Ofudesaki Part 11, verses 41–57

(41) The chest of the one taken as a shrine by [Cosmic Space-Time] is blocked. What do you think of it?

(42) Do not think of this blocking as being ordinary. The mind of [Cosmic Space-Time] is truly anxious.1

(43) Unaware of this, all of you everywhere are doing your own work only with self-centered thoughts.2

(44) [Cosmic Space-Time] sees all paths whatever, but no one in the world thinks about it.

(45) Ponder over this path, all My children! There is no knowing what kind of path will appear.

(46) I shall inform you of everything in advance. Make sure you will not be remorseful later.

(47) All of you may be wondering why I say such things. It is from My love for My children.

(48) All My many children in the world, is there not a way I can make you understand from your innermost heart?

(49) I tell you these things so repeatedly because I fear the path you are taking.3

(50) From now on, I shall tell you about everything. Never think of it as being false.

The work of [Cosmic Space-Time]; joyousness

(51) Hear Me clearly on the present work of [Cosmic Space-Time]! I shall do nothing evil.

(52) I began the work because I desired to teach you marvelous salvation by all means.4

(53) Firmly replace the mind you have had until now and become of the mind filled with joy.5

(54) You may wondering how to become of such a mind. If [Cosmic Space-Time] enters the body,

(55) Day by day, the mind will be spirited of itself and become of the mind filled with joy.6

(56) Making the mind spirited day by day, [Cosmic Space-Time] will work to make the world be filled with joy.7

(57) What are your thoughts on hearing this talk? It is solely the preparation for single-hearted salvation.8


  1. OC 11:41, 42: What do you all think of how the chest of the one who is Oyagami’s Shrine is being blocked? You must not think of this blockage as something that is common or ordinary. This is happening because I, Oyagami, cannot hold back My utmost concern.
  2. OC 11:43: All of you, not knowing the depth of My concern, are solely doing selfish things according your human thinking.
  3. OC 11:49: The reason I repeat this over and over is to warn you beforehand, as I am concerned for My children’s future.
  4. OC 11:51, 52: I wish to have you thoroughly listen to My intention regarding My work at this time. I will never do anything that will be harmful to all of you. I embark on this work only so that you may by all means experience extraordinary salvation.
  5. OC 11:53: Thoroughly replace the mind that you had until now on with a different mind and become the mind of joyousness from now on.
  6. OC 11:54, 55: You may wonder how you will be able to become of a mind filled with joy. Once I enter your bodies, everyone’s minds will become spirited of their own accord and become the mind of joyousness.
  7. OC 11:56: I shall make everyone’s minds spirited day by day and gradually make this world the world of joyousness.
  8. OC 11:57: What are you thinking about this talk? I, Oyagami, am solely rushing to set up the arrangements for single-hearted salvation.