Ofudesaki Part 8, verses 51–88

The salvation, regret, and anger of [Cosmic Space-Time], the Parent of all

(51) To [Cosmic Space-Time], who can see everything in this world, nothing is unknown.

(52) Watching each and everyone of you, [Cosmic Space-Time] will discern the good and evil.1

(53) If you wonder why [Cosmic Space-Time] is so persistent, it is because I pity you when evil appears.2

(54) If you let your debts pile up, a path of oxen and horses will finally appear.3

(55) But [Cosmic Space-Time] will save all of you, whoever who may be, if only your sincerity is accepted.4

(56) Until now, no matter what I had told you, you have not been able to see anything.

(57) Even until now, all things have already appeared but you have not known their true origin.5

(58) Thunder, earthquakes, great winds, and floods: these are from the regret and anger of [Cosmic Space-Time].6

(59) Because no one has ever understood this matter, this time [Cosmic Space-Time] will tell you about them beforehand.7

(60) To [Cosmic Space-Time], each of you, one and all, is a child of Mine. I am filled with love for you.

(61) But the innermost heart of everyone of you is covered with piles of dust.

(62) Unless this dust is cleanly swept away, the deep concern of [Cosmic Space-Time] will be to naught.8

Children’s stopping the Parent’s work and taking things away; the need for the innermost heart to be made thoroughly clear

(63) [Cosmic Space-Time] is anxious about your dreadful and dangerous course. Yet none of you is aware.9

(64) On however high a place you may be, everyone is a child of [Cosmic Space-Time].

(65) Knowing nothing of it, you try to stop your Parent’s work, even to take things away. What manner is this?10

(66) Though until now [Cosmic Space-Time] has never come out into the open no matter what occurred,

(67) This time, unless your innermost heart is made thoroughly clear, the preparations to follow cannot be made.11

(68) Thereafter, I shall need only to proceed with the means to save all of you, whoever you may be.12

(69) Hereafter, when I begin My work of single-hearted salvation, everyone of you will only be spirited.13

Have faith in the position of Oyasama

(70) Whatever [Cosmic Space-Time] has once said will never become false through all time.

(71) Even until now, I have taught you so tediously, yet there is no understanding in your minds.14

(72) Listen! You are mistaken in thinking of Me as being human, the same as you.15

(73) To begin teaching about all matters, one must be the Parent of Origin.16

(74) Even until now, in all the teachings I have given you, I began them by this truth.17

(75) If there should be another parent who began human beings, go and seek to find where.18

(76) Though I speak in this way of unknown things step by step, it is the truth.19

(77) Day after day, teaching you of the unknown and of things yet to be is the pleasure of [Cosmic Space-Time].20

The Food of Heaven, the Kanrodai, and the Jiba

(78) You have heard of the Gift of Heaven to be given to the Parent of this world’s human beginnings.

(79) You may not know what this talk is about. [Cosmic Space-Time] wishes to bestow the Food of Heaven.21

(80) Further about this talk: place a flat vessel on the Kanrodai.22

(81) Hereafter, bodily disorders will appear here and there. Know that it is the care being given by [Cosmic Space-Time].23

(82) When you come, compare your disorder with this place. If the condition is the same, quickly begin the sweeping.

(83) Walk over where you have swept, and you will come to a standstill. There, the Kanrodai…24

(84) When it is done, assemble the performers and quickly begin the Service. Your minds will be spirited.25

(85) Indeed, wherever else you may seek it, it will never be found. It is the central pillar of Nihon.26

(86) If only this comes surely into being, there will be no one whoever to fear.27

(87) In any case, unless you are able to see the proof of truth, I cannot set out on My next preparations.28

(88) On however high a place you may be, I shall talk to you freely.29


  1. OC 8:51, 52: Because the Moon and Sun can be seen from everywhere in the world, there is nothing in this world which the Moon and Sun does not know. I, Oyagami, shall in the same manner carefully discern all that you humans think and do and make the distinction between good and bad.
  2. OC 8:53: If you ask why I, Oyagami, repeat this so excessively, it is because I feel sorry for you when bad things occur to you. 
  3. OC 8:54: Human beings were made due to My profound intention and are kept alive through My blessings. I feel sorry that you are unaware of these great blessings which consequently leads you away from the path of gratitude and repayment and instead to a selfish path which your accumulated debts finally allow you to fall to a path of oxen (cattle) and horses. Refer to note for Ofudesaki 5:4.
  4. OC 8:55: However, no matter how much wrongdoing someone has done, resulting in profound suffering through illness or another circumstance, if that person wholeheartedly replaced their mind and prayed to Me resolving a mind of true sincerity, I will certainly save him or her as soon as I accept this mind of sincerity.
  5. OC 8:56, 57: Until now, no matter what I said, you have not actually seen any of it with your own eyes. Even if you were to actually see it with your eyes, because you humans do not fundamentally know about My true intention, you would not have understood anything.
  6. OC 8:58 *Note: Refer to Ofudesaki 6:91 and 6:116
  7. OC 8:59: I am informing you of this again at this time because this was something that no one knew of until today.
  8. OC 8:60–62: To Me, Oyagami, the entire world are all My children. Although I love you with all My heart, because there is much dust piled in the minds of each of you, no matter how dear you are to Me, I cannot inform you of My true intention unless this dust is cleanly swept away.
  9. OC 8:63: Although I am worrying and hope all My children will not have to go through the dangerous course that lies ahead, you do not know of how much worry lies in My heart.
  10. OC 8:64, 65: No matter how high a position one may be in, all human beings are all My beloved children. Nevertheless, what is this that you stop and even ban the actions of your Parent?

    *Note: On lunar 11/15/1874, the prefectural shrine authorities summoned Oyasama to Yamamura Palace where She underwent an interrogation. On the following 17th, followers Chusaku Tsuji, Ichibei Matsuo, and Gisaburo Nakata were summoned to the local Chukyoin, told that there was no Kami named Tenri-O-no-Mikoto, and were ordered to stop their faith. On top of this, gohei, mirrors, and other articles were confiscated from the Residence. This is a verse that expresses Oyagami’s severe anger over these incidents. Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 5:56, 57, 6:70, and 8:5.

  11. OC 8:66, 67: Although I did not reveal free and unlimited workings upon coming into the open despite what might have happened until now, I cannot embark on the steps necessary for universal forms of salvation unless completely sweep away the dust that has piled high in the minds of human beings to clarify My intention at this time.
  12. OC 8:68: From now on, I shall solely take the steps to save everyone, no matter who they may be.
  13. OC 8:69: When I embark on single-hearted salvation hereafter, every person will solely be spiritually uplifted.
  14. OC 8:71: Although I have repeated Myself exhaustively until today, no one yet gains insight in their mind, I repeat My explanations yet again.
  15. OC 8:72: Listen with seriousness and care. Unaware that I, Oyagami, have revealed Myself into the open, you are making a mistake thinking that I am a human being like yourself.
  16. OC 8:73: No matter what has to be taught, it cannot be done unless it is done by the Parent of Origin.
  17. OC 8:74: Until now, I, the original Parental Kami, have taught all things with this reasoning in mind.
  18. OC 8:75: If there is another Parent who began human beings, go ahead and look for him or her.
  19. OC 8:76: These things which I tell you one after another which no person knows about, these are all true talks.
  20. OC 8:77 It is truly a pleasure for Me, Oyagami, to you teach things unknown to human beings and that have not appeared in the world that allows Me to see My children spiritually mature.
  21. OC 8:78, 79: You may have heard that the Parent who began this world and human beings has a Gift of Heaven. Although you most likely have no idea what this refers to, I, Oyagami, shall give you the Food of Heaven.

    *Note: “Food of Heaven” (jikimotsu) refers to an elixir for long life Oyagami gives to the Parent of all existence. We are taught that we are to receive it upon placing a flat vessel atop the Kanrodai. This Food of Heaven shall be later given to us according to the Parent’s wishes. See Ofudesaki verses 9:55­–64.

  22. OC 8:80: If you ask how I am to give you this Food of Heaven, once you place a flat vessel atop the Kanrodai, I shall grant it to you from Heaven.
  23. OC 8:81 Be aware that I will place physical disorders here and there to people. This My care/tending to train their minds.
  24. OC 8:83: If you sweep the dust of the mind and clean the Residence in this way, walk the Residence premises that has been cleaned. Build the Kanrodai at the place where your feet stop.

    *Note: Oyasama first walked the Residence premises Herself and marked a particular spot. She instructed Kokan along with two or three devoted followers to walk the Residence premises with their eyes blindfolded. When they did so, their feet were drawn to the same spot and were not able to move. The location to put the Kanrodai, the place of the Jiba of Origin was identified in this way on lunar 5/26/1875.

  25. OC 8:84: Once you place the Kanrodai, assemble the Service performers and quickly begin the Service. Once you do so, your minds will naturally become spirited.
  26. OC 8:85: The Kanrodai alone is something that cannot be found no matter where you may look. This is indeed the central pillar erected in nihon that symbolizes My creation of the world and humankind together with the truth of single-hearted salvation.
  27. OC 8:86: If you assuredly build the Kanrodai, you will have no fear of anyone, no matter who they may be.
  28. OC 8:87: Unless the Kanrodai that marks the Jiba of Origin is built, I will not be able to embark on the steps to prepare for universal forms of salvation.
  29. OC 8:88: No matter how high a person’s position may be, I shall freely and unlimitedly speak to them without restraint or hesitation.