Ofudesaki Part 10, verses 1–24

Part 10

June in the 8th year of Meiji

An old woman of 78 years

Part 10: Detailed teachings concerning the Service of the Kanrodai

The Gift of Heaven and the free and unlimited workings of [Cosmic Space-Time]; Nihon and Kara

(1) About the Gift bestowed from Heaven after [Cosmic Space-Time] discerns the sincere mind:1

(2) Never take it as a trivial matter. The intention of Heaven is profound.2

(3) To explain what this talk is about: I shall purify the minds of those in Kara and Tenjiku.3

(4) How will those minds be purified? [Cosmic Space-Time] will rush out to places near and far.

(5) Step by step, [Cosmic Space-Time] will enter bodies and begin free and unlimited workings.4

(6) Then, however boastful those of Kara may be, they will never rival those in Nihon.5

(7) Be convinced by the things that appear day by day. There is no knowing when or what you will hear.6

(8) Whatever you hear, it was taught beforehand in the talks of [Cosmic Space-Time].7

(9) From now on, [Cosmic Space-Time] will favor those in Nihon step by step. Watch!

(10) I shall teach you everything about all things so that nothing will remain which you do not know.8

(11) When the pillar is set up in Nihon, you shall no longer fall ill, die, or become weakened.9

(12) Until now, those of Kara have rampantly done as they pleased. This time, I shall give them a return.

(13) By this talk, I do not tell anyone to do anything. I, [Cosmic Space-Time], shall rush out and do as I please.10

The blessings called forth by the Service of the Kanrodai

(14) Even until now, everyone has known the moon and the sun, but there is no one who knows the true origin.11

(15) This time, I shall teach you the truth of all matters and hasten to save you.

(16) To say when this will come: it will come as soon as the weeding of the rice fields is done.12

(17) Then, a marvelous path will open, and the performers of the Service will all assemble.13

(18) Step by step and day by day, the mind will become spirited. What a rich harvest will appear in Yamato!14

(19) Day by day, hasten to begin the Service. You will escape any danger [whatsoever].

(20) However serious your illness may be, you will all be saved by the Service done single-heartedly.

(21) As to the Service to be done, it is none other than the Service of the Kanrodai.

(22) What do you think this Stand is? It is the Parent of Nihon.15

(23) If you sincerely think this to be true, [Cosmic Space-Time] will discern it and assure anything [whatsoever].16

(24) Since I, [Cosmic Space-Time], give My assurance, there will not be even a single error in a thousand.


  1. OC 10:1: If I were to explain the significance of the gift I, Oyagami, am to bestow upon discerning the sincere mind….
  2. OC 10:2: You must not consider this a small matter. Oyagami bestows this because there is a profound intention.
  3. OC 10:3: If you were to ask what My talks are about, they are talks to purify the minds of everyone in the world who do not yet know about My teachings.

    *Note: “For an explanation of “kara,” refer to the note for Ofudesaki 2:47. “Tenjiku” refers to the place where Oyagami’s intention will reach last.

  4. 10:4, 5: If you ask how I am to purify the minds of the world, I shall advance forward, entering the bodies of people one after another and initiate free and unlimited blessings.
  5. OC 10:6: Once I do so, even those who did not know of My teachings and have been domineering with their human thinking until now shall come to wholeheartedly embrace and yearn for people who have gained insight into My true intention.
  6. OC 10:7: There is no knowing when or what kind of talks you will hear, but be convinced upon seeing My blessings that appear day after day.
  7. OC 10:8: Even though you may hear of things that are beyond your imagination, these are all things I, Oyagami, tell you beforehand.
  8. OC 10:9, 10: From now I shall gradually teach those who understand and follow My true intention so that there will be nothing which you are not aware of.
  9. OC 10:11: If you set up the Kanrodai at Jiba in Yamato, illnesses, premature death and weakening will cease to exist.

    *Refer to the annotations from verses 3:99, 3:100, 4:37, and 8:79.

  10. OC 10:12, 13: Until now, humans have selfishly behaved as they wished, yet I shall give returns at this time. I will not command humans to do this or that; I will provide free and unlimited blessings Myself upon coming out into the open.
  11. OC 10:14: Until now there was no one who has not known about the Moon and the Sun. Yet there is no one who knows that the Moon and the Sun are My physical manifestations in the heavens and that I, Oyagami, created and continue to protect everything that exists.
  12. OC 10:16 *Note: “Weeding of the rice fields”: In the area around Shoyashiki, after the planting of rice seedlings, the rice paddies are generally weeded and cultivated three times. The second series of weeding and cultivating is done at the start of midsummer. The time when the third series is done usually depends on how the weather fares that particular year, but if everything goes favorably, it is usually done by the end of midsummer, or near the beginning of autumn. The beginning of autumn fell in the seventh lunar month or near August 7 according to the solar calendar.
  13. OC 10:17: Once My protection appears, this will gradually become a marvelous path and the Service performers will all assemble.
  14. OC 10:18: From that point on, everyone will become spirited day after day, the world will overflow with My blessings and Yamato will throng with people yearning for Jiba.
  15. OC 10:22: What do you think this stand is? This stand is the Parent of nihon.

    *Note: Human beings were conceived at the Jiba of Origin by Oyagami at the beginning of the world. The Kanrodai is to be set up at Jiba in Shoyashiki in the homeland of the Sun as proof of this event. Consequently, this stand is the origin of nihon, the root of life for the entire world, and the source of spiritual salvation.

    Refer to Ofudesaki 10:79 and Ofudesaki 17:2–9.

  16. OC 10:23: If you accept this truth completely and embrace it, I will discern your mind and will undertake all forms of protection for your sake.