Ofudesaki Part 11, verses 58–80

Using Shuji and his wife Matsue as the subject, [Kami] teaches us to come in accord with Oyasama’s intention

(58) [Cosmic Space-Time] sees everything. Whatever I say, you must comply with it.

(59) From this year forward, if you, husband and wife, live on for seventy more years, neither falling ill nor weakening,

(60) There can perhaps be no greater happiness. Look forward to it as coming true.1

(61) [Cosmic Space-Time] will speak solely about things which have never existed before at any place. Listen with this understanding.

(62) Though I speak solely about such things that do not exist, watch the future: everything is the truth.2

(63) Since I do new and marvelous things in any case, whatever I say is about things that do not yet exist.3

(64) I speak solely of those things that do not exist, but watch the future: the wonders you shall see.4

The disorder of Kokan’s body and the Divine Record for eternity

(65) Your suffering at this time must be trying, but the future will bring delight to your mind.5

(66) I give you these talks repeatedly because they are to be the Divine Record for eternity.6

(67) [Cosmic Space-Time] is revealed at this place and time and speaks about all matters, so that,

(68) By teaching you about whatever matters step by step, I shall make all of the Divine Record of Nihon.7

(69) The very beginning of this world was at Shoyashiki Village of Yamabe County in Yamato Province.

(70) There, at the place known as the Nakayama Residence, appear instruments of human beginnings.

(71) These instruments are Izanagi, Izanami, Kunisazuchi and Tsukiyomi.

(72) Discerning this, [Cosmic Space-Time] descended and began preparations to train them in all matters.8

(73) At this place, whatever is done and however it is done, all is by [Cosmic Space-Time].

(74) Whatever I say, it is all by [Cosmic Space-Time]. You, who are close to Me, imitate Me if you can.9

(75) From the time I began this world until today, I have not yet told the real truth.10

(76) Today, the time has come when I must tell you the truth of all matters.

(77) Whatever is said, do not wonder. It is said just as [Cosmic Space-Time] intends.11

(78) Whenever you return, never think that it is caused by your individual minds.12

(79) Everyone, whoever one may be, will return, convinced from the heart. Wait and see.13

(80) However powerful or clever one may be, no one can resist the mind of [Cosmic Space-Time].14


  1. 11:59, 60: There is perhaps no greater joy than for you as husband and wife to be able to live from this year for seventy more years, without becoming ill or weak with age. Look forward to it from the bottom of your hearts!

    *Note: “Husband and wife” here refers to Shuji and Matsue. When looking at the verse with this in mind, one detects the depth to which Oyasama encouraged Shuji and Matsue to have a mind to look forward to these things to happen as well as how sad She was in that She had to urged them to awaken to have such a mind.

  2. OC 11:62: Although I am solely speaking about matters that cannot be seen, watch for them from now on. Every matter that I, Oyagami, speak of will all come true in the future, exactly as I say it will.
  3. OC 11:63: All things considered, because I am going to reveal extraordinary salvation that never existed until now, everything that I speak of will be all solely about matters that have never existed before.
  4. OC 11:64: Despite My saying that these are solely about matter that do not exist, be sure to watch the future from this point on. You will witness the wonder of seeing everything I, Oyagami, have said appearing exactly in the manner that I said I would.
  5. OC 11:65: Although the illness you are currently suffering is a trying one, if this illness leads you to replace your mind exactly as I tell you to, everything from this point will be delightful.

    *Note: The phrase “Your suffering at this time” allows one to conclude that either Shuji or Matsue was ill at the time.

  6. OC 11:66: The reason I repeat this over and over is because I wish to leave a Divine Record that must contain examples of single-hearted salvation that will be transmitted for eternity.
  7. OC 11:67, 68: I, Oyagami, revealed Myself into the open at this time at the Jiba of Origin and speak to you of all matters because I wish to inform the entire human race of all truths one by one. The truth of My single-hearted salvation will be taught, appear in nihon, and will be transmitted for eternity in this manner, creating all the Divine Records that ought to become the exemplary models for the salvation of the entire world. Refer to note for Ofudesaki 5:31.
  8. OC 11:69–72: The beginning of this world occurred in Yamato, in Shoyashiki Village, Yamabe County. I see in the residence of the Nakayama household individuals who possess the essence of the instruments at human creation. These instruments are Izanagi-no-Mikoto, Izanami-no-Mikoto, Kunisazuchi-no-Mikoto, and Tsukiyomi-no-Mikoto. I, Oyagami, discerned these individuals, descended on Jiba at the arrival of the Promised Time, received Oyasama as the Shrine of Cosmic Space-Time and made arrangements to teach the truth of single-hearted salvation.

    *Note: Oyasama went through indescribable hardships to begin this path. Her husband Zenbei and the entire family also bore much extraordinary suffering as they cooperated with Oyasama to establish the teachings of single-hearted salvation. Also, Shuji looked after the household finances through years of poverty and devoted much effort and undertook a variety of means for the path to stand on its own in the face of oppression and ridicule from the general public. Kokan comforted her mother and encouraged her elder brother, helping maintain peace and harmony in the home, going through tough times like no other for the sake of the path.

    In actuality, Oyasama, Zenbei, Shuji, and Kokan were each physical manifestations of the instruments during human creation. Here we can observe the depth of Oyagami’s profound forethought. Refer to note for Ofudesaki 6:29–51.

  9. OC 11:73, 74: These matters which are done at this Jiba are not done by a human being, but all done by Me, Oyagami. Also, everything that is spoken is not spoken by a human being, but all spoken by Me, Oyagami. If you believe this is something that a human being has said or done on their own accord, then I allow anyone close to Me to imitate it if you can! There is no way that this is possible.
  10. OC 11:75: I have not spoken of this real truth since I created this world until today. (Refer to Ofudesaki verses 11:69–72.)
  11. OC 11:77: You must not think this you are saying this from the human mind of each of you. I am having it so that everything is said exactly as I, Oyagami, am thinking.
  12. OC 11:78: Whenever you return to Jiba, never think that it came to be because of each of your human thoughts.
  13. OC 11:79: You will very likely return, no matter who you may be, persuaded from the bottom of your heart. This is because I, Oyagami, am having this being told. Be sure to watch carefully!
  14. OC 11:80: No matter how strong or wise one may be, no one will turn against My intention but will solely yearn from the bottom of their heart.

    *Note: Unusual Japanese expressions—goteki refers to a person with great strength (rendered in the official translation as “powerful”); hatsume refers to a person who is wise and intelligent (rendered in the official translation as “clever”).

    In other words, no matter who much a person may pride oneself on one’s strength or knowledge, they will always fall short of Oyagami’s free and unlimited workings and the profound divine intention.