Ofudesaki Part 11, verses 17–40

The truth of the free and unlimited workings of [Cosmic Space-Time]; the positions of Oyasama and Kokan

(17) Even until now, though I called Myself [Cosmic Space-Time] and gave you My teachings step by step,

(18) Still, perhaps you cannot understand the core matter. At this time, I shall reveal all things [whatsoever].

(19) Even with My talks, if I give them at the same place, you might take them as being from a human mind.

(20) So as not to cause you such pitiful thoughts, I shall give My talks at a different place this time.

(21) On hearing it, be convinced, whoever you may be the free and unlimited workings of [Cosmic Space-Time] always work in this way.1

(22) [Cosmic Space-Time] enters this body and speaks freely and unrestrictedly, but perhaps you are not convinced of it.2

(23) Henceforth, after giving you as much notice step by step as I am able, I shall begin.

(24) Though I say [Cosmic Space-Time] makes things manifest, it is only after giving every notice of it step by step.3

(25) You are thinking that the suffering at this time is from illness, but the thought is wrong.

(26) Never think it is form illness or the like, but from the desire for you to know the free and unlimited workings of [Cosmic Space-Time].4

(27) I inform you of all matters whatever because I have an intention for the future.

(28) To explain what this talk is about: [Cosmic Space-Time] will take charge of everything in the future.5

(29) I, [Cosmic Space-Time], will take charge because she is causally related to the origin.

(30) To explain what the causality is about: she is an instrument of origin in the beginning of human beings.6

(31) [Cosmic Space-Time] will train this person in all matters and bring about marvelous salvation.7

(32) Do not think of this lightly. It will become the Divine Record of Nihon.

The deep intention of [Oyagami] and the passing away of Kokan

(33) If you had only known earlier that she should have been returned home to be saved completely…

(34) Unaware of it, you would not return her, but tried to care for her there.

(35) If you had known this earlier, there would have been no suffering or anxiety.

(36) Because you humans are shallow-minded, you did not heed the words of [Cosmic Space-Time].8

(37) From now on, you must firmly lean on [Cosmic Space-Time] in all matters [whatsoever].

(38) In doing anything, so long as you lean on [Cosmic Space-Time], there will be no danger.

(39) Your unawareness of this splendid path as this has led to your remorse.

(40) Hereafter, whatever you are told, you should never go against what [Cosmic Space-Time] says.9


  1. OC 11:19–21: Despite how true these teachings of Mine are, if I speak them from the same place all the time, everyone will think that Oyasama is speaking with a human mind. You will be unable to listen to what I say, even talks that are about My profound intention once you think in this way. Since I truly pity you when you are unable to perceive the depth of My intention, I will change the place where My talks are given at this time. Though the place where I give these talks has changed, the content of My talks will not change in the slightest. Once you listen to these talks that will not change in the slightest, everyone will be convinced that there is no mistake that these are My teachings, the teachings of the true Kami. I wish for you to thoroughly listen to these teachings and understand My true intention.

    I shall show free and unlimited blessings of every shape and form in the same way, in every matter.

    *Note: “Give them at the same place” (onaji tokoro de yu) refers to how Oyagami borrowed the mouth of Oyasama. “Give My talks at a different place” (tokoro kaete hanashi o) refer to the historical fact that Kokan conveyed the will of Oyagami when she was given a folding fan to hold.

    In this manner, as there was not the slightest difference in what Oyasama and Kokan spoke, this demonstrated that all the words Oyasama spoke were not Hers but that of Oyagami.

  2. OC 11:22: You may not understand that it is I, Oyagami, who enters Oyasama’s body and shares My intention freely and unlimitedly.

    *Note: It was Oyagami who spoke through the mouth of Oyasama and talked of various matters. This verse tells followers to always consider that these words are none other than the words of Oyagami and are not the words of a common person.

  3. OC 11:23, 24: Take care of every matter without reserve and hesitation from now on, for I have given notice of it beforehand. Also, My instructions to you that reveal your mistaken use of the mind through illnesses and other troubles do not come about suddenly. I have already given sufficient notice of them beforehand.
  4. OC 11:25, 26: It is a mistake to think that what she is presently suffering from is a common illness. Do not consider this to be an illness. This is happening because I wish to show you My free and unlimited workings of Oyagami, who sees and knows all.

    *See also note for Ofudesaki 11:25–40.

  5. OC 11:28: If you are to ask what this talk is about, I, Oyagami, shall take charge of all matters concerning with the future.
  6. OC 11:29, 30 *Note: “causally related to the origin” (moto no innen) refers to the causality of the soul of Kokan. Refer to note for Ofudesaki 11:69–72.
  7. OC 11:31 *Note: “This person” (kono mono) refers to Kokan.
  8. OC 11:33–36 *Note: Kokan’s action of going to Ichinomoto went against Oyagami’s intention. If she had not succumbed to human sentiment or if the members of the Kajimoto household gained insight into this, Kokan would have received Oyagami’s free and unlimited blessings. However, she was not able to receive Oyagami’s vivid blessings because there was the self-centered human thinking that wished to have her take over for the deceased Haru and thus extended her stay day by day.
  9. 11:25–40 *General summary: Oyasama’s third daughter Haru, who was married to Sojiro Kajimoto and lived in Ichinomoto, passed away for rebirth on lunar 6/18/1872. She had left behind five children, with the oldest being 15 years old. Since the Kajimoto household was troubled over having no one to look after the housework and other tasks, the family earnestly requested Haru’s younger sister Kokan to become Sojiro’s wife. However, Oyasama did not give Her consent as it went against Oyagami’s intention. For Kokan’s causality determined that she was to remain at Jiba and Oyagami’s intention was for her to forever contribute to the task of single-hearted salvation. (Refer to verses Ofudesaki 11:28–32 and note for 11:69–72.)

    Nevertheless, Kokan was pressed by those near her to go to the Kajimoto household. Unable to bear to see their nephews and nieces in such a troubled situation, both Shuji, the legal head of the Nakayama household at the time, and Kokan herself succumbed to human sentiment and she went to the Kajimoto household. Human sentiment cannot fathom the depth of Oyagami’s intention. In 1875 Kokan subsequently received severe guidance upon her body and her condition grew increasingly worse. She finally gained insight into the hard reality of the situation and that it was impossible to go against Oyagami’s intention. She resolved her mind and returned home to Oyasama’s side, despite her condition. However, just at the time Oyasama was sentenced to serve a detainment at Nara Prison between lunar 8/26–30, a sentence that resulted from the construction of the South Gatehouse at the Residence. During Her absence, Kokan passed away for rebirth at the age of 39 on lunar 8/28. Oyasama was given a reprieve from her detention and returned from the prison. Though filled with grief, Oyasama smiled at the lifeless Kokan as if she were still very much alive and aid: “You are not going to go anywhere. Like an empty shell of a cicada, your soul remains here at this Residence. You are to return once again and be reborn here at this Residence.” (Refer to note for 9:36–39)