Ofudesaki Part 4, verses 107–34

The cleansing of everyone’s heart (those within and all others in the world, the high mountains and the low valleys, and Nihon and Kara) 1

(107) From now on, I shall bring understanding by making a distinction in the innermost hearts of both the high and the low all over the world.1

(108) Watch! I shall cleanse the innermost hearts of those within and all others in the world without discrimination.2

(109) This cleansing will be a difficult matter, but I say to you beforehand: there is nothing to be called illness.3

(110) Whatever pains, sufferings, tumors, fevers, or looseness of the bowels: all are from dust.4

(111) Not since I began this world have I taught everything to those in high places.5

(112) This time, if I should inform those in high places about the truth of any and all matters,

(113) Then, some among them may ponder. And if they all gather and speak to one another,

(114) Some of them will understand and truly feel hopeful over the teachings.6

(115) When this path reaches through to the high places, [Kami] will reveal free and unlimited workings at once.7

(116) I have not yet shown you any of the free and unlimited workings of [Kami], who began this world.

(117) In everything, as long as you know nothing, you remain as you are. But if I let you know of [Kami]’s free and unlimited workings,

(118) On hearing of it, all of you in the world must ponder. Any and all matters are according to the mind.8

(119) Today, nothing can be seen, but be watchful! In the sixth month, everything will begin to appear.9

(120) Until now, the high mountains have been boastful while the low valleys withered.10

[Kami]’s providence in the beginnings of origin

(121) From now on, I shall teach both the high mountains and low valleys about the beginnings of origin.11

(122) The beginning of this world was a muddy ocean. Therein were only loaches.

(123) What do you think these loaches were? They were the very seeds of human beings.

(124) [Kami] drew them up and consumed them all, and through providence brought them up into human beings step by step.

(125) From that time on, [Kami]’s providence has been by no means an easy matter.12

(126) Do not think of this talk as being trivial. I desire to save all people in the world.13

(127) Know that the mind of [Kami] is truly filled with deep concerns for you day after day.

The cleansing of everyone’s heart (those within and all others in the world, the high mountains and the low valleys, and Nihon and Kara) 2

(128) Until now, to [Kami]’s regret, Nihon has been dominated, obeying to those of Kara.14

(129) Watch the workings of [Kami] given in return! No one will be able to imitate Me, whoever one may be.15

(130) No matter how strong they may be, if [Kami] should withdraw, they will be powerless.16

(131) It is the same as this for everyone in all matters. Know that [Kami] will work freely and unlimitedly.17

(132) Ponder well! No matter how young, old, or weak you may be, I shall give you My free and unlimited workings according to your mind.18

(133) Even until now, though you have lived in the same way, none of you has known of [Kami]’s free and unlimited workings.19

(134) From now on, I shall teach you about any and all matters. Make certain you make no errors of the mind.20


  1. OC 4:107: From now on, I shall make clear, without discrimination, the good and bad among those above and those below to have you understand My true intention.
  2. OC 4:108: In order to do so, I will completely cleanse the hearts of everyone without discrimination of those within and those from the wider world. It will do for you to watch carefully.
  3. OC 4:109: Although it may seem difficult to cleanse the hearts of everyone in the world, I shall show this through (afflictions of) the body. So, I shall at least say beforehand that when your body is afflicted, it is not an illness, but My guidance and My admonition.
  4. OC 4:110: Any kind of pain, suffering, swelling, fever or diarrhea are not illnesses, but dust.
  5. 4:111: Ever since this world and human beings were created until today, I, Oyagami, who created human beings and the world out of where they did not exist, have not yet told this truth about to those in high places.
  6. OC 4:112–114: At this time, because the time has arrived, I wish to teach the truth about everything since the creation of humankind to those in high places. Once I do so, there will be those who will think deeply about it, and if everyone comes together to talk about it, there will be those who will realize and be convinced that this is truly a promising Teaching.
  7. OC 4:115: If this path is understood by those in high places, I shall immediately reveal My free and unlimited workings.
  8. OC 4:116–118: Because I have not informed or shown you until now My free and unlimited workings that created the world, it is not unreasonable that no one knows anything. While this may be fine during the time you are unaware of it, once I come out into the open and show you My free and unlimited workings, all human beings must hear this and fully ponder over this. I shall protect you in all matters, from illnesses and troubles, all according to your minds alone.
  9. OC 4:119: At this time, although I will not say anything in particular regarding what you will see, keep your eyes out for the sixth lunar month, you will begin to see a marvelous path.

    *Note: The Proof Amulets were first distributed in the 6th lunar month of 1874. Refer to note for Ofudesaki 4:5.

  10. OC 4:120: Until today the people of the upper classes have done nothing but bossed everyone around and the people of the low classes have remained at the bottom and have but only left to almost completely waste away.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese expression—“shiken bakari” (withered) means “to atrophy” or “to become passive.”

  11. OC 4:121: Now, from now on, I shall equally and steadily tell everyone about creation, to both those in the high mountains and those in the low valleys.

    *Note: Human beings were all the same at creation and there is no distinction among everyone. Yet the reason why we are born in the upper classes or the lower classes results from how each person lived their previous life.

  12. OC 4:122–125: The beginning of this world was a chaotic state that can be compared to a muddy ocean where there were many loaches living within. I, Oyagami, drew up these loaches and consumed them, making them the seeds of human beings. Gradually I provided My protection and initiated creation. It was a struggle to nurture human beings until today; it was by no means an easy task.

    *Note: These main purpose of these verses is to teach us on the greatness of Oyagami’s blessings and the truth that everyone in the world are brothers and sisters. Refer to note for Ofudesaki verses 6:29–51.

  13. OC 4:126: Do not ever take this story about the creation of human beings lightly. Because I speak of My intention in order to save everyone in the world who are My children, I must have you fully settle it in your mind.
  14. OC 4:128: Until now, My Teaching has been at the mercy of the human thinking from those who did not know My true intention. This was something I truly have been frustrated about. *Refer to note for Ofudesaki 3:86
  15. OC 4:129: I shall give a return accordingly with My workings. This cannot be imitated by human strength.
  16. OC 4:130: No matter how strong a person may be, if My protection is gone from his or her body, there is no way for him or her to move let alone exert his or her strength.
  17. OC 4:131: For everyone in the world, everything follows in this manner, protected by My free and unlimited workings. Be sure to fully convinced of this matter.
  18. OC 4:132: Ponder deeply on My free and unlimited workings. Both young and old, and no matter how weak someone may be, I shall provide any kind of protection according to each of your minds. 
  19. OC 4:133: Even before I began expounding this Teaching, all of you have been able to live your lives because of My protection in the same way. But because I did not tell it to anyone, there was no one who knew of My free and unlimited workings.
  20. OC 4:134: As long as I am revealed into the open, I shall tell you the essence of all things, so make sure there are no errors in your way of thinking.