  2. OC 5:58: Although I have made various preparations until today to open this broad path, those nearby are not aware that they have come from My deep intention.
  3. OC 5:59: That people come to Jiba to summon or investigate—I draw them here because of My deep intention.
  4. OC 5:60: Unaware that these summons and investigations come from Oyagami’s deep intention, those nearby are concerned or view these detentions and investigations with humiliation as they were everyday developments.
  5. OC 5:61: No matter what may occur, never think of anything as they were everyday developments and express concern or anything for that matter. These developments will prove to be the peak season for an extraordinary path to open.
  6. OC 5:62: Although many years have passed ever since I created this world, there has been no one who knew the truth about Me, Oyagami.
  7. OC 5:63: No matter how much I hasten, all of your minds are still inattentive and have not awakened.
  8. OC 5:64: Why do you not swiftly ponder what My intention is and take the steps to gain insight into the fundamental truth behind it? Now immediately take the steps to do so.
  9. OC 5:65: There was no one aware of the means to gain insight into the fundamental truth of this world, that is the way in which I, Oyagami, created the world and human beings.
  10. OC 5:66: If you gain insight into this fundamental truth, it will truly become a promising path.
  11. OC 5:67: If you completely align yourselves to My mind and serve this path I teach to the fullest, a world of joyousness that that leaves the high and low alike in high spirits will appear.
  12. OC 5:68: From this point, I shall take the steps to make every person’s mind in the world spirited.
  13. OC 5:69 I shall gradually tell you the fundamental truth of this world and for the places where My teachings have crossed to, I wish to provide My providence so that there will nothing that you are not aware of.
  14. OC 5:70, 71: Unaware of My deep intention that wishes to teach the people of the world of any matter, like the people of the world, you are suspicious, thinking that I am deceiving you, or telling you something dangerous.
  15. OC 5:72: Would there be any ounce of deception or danger in whatever I, Oyagami, say?
  16. OC 5:73: There is no one among the world at large—who speak as if they have exhaustive knowledge of everything—who has gained insight into the fundamental truth.
  17. OC 5:74: From this point on, may you somehow swiftly sweep away the dust from your mind and take the steps to truly cleanse and purify your hearts.
  18. OC 5:77: Once the minds of humanity are purified and gained sufficient insight, everyone will be capable of understanding My true intention.
  19. OC 5:81: You did not know anything until now. However, at this time, the first rays of the Teaching has appeared, and you are beginning to gradually understand the truth about Oyagami.
  20. OC 5:82: If you purify your minds and gradually come to yearn for this narrow path, the path will become opened of itself and reach the broad path.
  21. OC 5:83: Because I did not teach the true path until now, upon looking at the courses of life people have lived, there was no way to distinguish between those who were aware and unaware of My teaching. It was a life completely devoid of any sequence or knowledge of anything.
  22. OC 5:84: Though there have been who those who abused their human knowledge and power until now, from now on, once My teachings reaches everywhere, all sorrow and suffering will be relegated to the shadows and everyone shall live the Joyous Life according to My intention.

    *Note: Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 2:47 and 3:86.

  23. OC 5:85: I will have it so you comprehend the beginning of this world. It will do for you to give your utmost effort to understand.
  24. OC 5:86: Once you gain insight into this fundamental truth, no one, no matter who they be, will be able to meet your match.
  25. OC 5:87: Listen carefully. No matter how far you may be, whether you say it by word of mouth or just think it in your mind, even if you feel you are somewhere you cannot be seen, I see and know everything and am discerning each and every one of you.
  26. OC 5:88: I shall give you a return based on what I have discerned. Do you realize that I shall give a return and stop My providence in your body if you scrutinize, become apprehensive about, or lash out against what I have said or done? You must fully ponder over this.