Ofudesaki Part 4, verses 54–87

The truth of the Jiba and the parental love that desires to save all the children (distinguishing between Kara and Nihon; the children’s awakening to the truth)

(54) People come to Me from whatever places. It is because of they are of the original causality.1

(55) This is the Residence where I began human beings. Because of this causality, it is here that I descended.2

(56) Hereafter, I shall teach all about My workings for the salvation of everyone throughout the world.

(57) I shall teach all about [universal forms of salvation] step by step, and solely distinguish between Kara and Nihon.

(58) Day after day, the path that distinguishes between Kara and Nihon: this is the single intent of [Kami]’s hastening.3

(59) If this path is quickly distinguished, everything will proceed as [Kami] intends.4

(60) Today is the beginning of marvelous things. All of you will come along with Me because of the original causality.5

(61) About causality: though people are numerous, never think that I discriminate among any of you.6

(62) To [Kami], who began this world, all of you in the world are equally My beloved children.

(63) Because of My love for all My children, I exhaust My mind in every kind of way.

(64) I desire to teach everything to you children quickly. Take notice of this hastening in the mind of [Kami]!7

(65) I wait impatiently for My children to awaken to the truth. There is nothing else in the thoughts of [Kami].8

(66) If I can only bring My children out into the open, I shall change Kara into Nihon.9

(67) Make your minds truly firm, all My children! The mind of [Kami] only hastens.10

(68) Day after day, [Kami] hastens in agony. Please, quickly make preparations for salvation.11

(69) Thinking of the high places those of you within are depressed. But fear not, for [Kami] assures you.12

(70) The path already differs from what it once was. Hurry! Hasten to the broad path!

(71) You are wondering when this path will come. Come out quickly, now is the time!13

(72) Step by step, I have informed you by My writing brush. Quickly awaken your mind to it!

(73) If you only come to understand this quickly, your sufferings of the body will be cleared away.14

(74) About the Service: first the Teodori, then the Kagura. Thus, I have opened just a narrow path.

(75) But weeds have gradually grown thick and the path is obscure. Quickly, the preparations to open the main path!15

(76) Day after day, hasten with spirited minds. If only the main path be quickly opened…

(77) When this main path is truly opened, thereafter you will lead a life full of joy and promise.

(78)  Even more do I hasten to save the villagers. Please ponder quickly!16

(79) To [Kami], people throughout the world are all My children. All of you equally, know that I am your Parent!17

(80) Throughout the world, I have begun what is known as sermons. When they are delivered, you may go and hear them.

(81) Whatever may be said about things already seen, unless the origin is known, there can be no understanding.18

(82) Step by step, I shall tell you solely about things unknown. When they appear, you will know that it is the truth.19

(83) All of you children who lean on [Kami], quickly make preparations to go out into the open.20

(84) If you truly desire to go out into the open, calm your mind and seek the core.21

(85) You children, when the innermost heart has been truly ascertained, you shall have all My arrangements.22

(86) Though the mind of [Kami] hastens day after day, there is no understanding in the minds of you children.

(87) With My children as their number is not small, there are so many whose heart is yet without understanding.23


  1. OC 4:54: Many people from each country will begin to return yearning for Jiba. However, all of them are all My children, the children of Oyagami. They will be returnees who return because of the causality that exists between parents and children. Thus you must never think that it is a coincidence when they return.
  2. OC 4:55: The Jiba is the Home of the Parent where human beings were conceived. I, Oyagami, descended here because of the causality that makes the Jiba the homeland and birthplace of human beings.

    *Note: This verse is referring to the Causality of the Jiba. The founding of Tenrikyo occurred at the convergence of this Causality of the Jiba (Residence), the Causality of the Promised Time, and the Causality of Oyasama’s soul.

  3. OC 4:57, 58: Upon teaching the Services of manifold forms of salvation one after another and explaining its truth, I shall make the sequence distinguishing those who know and do not know My teachings clear. What I am hastening day after day is none another than accomplishing this. :

    *Note: Refer to note for Ofudesaki 2:47.

  4. OC 4:59: If only the path of this sequence is quickly made clear, I shall thereafter bless you freely and unlimitedly.
  5. OC 4:60: At this time, I shall begin the path of single-hearted salvation that will be marvelous in every way and explain the truth of the beginning of this world. Once I do so, all human beings will know that they are My children and will come to follow the path.
  6. OC 4:61: Because there is a large variety in the causalities of every person, different peoples have differing predicaments. However, this is not because I am discriminating among you and bless you only according to your respective causalities. Also, I do not make any discrimination among peoples and countries. My mind, the mind of Oyagami, is fair and impartial.
  7. OC 4:62–64: Everyone in the world are equally My children. It is best that everyone gain insight into the hastening of My intent, which is to teach and instruct you in all things so that you can live a joyous, enjoyable existence.
  8. OC 4:65 *Note: “children to awaken to the truth” (kodomo no shusse; literally, “maturation of children”) refers to the process of human beings, the children of Oyagami, to gradually forget the greed of this world after being instructed by Oyagami that allows us to gain insight into any kind of truth.
  9. OC 4:66: Once people advance their faith and are able to widely and actively work for the sake of single-hearted salvation, My sincerity for single-hearted salvation will spread far and wide, even to places that did not know of My true intent until now and I will provide you with My protection that enable everyone to live the peaceful Joyous Life. This is the ideal that I have in mind.

    *Note: Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 2:47 and 3:86.

  10. OC 4:67: My children, come follow Me, with your minds firmly resolved. Know that My mind is only hastening for single-hearted salvation.
  11. OC 4:68: I wish you for to grasp with your minds that I am hastening for the salvation of world day after day and for you to hurry to make the preparations for manifold forms of salvation.
  12. OC 4:69 *Note: At the time, the people within were fearful of interference by the authorities and were hesitant in their faith. These verses are telling followers that there is no reason to worry, that Oyagami will accept their efforts, encouraging them to proceed with peace of mind.
  13. OC 4:71: You may wonder when you will come upon this large path, but it is not far. It will soon come before your eyes.
  14. OC 4:72, 73: I have informed you of various things with the tip of My writing brush; I ask that you quickly realize this in your mind. If you are able to grasp what is in My heart, your disorders of the body will heal and your minds will be bright and clear.
  15. OC 4:74, 75 *Note: While Oyagami was hoping to initiate the Joyous Service by gradually teaching followers the hand movements of the Teodori and Kagura Service, due to the persecution and interference by the authorities, followers, with their tendency toward human thinking, were anxious and withdrawn, neglecting to carry on their faith, creating a situation not unlike how weeds and grass become overgrown, blocking the way along a narrow path. Because this would only delay the progress of the path, these verses are telling followers to quickly make get ready to embark on the true path.
  16. OC 4:78: Because I am hastening and wish to save the villagers as soon as possible, I wish for them to quickly realize My intention.

    *Note: “Villagers” (murakata) refer to the people who lived in what was formerly known as Shoyashiki Village (currently the site of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters).

  17. OC 4:79 *Note: Unusual Japanese expression—“Kami no tā ni wa” “(To Kami”).
  18. OC 4:80, 81: In the world in general, there are sermons that talk about the paths people ought to take. There are many who go to listen to them, but even if you talk about things that can be seen and are fully known, there can be no true understanding because they do no talk about the causality of creation.
  19. OC 4:82: Because My talks are about things that cannot be seen and are about the future, there are those among you who are listening that doubt what I say. When these things appear and become real this will be none other than actual proof.
  20. OC 4:83: To My all children who lean and follow Me as you yearn for your biological parents, quickly take the steps to come out into the bright path!
  21. OC 4:84: If you truly desire to come out into the bright path, calm your mind and seek the core.

    *Note: “Core” refers to the essence of the path. The core is Oyasama, and the core of the Residence was established with the identification of the Jiba in 1875.

  22. OC 4:85: When I have clearly ascertained the sincere heart of you children that yearns for Me and wishes to be saved, I shall take the steps and arrange for all kinds of salvation.
  23. OC 4:86, 87: Although My mind is hurrying for single-hearted salvation each day, I am troubled that the minds of My children are unaware of this. Because the number of these children is not a few, but many, makes their level of understanding all the more limited and confused.