Ofudesaki Part 9, verses 1–32

Part 9

June in the 8th year of Meiji

An old woman of 78 years

Part 9: Concerning the Kanrodai

Listen without human thinking

(1) Until now, whatever I said, you thought it had come from the mind of a human being.

(2) This time, whatever I may say, never think that it comes from a human mind.

(3) Please listen closely to whatever I say. Never is there mixed the least bit of a human mind.

(4) [Cosmic Space-Time] is going to tell you clearly about all matters. Listen to Me, please.1

The relationship between salvation and the way of treat the two persons received as shrines

(5) I desire that the two persons received as shrines by [Cosmic Space-Time] each be given a separate room.

(6) Then, in whatever you pray, your salvation will be assured. Watch closely!2

Salvation from illness; medical science and medications

(7) This is the basis by which any salvation will be assured hereafter.

(8) Do not disregard anything I say. Listen closely and comply with it, please.

(9) Hereafter, however serious your illness may be, I assure you salvation in any case.3

(10) Though there should be nothing called illness in human beings, no one knows the beginning of this world.4

(11) Because of My desire to have you know this, I began doctors and medicine for weeding and fertilizing.5

(12) From now on, I shall teach you everything about all matters. Listen closely to whatever I say.

(13) Though even until now I have taught most of My teachings, there remains a truth yet untold.6

(14) What do you think I shall say from today on? The mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] truly hastens.7

Preparation for [Cosmic Space-Time] to rush out and the Kanrodai; preparing the mind for the Jiba

(15) What is it that I hasten day after day? It is solely the preparation for [Cosmic Space-Time] to rush out.8

(16) Listen closely to this talk and understand it well. There is no knowing what I shall do.

(17) Please understand well what I say about the conditions of the path ahead. This is the request of [Cosmic Space-Time].9

(18) When you hear that [Cosmic Space-Time] has rushed out, quickly bring out the Kanrodai.10

(19) Prepare your minds for the place of the Jiba, the place where the Kanrodai is to be set up.11

(20) If only this is surely settled, there will be no danger in anything at all.

(21) Just a word on where [Cosmic Space-Time] will rush out: to the high and the distant places.12

(22) When people hear of this story, there will be talk among everyone of [Cosmic Space-Time]’s greatness.13

(23) Step by step, everyone in the world will speak of it. When that day comes, your heart will be brightened.14

(24) From thirty-eight years ago from now, the regret in your heart: how pitiful it is.15

Salvation unknown until now and Parent of Origin

(25) At this time, I shall make all things clearly known to everyone in the world.

(26) What do you think it is that I shall make known? I shall make the Parent of Origin clearly known.16

(27) Though I begin to speak to make such a thing known, perhaps no one knows what it is about.17

(28) I begin to make the truth known to all humankind from My desire to save this world.18

(29) Now that I shall work salvation unknown until now, it is necessary to make the origin known.19

(30) To teach you things unknown until now, I shall make the Parent of Origin clearly known.20

(31) When you come to know the Parent of Origin clearly, I shall give you My assurance on anything [whatsoever].21

(32) Do not wonder who is speaking these words. They are from none other than the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time].22


  1. OC 9:1–4 *Note: Refer to Ofudesaki verses 7:52–56.
  2. OC 9:5, 6: Once you put the two persons who I Oyagami, have been received as My shrines in separate rooms, whatever wishes you may make, I will surely My salvation. Firmly keep watching from this point onward.

    *Note: It has been said that “the two persons” (futari tomo) refers to Oyasama and Kokan.

  3. OC 9:7–9: Because this is the foundation which I will ensure marvelous salvation hereafter, I wish for you to agree and carry out what I tell you, without disregarding whatever I may say. From this point on, I ensure salvation from any difficult or grave illness.
  4. OC 9:10: Although there is no such thing as illness in human beings, your bodies become afflicted with disorders when dust settles on your minds due to your ignorance of the truths of how I created this world and humanity. 
  5. OC 9:11: I taught the paths of medicine little by little as tending and fertilizing in order to inform all of humanity Oyagami’s truth regarding creation, that human beings were created with the ideal of a Joyous Excursion.

    *Note: “Weeding and fertilizing” (shuri ya koe), these agricultural terms are metaphors for the spiritual instruction we receive that informs us of Oyagami’s compassion.

  6. OC 9:13: Although I have already spoken about most of My intention until now, I shall from now speak to you truths which I have not yet spoken.
  7. OC 9:14: Though there is no knowing what I will speak about from today, listen carefully and keep in mind that My mind is in great haste.
  8. OC 9:15 *Note: As stated in Ofudesaki 2:1, Oyagami is hastening for everyone to come out to the broad path. Consequently, it is difficult to pave this path in the world if Oyasama taught the teachings and stayed at Jiba. Here Oyagami hastened to directly convey this path widely to the world to places high and far. Before this, Oyasama received summons to Enshoji (Yamamura Palace). This was none other than Oyagami’s intention to tell the world about this path. As stated in Ofudesaki Part 5, verse 59: “Those who come here to this place to summon or to investigate, come because it is Kami’s intent.”

    The interference and detainments imposed by the authorities were all prepared and enacted by Oyagami.

  9. OC 9:17: I ask you to firmly listen to these matters concerning the future of the path of single-hearted salvation.
  10. OC 9:18: Once you are convinced that I, Oyagami, am stepping forward to do My work, quickly prepare to build the Kanrodai as soon as possible.
  11. 9:19 *Note: The location of the Kanrodai was identified on lunar 5/26/1875. Prior to this, Izo Iburi was instructed to build a wooden model of the Kanrodai in 1873 (Refer to 9:45).

    Oyagami’s intention was hastening for the construction of the Kanrodai since this time. The intent behind this verse was to hasten the preparation for the basic construction, for the place where the Kanrodai was to be constructed had already been determined according to Oyagami’s intention.

  12. OC 9:21: I will answer your question that asks where I, Oyagami, will step forward to do My work. I will rush out into the places where the people in high positions are and faraway places. In this way I shall reveal My free and unlimited blessings, establishing the path among high society and distant lands.
  13. OC 9:22: Once I, Oyagami, step forward and do My remarkable workings, the entire world will be impressed with how great they are.
  14. 9:23: The people of the world will then come to acknowledge My intent and praise its virtue. When that time comes, My (your?) pent-up feelings will finally be cleared away.
  15. 9:24: I am truly sorry for the dark journey you have traveled and how I made you suffer through adversity and hardship, causing you to have feelings of regret.

    *Note: Refer to the note for Ofudesaki 7:1 for an explanation of “thirty-eight years.”

  16. 9:26: What do you think I am going to inform you about? I am going to inform you with certainty of the Parent of Origin (original Parent).

    *Note: “Parent of Origin” refers to Oyasama. Oyasama, as the Shrine of Oyagami, receives the truth of Oyagami and this teaching began because of the truth of human creation.

  17. OC 9:27: No one knows about My parental intent or that I am teachings these things or does anyone knows why I say them.
  18. OC 9:28: It is for the sake of informing you the extent of My profound intent, for it is My single desire to save all My children in this world.
  19. OC 9:29: In order to begin salvation unprecedented since this world began, I must make the truths of the origin clear. Unless I do, I cannot give talks regarding the future.
  20. OC 9:30: In order for Me to teach you things that not even a single person has known about since today, I must first tell you with certainty who your original Parent is.

    *Note: “Parent of Origin”: the original parent, Cosmic Space-Time, is manifested at this time through Oyasama as Shrine. It is Oyasama, who receives the truth of Oyagami who is the original Parent of this world.

  21. 9:31: If you know with certainty who your original Parent is, I shall accept every type of request and save you.

    *Note: This verse is teaching us that if we believe that Oyasama, the Shrine of Cosmic Space-Time, is truly our Parent, we experience any form of spiritual salvation in accordance with our minds.

  22. OC 9:32: Do not think that these words are coming from a human being. This is a talk which I, Oyagami, am telling you out of My wholehearted love for you, My children.