Ofudesaki Part 4, verses 21–53

The Service performers and [Kami]’s call for their service

(21) What do you think the path of today is about? Marvelous things will come into sight.1

(22) Step by step, all things will come into sight. Whatever your path may be, take delight in it all.2

(23) If the hand movements of the Joyous Service are learned day by day, how delighted [Kami] will be.

(24) I impatiently await the performers of the Service to gather quickly. What are you close to Me thinking?3

(25) Nothing should be called illness. Should your body be afflicted, it is [Kami]’s call for your service.4

(26) This call for your service might not be easily understood,  for the thoughts of [Kami] are mountainous.

(27) If all the thoughts of [Kami] about everything are taught to you, your minds will be spirited.

(28) When I have taught you all of My thoughts step by step, your bodies, too, will be refreshed.5

Making [Kami]’s intention known to those in high places; saving the world 2

(29) Again, I impatiently await the coming Joyous Service. What it is, is the Kagura Service.6

(30) Though there are many people throughout the world, there is no one who knows the mind of [Kami].

(31) This time, I shall teach you in detail all of the truth in the mind of [Kami].

(32) In all matters, if you come to know the truth of single-heartedness with [Kami], you will never be overcome by Kara.7

(33) Hereafter, My only concern will be the preparations quickly to distinguish between Kara and Nihon step by step.8

(34) If only this distinction is made quickly, the regret of [Kami] will be cleared away.

(35) If the regret of [the true Kami] is cleared away, all minds in the world will become spirited.9

(36) Step by step, I am solely making preparations truly to save the whole world.10

Living the Joyous Life by leaning on [Kami] (using the teaching of fertilizer)

(37) After that, you may stay as long as you wish, without illness, death, or weakening.11

(38) Further after the passage of long years, there will be no aging at all.12

(39) Until now, you have known nothing, but from now on I shall teach you everything.

(40) At present, the minds of all, as well as the minds of those within, are greatly mistaken.

(41) From tomorrow on, I shall begin to request anything of you. You must follow the words of [Kami].13

(42) Day by day, disorders will come to your bodies. Ponder over it! [Kami] is informing you of your mistaken minds.

(43) Each of you, after pondering over the body, resolve the mind and lean on [Kami].

(44) The thoughts of [Kami] about all matters are profound, but you close to Me are unaware of this.14

(45) Until today, you have not been able to see any path [whatsoever]. It can be seen quickly. Ponder and resolve.15

(46) Though I wish to have you know this path quickly, it is difficult because there is no understanding.16

(47) Though I have made it known by My writing brush step by step, your lack of understanding is the regret of [Kami].17

(48) In everything, listen closely to the words of [Kami]. Everything depends on the mind of each of you.

(49) Truly be spirited and ponder. Then lean on [Kami] and do the Joyous Service.18

(50) Do not wonder what this talk is about. It is solely about the matter of the fertilizer.19

(51) This fertilizer: do not wonder what is effective. The mind’s true sincerity is its effectiveness.20

(52) When I have discerned your mind of sincerity, know that I shall provide any protection.

(53) Listen closely! I teach all things to everyone. I do not discriminate among any of you ever.


  1. OC 4:21 This is day today not a time to be caught unawares, wondering about kind of path it is. Marvelous things will appear before your very eyes.
  2. OC 4:22: As days pass, the path that conforms to My intention will be revealed. No matter how difficult this path is at present, do not allow your minds to become depressed; all of you, embark on the path while looking forward to the future.
  3. OC 4:23, 24: How delightful would it be to see all of you to learn and remember the hand movements of the Joyous Service each day. Those of you nearby: what are you thinking? You do not know how I anxiously await for the performers of the Service to gather in this manner as soon as possible.
  4. 4:25 Illness is something that ought not to exist in this world. Since to experience an anxiety of the body is My guidance to you whom I wish to call on to join in My mission, it is something that you must awaken to.
  5. OC 4:28 I shall inform and completely to explain you the contents of My intention one after another. If you are able to grasp its meaning, your minds will naturally become spirited and your bodies will become healthy.
  6. OC 4:29: If you ask what kind of service this Joyous Service is which I am waiting for to be completed as quickly as possible, it is the Kagura Service.
  7. OC 4:32: If you are able to truly gain an understanding of the true talks of single-heartedness with Kami in any matter, the human thinking of those who are yet to know My teachings ought not to have their way with you.
  8. OC 4:33: From now on, I shall distinguish those who know and those who do not know My teachings in order and take the steps to gradually purify the minds of the entire world.
  9. OC 4:34, 35: If people would only fully gain insight into this sequence, the source of My regret will be removed, My mind will become cheered, and the minds of the people of the world will naturally become spirited as well.
  10. OC 4:36: Because My single intent is to save all human beings, I shall only take steps that will truly bring about the salvation of the world.

    *Note: The expression “preparations… to save” (tasukeru moyo) refers to the preparations to build the Kanrodai and conducting the Service of the Kanrodai that is the Salvation Service. See next note.

  11. OC 4:37: After this, you will be able to as long as you wish, without illness, without (premature) death, or growing old and weakening.

    *Note: For an explanation of “stay as long as you wish,” refer to note for Ofudesaki 3:100.

  12. OC 4:38: Not only that, as the years gradually pass, if your minds are completely purified, I shall protect you so that you will be able to work in youthful health for as long as possible.
  13. OC 4:40, 41: Until now, the minds of those within and the minds of everyone were mistaken. From now on, all of you will have to entirely devote themselves and follow exactly what I, Oyagami, say.

    *Note: When this verse was written, Tenrikyo was still in its formative stages. Those within and everyone else were not able to fully understand Oyagami’s true intention in solely hastening for the Service out of the single-hearted desire to save all humankind. Consequently, their opinions differed from one another. However, from now on, everyone will now have to eliminate such human thinking and move forward together toward single-hearted salvation exactly as Oyagami says.

    Unusual Japanese expression—“Kami no iijō” (words of Kami). 

  14. OC 4:44: I am informing you who are close to Me through a disorder of the body because of My profound intention. You are simply considering it to be an illness, yet it is best that you reflect on its fundamental meaning.
  15. OC 4:45: Until today, because you still have not seen any kind of path, there has been no one who deeply believed in the real teachings. From now on, the truth of according to the mind will immediately become revealed, so it is best that you ponder fully and resolve your mind.
  16. OC 4:46: Although I wish to inform this path of single-hearted salvation quickly to the world and have everyone life the Joyous Life, it is truly difficult to realize it since human thinking is being an obstacle to perceiving My intention.
  17. OC 4:47: Although I am informing you gradually about the future with this writing brush, it is very frustrating that all those close to Me have not understood My true intent.
  18. OC 4:49: It is important for you to become spirited from the core, awaken to the truth of single-heartedness with Kami, discard human thinking on all matters, and lean on Me, Oyagami.
  19. OC 4:50 What I am about to speak on is solely about the fertilizer. It is not about anything else.

    *Note: Among the Services that Oyasama taught as the Services of manifold forms of salvation to be conducted at Jiba was the Service of Fertilizer. This was conducted by offering a mixture of three to (斗 135 kg) each of bran, ashes, and soil, which equaled to 100 da (駄 13,500 kg) at the Kanrodai. Those who required fertilizer would then receive the amount they needed and place the mixture into the cultivated fields they owned. Also, there was once a grant called the Sazuke of Fertilizer. A person who received the truth of this grant would take three go (合 450 g) each of bran, ashes, and soil, and offer the mixture to Oyagami. When this grant was administered and the mixture was placed in a field, Oyasama taught that it would be equal to the efficacy of one da (135 kg) of night soil.

  20. OC 4:51: Although it is called fertilizer, it is not the bran or the soil or the ashes that makes it effective. The sincerity of a pure heart that leans on Me, Oyagami, is what reaches Me and allows these blessings to appear.