Ofudesaki Part 5, verses 1–29

Part 5

May in the 7th year of Meiji

An old woman of 77 years

Part 5: From the method of settling each person’s mind to the construction of the broad path by spreading [Kami] the Parent’s teaching concerning the truth

Self-reflection regarding disorders of the body, leading to the blessing of the free and unlimited workings

(1) Until now, there has been much talk about rebirth as oxen or horses, but there has been no one who knows his past or future.1

(2) This time, I shall make your future known in this life: look at the disorder of the body!2

(3) In this world, however much you may be concerned about yourself, you are helpless against the anger of [Kami].3

(4) None of you needs self-centered concern. [Kami] will distinguish between each of you.4

(5) Among those living in the same residence, know that there are both [Kami] and [Buddha].5

(6) If you see this, be convinced, whoever you may be: I shall distinguish between good and evil.6

(7) Ponder over this talk, all of you in the world. There is no mind the same as another.

(8) Even between parent and child, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters: their minds all differ from one another.

(9) Indicating no one in the world in particular, I say to you: dust in the mind causes disorders of the body.7

(10) Ponder over your sufferings of the body and then ponder the mind that leans on [Kami].8

(11) It does not matter how difficult your condition may be, for [Kami] desires to reveal free and unlimited workings quickly.9

(12) Until now, there has been no one who knows the truth of [Kami]’s free and unlimited workings.

(13) From now on, no matter how serious your illness may be, nothing is incurable. It depends on your mind.

(14) If [Kami] accepts your minds of sincerity, I shall work freely and unlimitedly in any matter.10

(15) You close to Me, quickly become enlightened in this teaching of the truth of [Kami].

(16) If you quickly become enlightened in this one matter, everything will proceed accordingly.

Disorders of the body, guidance, admonition, drawing forth the performers, their spirited growth, and the hand movements for the Service

(17) Until today, I have never hastened you in any way. Now, I hasten you toward the broad path.11

(18) Never think this path is worldly common. It is the Divine Record for eternity.12

(19) I do not say where the performers will be found. All will come because of disorders of the body.13

(20) These disorders are from My guidance, admonition, or anger. Ponder, each of you.14

(21) What are your thoughts on hearing this talk? I appeal to you repeatedly out of My deep love for you.

(22) However I may express My admonition or anger, I shall never say that you will not be saved.15

(23) Think of you humans admonishing your children. The anger, too, comes from love.16

(24) Ponder and come follow Me with firm resolve. There is a path of hope in the future.

(25) Until now, because the day had not yet come, I have overlooked your mistaken minds.17

(26) This time, by all means, I shall sweep clean your innermost heart. Be forewarned!18

(27) The reason for this sweeping of your innermost heart is that the intent of [Kami] is deep.19

(28) Unless the sweeping is thoroughly accomplished, you will not understand the truth of My heart.20

(29) When you have truly come to understand My mind, I shall teach you the hand movements of beginning of this world.21


  1. OC 5:1: Until now, there have been those who have talked about being reborn as oxen or horses, there is no one who knows what kind of people will reborn as oxen or horses or how one can be saved from the path of oxen and horses since it has never been clearly taught until today.

    *Note: “rebirth as oxen or horses” (gyūba) refer to the life of a cow or horse, that is, the path of transmigrating into an animal.

  2. OC 5:2: At this time, I shall put a mark on your body and inform you about your next life in this lifetime, so fully reflect upon yourself.
  3. OC 5:3: Because this world is a place under My control, no matter how much one may plan for oneself, there is nothing one can do once I manifest My frustration.
  4. OC 5:1–4 *General summary: The above four verses are said to about a certain woman who lived in a village near Jiba.

    This woman had a cruel-hearted disposition, and while she had received favor from Oyasama on a number of occasions, she would never stop by the Residence whenever she passed by. She was also cruel in her use of mind toward others. Such being the case, Oyasama said the following about this woman: “Those who are ignorant about the path of repayment shall fall (and become) an ox or a horse,” and “She will become something like an ox.” In 1874 the woman fell ill. Unable to walk and bedridden, she was a burden on her family members for the next 20 years until the end of her life.

  5. OC 5:5: Even among those who live in the same residence, the mind of each and every one is different and not the same.
  6. OC 5:6: I shall distinguish between the good and the bad, so look at the disorder of the body and become convinced, whoever you may be.
  7. OC 5:9: Each and every person in the world naturally receives My attention as a disorder of the body when they accumulate dust in their minds.
  8. OC 5:10: All anxieties of the body are My guidance or road signs, so lean on Me and fully ponder to align your mind to My intent.
  9. OC 5:11: No matter how serious your illness or trouble many be, I shall save you according to your mind. I wish to quickly show you My free and unlimited workings.
  10. OC 5:14: If you human beings come lean on Me wholeheartedly, cling to My providence, and seek salvation, I shall discern your minds and show you all forms of My free and unlimited protection.
  11. OC 5:17: Until today, while I did not hasten for anything as I do now, at this time the moment has arrived, thus I finally hasten you to come to the broad path.
  12. OC 5:18: Do not think that this path is the same as other teachings that you have encountered. It is the beginning of the path of single-hearted salvation that will be transmitted in this world forevermore.
  13. OC 5:19: I will not explicitly name who these Service performers are or where they will come from, but I shall certainly draw them to Jiba through various bodily disorders.
  14. OC 5:20: Though they may be called bodily disorders, there may be instances where they happen to be My guidance for you to come to the path, my admonition against you for your misuse of the mind, or the manifestation of My anger, thus it will do well for each of you to quickly ponder.
  15. OC 5:22: Do not allow your mind to become discouraged despite what form My admonition or anger takes. I never say that you cannot be saved from any difficulty or illness. They come from My hastening that wishes to save everyone.
  16. OC 5:23: It is like how you human beings admonish your children. You become angry out of your love for them and because you are concerned for their future. Never think that anything I do is done out of spite.
  17. OC 5:25: Until now, while you human beings have made errors in your way of thinking, I have overlooked them until today because there was no one who was mature enough to fully understand these teachings I instruct and that the time to tell you had not yet arrived.
  18. OC 5:26: Now at this time, I shall clean the hearts of humanity from corner to corner in this way and that, so it will do for all of you to fully understand this.
  19. OC 5:27: This cleaning in the hearts of humanity is also done out of My profound intention.
  20. OC 5:28: Due to your clouded minds, unless this cleaning in the heart and the dust of the mind are removed, you cannot know My intention, the intention of the true Parent.
  21. OC 5:29: If you are capable of truly awakening to My intention, I shall teach you the hand movements of the Service of the Kanrodai that manifest the providence of the beginning of the world.