Ofudesaki Part 11, verses 1–16

Part 11

June in the 8th year of Meiji

An old woman of 78 years

Part 11: Using Kokan as the main topic, [Kami] teaches how to set the mind in connection with the disorder of the body and strongly urges us to have faith in Oyasama.

Disorders of the body and the intention of [Oyagami]

(1) If a severe tightening of the chest comes upon you, it is the hastening of the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time].

(2) Hereafter, all of you may receive disorders of the body.

(3) Whatever disorder you may receive, do not worry, for there is a great intention in the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time].1

(4) Though a disorder may come to the body, I am making a distinction in each of your minds.2

(5) I shall distinguish those thoughts which are sincere from those which are concerned with only the self.

(6) Whatever kind of mind you may have, [Cosmic Space-Time] will at this time make the distinction clear.

(7) [Cosmic Space-Time] clearly sees what kind of mind you have and will at this time make the distinction in all.3

(8) Words of flattery are unwanted. [Cosmic Space-Time] looks for sincerity of the mind.

Have faith in Oyasama’s teachings, lean on Her, and do as She says (the disorder of Kokan’s body used as an example)

(9) Even until now, though I have given you My teachings in various talks, the real truth has not been seen.4

(10) Today, whatever talks I may give, I shall never tell you anything that will become false.

(11) What [Cosmic Space-Time] has once said will never become false through all time.

(12) Unaware of this, even all of you close to Me think My words to be worldly common.5

(13) From your suffering at this time, be convinced, you and all the others.6

(14) There is no error in My free and unlimited workings, but there must be understanding in everyone’s mind.

(15) When understanding comes to all of you, [Cosmic Space-Time] will assuredly save you.

(16) What do you think of this salvation? You will be able to go out of doors in three days.7


  1. OC 11:2, 3: Hereafter, afflictions of the body will most likely appear one after another among all people. Despite what kind of affliction may appear, do not worry. I allow all these to happen because I have a profound intention.
  2. OC 11:4: Though I say that afflictions on your body will appear, because this is the state of each of your minds being brought into the open, all of you will come to understand the state of each of your minds.
  3. OC 11:5–7: I, Oyagami, will be always be watching whether your thoughts are sincerely directed toward the path and the world or are self-centered. At this time, I shall clearly distinguish the manner which you have used your minds by having it appear on your body, no matter what your thoughts may be.
  4. OC 11:9: Although I have spoken on various things until now in order to have you replace your mind, because the real truth had not actually appeared all of you most likely were not able to fully understand My talks.
  5. OC 11:11, 12: The things I, Oyagami, have once spoken will occur with certainty and without error. Further, those close to Me, unaware of this, are listening to these talks that contain My profound intention without paying serious attention, thinking as if they were typical talks from the world at large.
  6. OC 11:13: Ponder the illness she is presently suffering from. Both she herself and those close by must understand without error the talks I have previously given.

    *Note: This verse is referring to the illness of Kokan. Refer to notes for Ofudesaki 9:36–9 and 11:25–40.

  7. OC 11:14–16: There is no error in Oyagami’s free and unlimited protection. The suffering of your body is a manifestation of the mind that does not have any understanding of Oyagami’s talks. Once all of you understand Oyagami’s intention, self-reflect, and follow My intention, I guarantee to surely save you from your physical suffering. If you ask what kind of salvation this is to be, it is a salvation that will take place swiftly, allowing you to go outside by the third day due to My free and unlimited protection.