Ofudesaki Part 9, verses 33–64

Illness, thing which are to be, and the truth of the free and unlimited workings of [Cosmic Space-Time]

(33) Look all over the world and through all ages. You will find many kinds of illnesses so-called.

(34) This time, no matter how serious your illness may be, I shall teach you the family recipe for your assured salvation.1

(35) From now on, I shall tell you clearly about the ingredients. Please understand well, whatever I say.2

(36) Your suffering at this time must be trying. But look forward to the promise in your future.

(37) Before it occurred, I had given you as much notice as I was able. Ponder over it.

(38) In whatever I do, I give you notice of it beforehand and then begin My workings.

(39) What do you think of this talk? It is because I desire you to know the free and unlimited workings of [Cosmic Space-Time].3

(40) Though the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] sincerely hastens to have you know this one truth quickly,

(41) No matter how much [Cosmic Space-Time] pleads with you close to Me, no one understands. Oh, how I regret.4

(42) Whatever I say, never think that I am speaking about things in the present.

(43) Whatever I may tell you step by step, it is solely about things which are to be.

Speaking solely about the Kanrodai

(44) To say what I shall speak about from now on: it will be solely about the Kanrodai.

(45) What is called the Kanrodai at the present time is but a mere model.5

(46) From now on, I shall teach you clearly, step by step, solely about the preparations for the Kanrodai.

(47) Make the base of this Stand three shaku across and six-sided with a mortise at its center.6

(48) Until now, I have taught you various things, but they are all preparations for setting up this Stand.7

(49) If only this Stand has been put firmly in place, there will be nothing fearful or dangerous.8

(50) Should anyone dare to stop what is ordered by [Cosmic Space-Time], his own life will be stopped.9

(51) When you see it, you will be truly satisfied and know that [Cosmic Space-Time]’s teachings are indeed marvelous.10

(52) As soon as this Stand is completed, the Service will be done. Nothing will remain that cannot be realized.11

(53) About this Stand: I do not say when or how, but when it is completed, the Service will be done.12

(54) If only this Service is begun, nothing will remain that cannot be realized.13

(55) Watch! [Cosmic Space-Time] will surely bestow the Gift, the Food of Heaven, without fail.14

(56) In whatever matters, unless there is clear proof of the truth, it should remain questionable.15

(57) From now on, I shall teach you everything in detail step by step. Do not go against my words.16

(58) Do not wonder what it is that I am saying. It is solely about the preparations for the Kanrodai.

(59) This Stand is to be made one block atop another. The uppermost is to be two shaku and four sun.

(60) Place a flat vessel on top, and I shall surely bestow the Food of Heaven.17

(61) On whom do you think the Food of Heaven is to be bestowed? It is to be bestowed on the Parent who began this world.18

(62) There is no one who knows the mind of the Parent who is to receive the Gift from Heaven.19

(63) After [Cosmic Space-Time] surely ascertains the mind, then the Food of Heaven will be bestowed.20

(64) Once [Cosmic Space-Time] has bestowed it, the rest is up to the mind of the Parent.21


  1. OC 9:34 *Note: “Family recipe” (kaden) refers to the single-hearted salvation that cannot be found in other teachings.
  2. OC 9:35 *Note: “Ingredients” (yakumi) is metaphorically calling the path of salvation a condiment or spice.
  3. OC 9:36–39 *Note: These four verses are about Kokan. Refer to note for Ofudesaki 11:25–40.
  4. OC 9:40, 41: While I am hastening and telling you various things out of My wholehearted desire to inform you of My true intention as soon as possible, it is exceedingly frustrating that those of you who are close by have not been convinced no matter how much I try to persuade you.
  5. OC 9:45 *Note: “The Kanrodai at the present time” refers to the wooden model of the Kanrodai that Izo Iburi was instructed to build in 1873.
  6. OC 9:47 *Note: Verses 47 to 64 are about the Kanrodai (Stand of Sweet Dew). Its shape is to be six-sided, and its bottom piece three shaku (about three ft.) in diameter and eight sun (about eight inches) in height. Its second piece is also to be six-sided, eight sun in height, and two shaku, four sun (about two ft., four inches) in diameter. The next ten pieces beginning with the third piece from the bottom are to be six-sided, one shaku and two sun (about one ft., two inches) in diameter, and six sun (about six inches) in height. The Kanrodai is to be made of stone.

    The piece on the top is to be six-sided, two shaku, four sun in diameter, and six sun in height. At the center of each piece there is to be a socket five bu (about half an inch) deep and a tenon three sun in diameter and five bu in length that connects it with the adjacent piece.

    A flat vessel with a volume of five sho (about 9 liters) is to be placed on top of the stand.

    This Kanrodai is to be constructed at Jiba, the original Home of the Parent as proof of the place where human beings were first conceived.

  7. OC 9:48: The reason why I have told you various things until now was to take the steps toward placing this stand at Jiba as soon as possible.
  8. OC 9:49: If only the Kanrodai were firmly put in place at the Jiba of Origin, there would nothing fearsome or dangerous.
  9. OC 9:50: Because the steps toward the construction of the Kanrodai are exclusively My instructions, if there is anyone who blocks this work from being done, that person’s breath will be stopped.
  10. OC 9:51: Many people will then see the Kanrodai put in place, yearn and return to Jiba, saying to themselves: How truly wonderful and delightful it is.
  11. OC 9:52: The Joyous Service is to begin immediately upon the completion of the Kanrodai. If you do so, no prayer will go unanswered.
  12. OC 9:53: Although I do not give a time limit for the process and tell you when to do the construction of the Kanrodai, the Joyous Service will begin upon its completion.
  13. OC 9:54 When the Joyous Service which I established is performed with the Kanrodai at center, there will be no prayer that will go unanswered.
  14. OC 9:55: Look carefully. I, Oyagami, will assuredly give you the Gift known as the Food of Heaven.

    *Note: Once the Kanrodai is completed and the Joyous Service performed, the sweet dew will fall from heaven without fail on the flat vessel placed on the top piece of the Kanrodai. This is the Food (jikimotsu) or Gift of Heaven.

    For an explanation of “Food of Heaven” refer to the note for 8:79.

  15. OC 9:56: For any matter, unless there is proof that there is certainly no mistake, it ought to be considered precarious and unreliable.
  16. OC 9:57: Hereafter, I shall instruct you continuously in detail, so do not disobey these instructions I give you.
  17. OC 9:59, 60 *Note: Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 9:47 and 9:55
  18. 9:61: If you ask to whom this food of heaven will be given to, it shall be bestowed to the Parent who began this world.

    *Note: “The Parent who began this world” refers to Oyasama, who received the truth (ri) of Oyagami who began this world.

  19. OC 9:62: There is no one, but I, Oyagami, who knows of the inner mind of the Parent to whom the food of heaven is to be directly bestowed to.

    *Note: “Mind of the Parent” is the mind of Oyasama, which is none other than the mind of Cosmic Space-Time, Oyagami. Refer to note for Ofudesaki 12:67, 68.

  20. OC 9:63: I, Oyagami, will hand out the Food of Heaven that contains free and unlimited blessings upon discerning Oyasama’s mind with certainty.
  21. OC 9:64: If I, Oyagami, would only hand out this Food of Heaven to Oyasama, I entrust Her from that point on to hand it out according to Her wishes.