Ofudesaki Part 4, verses 1–20

Part 4

April in the 7th year of Meiji

An old woman of 77 years

Part 4: The three standpoints affecting the Salvation Service and their relationship with one another: (i) Oyasama’s standpoint as revealed by the intention of [Oyagami]; (ii) The standpoint of “those within,” “those who are close to Me,” and “all of you”; (iii) The standpoint referred to as the “high places,” “the high mountains,” “learning,” among others

Construction toward a Service filled with brightness (a prediction concerning the 5th of the 5th month, an announcement of the forthcoming Proof Amulet, and the construction of the Gatehouse)

(1) The present path: what kind of path do you think it is? Though it seems to you to be unclear,

(2) I already see a broad path ahead. You are saying that it is over there, but it is already before you.1

(3) When do you think this day will come? On the fifth of the fifth month, it will definitely appear.2

(4) Then a thanksgiving pilgrimage will begin. Look for it. People will come whether it be night or day.3

(5) By and by, when the sixth month comes, know that I shall grant the Proof Amulet.4

(6) After that, I shall hasten the construction step by step, and it will become busy in all matters.5

(7) From now on, the mind of [Kami] will hasten day by day. Be aware of it.

(8) No matter how great My haste may be, I shall say nothing by word of mouth.6

(9) I wish to let you know quickly of the many people that will come in the future.7

(10) I see new faces coming one after another. Is there no one who can see them with his own eyes?

(11) Watch this marvelous path. There will be a mountain of stories about it from now on.8

(12) How delightful it will be! So many people will assemble, coming to ask for the gifts of heaven.9

(13) Day by day, disorders will befall you, and you will come again. But no one knows how impatiently [Kami] waits.10

(14) Step by step, the performers of the Service will all assemble. Taking this as a sign, I shall begin My workings.11

Making [Kami]’s intention known to those in high places; saving the world

(15) Day after day, I desire to make the mind of [Kami] quickly known to the minds of the high places step by step.12

(16) Knowing nothing, those in high places obey those of Kara. How pitiful are such minds.13

(17) Day after day, the mind of [Kami] impatiently awaits those of Kara to replace their minds entirely.14

(18) Remember what followed the epidemic of the cows in the past. Let all of you in high places beware.15

(19) If only all of this comes to be seen, all of the minds of the world will be spirited.16

(20) If the minds of the world are spirited in all matters, the mind of [Kami], also, will be spirited.


  1. OC 4:1, 2: This path at present is a narrow path that may seem unreliable to the human eye. Yet up ahead I see a reliable broad path. Furthermore, it will come before your very eyes before you realize it, when you still think that it is still far ahead.
  2. 4:3 *Note: Oyasama went to Sanmaiden on June 18, 1874, or lunar 5/5 to receive the kagura masks She had asked Her brother Kyosuke to make, which had been completed some time before. About the 4th lunar month of that year, Ryosuke Yamazawa and Chushichi Yamanaka were sick in bed. Oyasama’s sister-in-law Taki Maegawa (wife of Her younger brother Hanzaburo) also had trouble moving her arms and legs to the point she was almost an invalid. This verse anticipated that these people would come to Oyasama to hear the teachings and request for salvation. It happened that these three people came to Jiba on that day (lunar 5/5).
  3. OC 4:4: From now on whether it be night or day, people will come to worship to Jiba to offer their thanks upon receiving My extraordinary salvation.
  4. OC 4:5 *Note: “Proof Amulet” is an amulet given to those who returned to Jiba, the Home of the Parent, as proof of their return. Oyasama began to offer this from the 6th  lunar month of 1874.
  5. OC 4:6 *Note:  The construction that is mentioned here is the building of the South Gatehouse which was to become Oyasama’s living quarters and a storehouse. Oyagami hastened for its construction and is stating that things will become busy once it begins and people start to assemble. (Refer to note for 3:1)
  6. OC 4:7, 8: While I may be hastening for the salvation of the entire world, I shall not give any instructions telling you to do this or that by word of mouth.
  7. OC 4:9: This path will gradually spread through the world and become a large path. You may not believe it if I tell those of you who are nearby that among the many people who return yearning for Jiba there are those who must become My useful timber.
  8. OC 4:11: I, Oyagami, tell and explain this to you, and there is nothing false in what I say. Wait and look forward to the things that will appear one after another on this marvelous path!
  9. OC 4:12: Once the truth of the Jiba is revealed and My intention is understood, throngs of people will gather and say they wish to receive the gifts of heaven. People will return to Jiba after hearing others praise the virtue of these gifts.
  10. OC 4:13: You return to Jiba each time you receive a disorder of the body, but when time passes, you forget (the blessings that brought about your recovery). I make a mark on the body again and again because I am waiting to use you as My useful timber. Yet you are living carelessly because you are unaware of My intent.
  11. OC 4:14: Once the performers of the Service gradually assemble, I shall take this as a sign to embark on the path of manifold forms of salvation.

    *Note: For an explanation of “performers of the Service,” refer to note for Ofudesaki 6:30.

  12. OC 4:15: Once you quickly inform those in high positions My intent that hastens salvation each day, this path will come to be widely practiced in the world.
  13. OC 4:16: Those in the upper classes who are responsible for leading others know nothing. It is truly pitiful that their hearts obediently follow those who still do not know My teachings.

    *Note: “Those of Kara” (tojin) refer to those who will hear the teachings next. Consequently it refers to those who still do not understand the divine intention. Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 2:47 and 3:86.

  14. OC 4:17: What I, Oyagami, am hastening for is for those who still do not know My teachings to quickly and entirely replace their minds in order to realize My divine intention. I am waiting for this day to quickly arrive.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese expression—“korori” (replace their minds entirely).

  15. OC 4:18: Think of the miserable situation where the cattle plague became widespread in the past. The pestilence became widespread because those in high places were caught in the flow of their human thinking without considering My intent. Thus all of you must be fully careful.

    *Note: “Epidemic of the cows” refers to the acute cow plague that struck the Yamato region. According to the stories of the elders, many cattle perished and plagues ran rampant the following year.

    Note on Japanese: “ushi” refers to the “cow epidemic” or cattle plague; “sakimichi” refers to a sign or omen.

  16. OC 4:19: Once people fully understand this path, the minds of the people of the world will become spirited.