Ofudesaki Part 5, verses 30–55

This path and the Divine Record in Nihon (“incantations or magical arts” and the “true art,” the branches and the root or the origin, Kara and Nihon)

(30) Take no short cuts. Have no greed or arrogance. Come out to the single and straight main path.1

(31) When you have come onto this path, this will be the Divine Record forever in Nihon.2

(32) When the Divine Record is made in Nihon, I shall by all means manage Kara as I please.3

(33) I have not spoken yet about the truth of those things that came after I began this world.4

(34) This talk will be difficult to understand, but if it is left untold, no one will know.

(35) Step by step, I shall tell you of any and all matters. Calm your mind and listen closely!5

(36) Until now, there has been talk about various magical rites. From now on, they shall have no effect.6

(37) In the past, such magical rites have been taught to the branches, but watch the future.7

(38) Nihon has known nothing until now, but look forward to the future path.8

(39) About magical rites: do not wonder who is making them effective. They are worked by [Kami], who began this world.

(40) However difficult matters may be, if only your sincerity is accepted by [Kami]…

(41) Until now, there has been talk about Kara and Nihon, but from now on there will only be Nihon.9

(42) The branches may look big, but they are weak and break when handled. Watch the future.10

(43) The origin may seem small, but the root is great. In all things, know the origin!11

(44) Do not think that incantations or magical arts are great. The mind’s sincerity is the true art.12

(45) As you humans are shallow, you say that all marvels are magic.13

(46) Even until now, though [Kami] is openly revealed, there is yet no one who knows the truth.14

(47) Hereafter, when I have taught you the truth of all things,

(48) Then, I shall show you [Kami]’s free and unlimited workings in all matters.15

(49) When [the true Kami] begins to work, the minds of all in the world will be purified.

(50) What are your thoughts concerning My workings? I shall give returns when I accept your minds.16

(51) What do you think these returns are about? They will reach you though you be a thousand leagues away.17

(52) Whatever you may say or think, I shall give returns as soon as I accept your minds.18

(53) Do not wonder what these returns are about. I shall give returns for both good and evil.

(54) Whether you speak good or think evil, I shall give returns at once as you deserve.

(55) If you begin to see this, My purification will reach any and everyone in the whole world.19


  1. OC 5:30: You will never be able to come out to the true broad path if you rush to see results, seek shortcuts, and become blinded by greed or arrogance. It will do for you to avoid these misuses of the mind and singly devote yourself to the true teaching.
  2. OC 5:31: If you come out into the broad path of single-hearted salvation in this way, My true teachings that appeared in Nihon will be forever transmitted to all future generations and become the exemplary and model path that will save many people.

    *Note: “Divine Record” (Koki) refers to the true teachings that will be transmitted to future generations to become the basis for the salvation for many people.

  3. OC 5:32: If the Divine Record for the salvation of all humanity is completed at Jiba, the place where humans were created, My true intention will thereafter be spread freely and unlimitedly to the places where My teachings are to cross to next and will bathe in My abundant blessings.
  4. OC 5:33: Until now I have never told anyone about the truth of how I exerted My mind in various ways since creating this world.
  5. OC 5:35: It will do for you to calm your mind and listen attentively as I will tell you everything about humanity’s maturing process.
  6. OC 5:36: Until today, many magical rites and forms of sorcery have been conducted, but from here on, such things will eventually disappear.
  7. OC 5:37: Until now I have taught these magical rites and forms of sorcery to the branches, but from now on it will do to look to the future to see how much power they actually have.

    *Note: “Branches” (edasaki) refer to the places where Oyagami’s true teachings will be introduced to from now on.

  8. OC 5:38: Even if you do not know any magical rites and sorcery, it will do to look ahead to the prosperous path in the future that is possible because My true teachings exist at Jiba.
  9. OC 5:41: Until now, I have told you about the places where My teachings will cross to first and the places where My teachings will cross to next. From now on, My teachings will cross far and wide. The entire world will then awaken to My true intention, bathe in My abundant blessings and live joyously and in high spirits.
  10. OC 5:42: Refer to Ofudesaki verses 3:88–90 and the note for the next verse.
  11. OC 5:43: Compared to the branches of a tree, the root is low. However, because the root is the most important part to the tree, the root must be exhaustively investigated first in order to know the branches. :

    *Note: This is a verse urging us to refrain from depending on human knowledge and strength but to realize Oyagami’s true intention.

  12. OC 5:44: Though you may call them magical rites and sorcery, these things alone do not have power. Their true power comes from the mind of true sincerity of those who utilize them.
  13. OC 5:45: Because human beings are shallow, you call immediately anything that is even a little different magical rites or sorcery.
  14. OC 5:46: Until now, although I revealed Myself into the open and enacted marvelous salvation, people from the world at large still thought this to be magical rites or sorcery and are unaware that people are saved due their mind’s sincerity.
  15. OC 5:47, 48: Now that I have taught about this sincerity, I shall show you all forms of My free and unlimited workings in all matters from now on.
  16. OC 5:50: Though you may wonder at what miraculous things I will do with My free and unlimited workings, I shall discern the sincerity of your minds and immediately respond accordingly with a return.
  17. OC 5:51: While you may wonder how I will give this return, though you may be a thousand or two thousand leagues (approximately 4000 to 8000 km) away, I shall reciprocate you accordingly upon discerning your mind.
  18. OC 5:52: As for these returns of mine: no matter how minor, I shall immediately give you a return after accepting your words or thoughts.
  19. OC 5:55: Once people understand how I reveal these free and unlimited returns of mine, a number of people will all realize the Cosmic Order and their minds will naturally become purified.