Ofudesaki Part 4, verses 88–106

The Service and world salvation (academic learning, things unseen, and changing Kara into Nihon)

(88) Even until now, though people speak highly of a thing called learning, no one knows of things yet unseen.

(89) Hereafter, I shall teach you any and all things unseen, step by step.

(90) From now on, step by step, I shall teach you the Service unknown since this world began and train you in its hand movements.1

(91) This Service is the path of salvation for the entire world. I shall enable even a mute to speak.2

(92) Be firm day after day, you performers of the Service! Calm your minds and learn the hand movements quickly!3

(93) What do you think this Service is about? It is solely to bring peace to the world and salvation to all.4

(94) When this path is clearly seen, the root of illness will be cut off entirely.5

(95) According to your mind of sincerity, I deny My protection to no one, whoever you may be.6

(96) About the present path: [Kami] is hastening. Those of you within need not worry. Watch carefully!7

(97) I have already told you the path will be changed from what it was until now. There is no mistake in what [Kami] says.

(98) Hereafter, I shall not be able to tell you of this growing impatience in the mind of [Kami], even should I desire.

(99) However difficult it may be, if things are left untold, there will be no chance of understanding.8

(100) Day by day and step by step, I shall teach you the thoughts of [Kami]. Please listen to Me.9

(101) This path may be somewhat difficult, but it is marvelous indeed. Watch it carefully.10

(102) After you have completed taking this path, Kara will have become part of Nihon.11

(103) When Kara becomes Nihon, this will be the passage to eternal joy.12

(104) The high places rule this world, but Heaven is also high. I shall make a distinction between the minds of the high places and the mind of [Kami].13

(105) Step by step, I shall tell you about things yet unseen. When they come into sight in the future, it is [Kami]!14

(106) No matter what people say about things already seen, if what is said is not seen in the future, perhaps there is no understanding.15


  1. OC 4:90: From now on I shall teach the Joyous Service—of the likes which not have been seen until now since the world began—and its hand movements, which will most likely spread.
  2. OC 4:91: The Joyous Service is the path for the true salvation of the people of the world. For instance, the Service will provide the miraculous salvation that will allow even a mute to be able to speak.
  3. OC 4:92: Those of you who are Service performers, be steady each day! Calm your minds and quickly learn the hand movements of the Joyous Service!
  4. OC 4:93: For what do you think this Service, the Joyous Service, was begun for? I, Oyagami, began this Service from the single desire to completely wash, purify, and save the minds of the people of the world.
  5. OC 4:94: Once this path of single-hearted salvation quickly appears in this world and people come to believe in it, the dust of the mind that is the origin of illness will be cleaned, and this world will become the world of the Joyous Life.
  6. OC 4:95: As long as you have a mind of sincerity, no matter who you may be, I shall show you all forms of protection without discrimination.
  7. OC 4:96: Although people within are saying this and that, worrying over the present course which I am hastening to quickly spread throughout the world, there is no need for concern. It will do to keep a steady eye to the situation in the future.
  8. OC 4:98, 99: There are aspects of My hastening for the salvation of the whole world that I cannot explain in words, no matter how much I may try. Yet, no matter how difficult it may be, I must tell it, otherwise, no one would know about it.
  9. OC 4:100: Although there are things that I cannot explain fully through words, I shall gradually tell you My intention. So please listen and fully ponder it when I do. 
  10. OC 4:101: Although this path is at first a difficult path to understand, it is a wonderful teaching that is truly unparalleled in this world. All that I tell you will become true without fail. Because it is a path with promising prospects, keep a steady eye to the future.
  11. OC 4:102: Once you have completed going through this path and all people purify their minds, the Parental love behind this single-hearted salvation shall cross over far and wide to places that ought to know about My intention next and bathe in My abundant divine blessings.
  12. OC 4:103: Once this Teaching spreads to places that it ought to cross over to next and all human beings awaken to the truth of My single-hearted salvation, this joy will overflow vigorously on the surface of the earth and will never change over countless generations.

    *Note: Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 2:47, 3:86, and 4:66.

  13. OC 4:104: Those who rule this world are called kami and so am I, Oyagami of Heaven, called Kami. Although the word is the same, do not think that the minds of each are always the same. While the minds of those who rule the world and My mind may be the same in that we both are thinking of people’s happiness, I shall clearly make the distinction that those who rule the world cannot see into the future.
  14. OC 4:105: I shall gradually speak about things that cannot be seen by the human eye. When these things become reality, it will be proof that My talks are talks from Oyagami.
  15. OC 4:106: No matter how great one’s understanding may be about present things, one cannot say one truly understands anything unless what one everything says appears in the future.