Ofudesaki Part 10, verses 79–104

The Kanrodai, the Jiba, and the Service

(79) That I place the Kanrodai in this Residence is the proof that I began human beings.1

(80) Beginning everything in this way, I shall purify the minds of the whole world.2

(81) Day by day, I shall make every effort solely for the preparations to make everyone in the world spirited.3

(82) As the minds of the world are spirited step by step, the growth of all crops, also, will be spirited.4

(83) To explain how these minds are to be spirited: [Cosmic Space-Time] will go forth, taking My workers along.5

(84) Until then, you will all hear of various things here and there and one after another.

(85) Whatever you hear, I told of it all beforehand. Ponder over it.6

(86) You may be wondering what [Cosmic Space-Time] is speaking about, but the future is promising.7

Making the Divine Record; the workings of [Oyagami]

(87) Above all, the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] desires a Divine Record for Nihon.

(88) If the Divine Record is surely made in Nihon and spread widely, Kara will do as I wish.8

(89) What are you all thinking of this talk? It concerns all of you, the people of Nihon.

(90) Unaware of this, what are you in the high places thinking? You cannot understand My heart. Oh, the regret of [Cosmic Space-Time]…9

(91) Whatever Divine Record is accomplished at this place, it will be a treasure for Nihon.10

(92) All humankind, settle your minds and ponder. Prepare quickly to wait for the Divine Record.11

(93) When the true Divine Record has been accomplished, [Cosmic Space-Time] will spread everything [whatsoever].

(94) Though I say [Cosmic Space-Time] will spread it, the minds of all of you may not understand.12

(95) In this regard, I firmly request you, My intermediaries. Please comply.13

(96) When the day of the appointed time comes, there will be no knowing when or where [Cosmic Space-Time] will go.14

(97) Day by day, calm your minds firmly, My intermediaries, and begin quickly.15

(98) What are all of you thinking of this path? It is not easy to understand it.

(99) By all means, [Cosmic Space-Time] will complete this path, holding fast to the mind of sincerity.16

(100) When this path has reached the high places, I shall do My free and unlimited workings.17

(101) When [Cosmic Space-Time] begins the workings, however strongly a person may oppose Me,

(102) He will truly understand and be purified in mind, and will lean on the Parent in all matters.18

(103) Hereafter, I shall set out to make the whole world brim with joy.19

(104) Take each course of this path as your own matter and ponder.20


  1. OC 10:79: That the Kanrodai is placed in this Residence is proof that I created human beings at the Jiba of Origin.
  2. OC 10:80: All matters will proceed in this way: The minds of human beings throughout the world will be purified through and through as I begin this teaching with the certain proof due to the providence of creation.
  3. OC 10:81: It is Oyagami’s desire day after day, to have human minds throughout the entire world to become spirited by all means. I, Oyagami, exclusively apply My intention and solely take the steps toward this.
  4. OC 10:82: Once the minds of humans throughout the world gradually become spirited, all agricultural crops will become spirited as well, reaping a sufficient harvest.
  5. OC 10:83: If you ask how the minds of humans throughout the world will become spirited, I shall take Oyagami’s workers and send them to throughout the world to make the minds of humans throughout the world spirited.

    *Note: “Workers” (ninsoku) refer to persons who will become Oyagami’s arms and legs who go about saving the entire world for the purpose of single-hearted salvation.

  6. OC 10:84, 85: You will most likely hear various talks from here, there, and elsewhere. All kinds of talks that you will hear are solely coming from Me, Oyagami. Fully ponder this.
  7. OC 10:86: You may wonder to yourself: Why does Oyagami say such things? But this will become a path of delight in the future.
  8. OC 10:87, 88: I, Oyagami, am devoting My mind in various ways, for I wish to create a Divine Record at Jiba, the place I began human beings. Once a Divine Record on single-hearted salvation is completed in nihon and this is told to the people of the world, the divine intention will cross freely and unlimitedly, even to those places that do not yet know of My true intention, and the minds of the entire world will become purified. *Note: Refer to note for Ofudesaki 5:31 and verses 10:55–65.
  9. OC 10:89, 90: What are you thinking as I, Oyagami, tell you how this Divine Record will be created and become the personal matter for those of nihon. It is frustrating to Me that those in high positions are not aware of this intention of Mine. *Note: Refer to note for Ofudesaki 2:47 and verses 10:55–65.
  10. OC 10:91: The Divine Record that will come to be at Jiba, just as other records, will all come to be based on My intention. Thus, this is the treasure of nihon.
  11. OC 10:92: It will do for people to resolve their minds, ponder, and wait, hoping for the Divine Record to come to be quickly. 
  12. OC 10:94: Although I, Oyagami, say that this Divine Record will be spread throughout the world, it may not satisfy you how I will go about to spread it.
  13. OC 10:95: I shall firmly request My intermediaries to convey this Divine Record to the world, so be sure to fully understand this.
  14. OC 10:96: Once this Divine Record comes to be and the time arrives for its contents to be spread, there is no knowing where or when I, Oyagami, will rush out.
  15. OC 10:97: My intermediaries: calm your minds firmly day by day and begin to make preparations to spread this Divine Record as soon as possible.
  16. OC 10:99: I, Oyagami, will establish this truth of single-hearted salvation in this way or that, clear away every common difficulty, and allow these true teachings to spread.
  17. OC 10:100: Once these teachings are understood by those who are in high positions, I, Oyagami, shall show My free and unlimited workings from that point on.
  18. OC 10:101, 102: Once My free and unlimited workings appear, no matter how stubborn My opponents may be, they will wholeheartedly understand the truth, their minds will become purified, and they will entrust every matter to the Parent.
  19. OC 10:103: From this point on, the whole world, from everywhere to here and there, will become a world of joyousness and delight.
  20. OC 10:104: Despite what may occur while you spread this teaching to the world, I ask you to work while fully pondering each matter as your own.