Ofudesaki Part 10, verses 25–56

Components of the Service of the Kanrodai

(25) How are you hearing this talk? It is about the Service of the Kanrodai.

(26) Do not think of this Service as being trivial. I desire as many as thirty-six people.

(27) In time, I shall need nineteen performers for the Kagura Service, including those for the musical instruments.1

(28) Truly settle your mind and ponder. I make this a firm request of you, My intermediaries.2

(29) To construct this Stand, [Cosmic Space-Time] is making preparations for the performers step by step.3

(30) When the performers are fully assembled, the Stand, also, will be completed of its own accord.4

(31) To explain what this path is about: [Cosmic Space-Time] will teach them the hand movements of the Service, and then,

(32) When [Cosmic Space-Time] takes them forth all over the world, the Stand will be completed of itself.5

(33) If only this is surely completed, the Service each month will be done without error.6

(34) If only the Service is done without error, the Gift of Heaven, also, will be given without fail.7

(35) This path is a path of true sincerity and is difficult to follow. Everyone must ponder well.8

(36) You may not know where these performers are. [Cosmic Space-Time] will discern them and draw them all forth.9

(37) No matter where these people may be, [Cosmic Space-Time] will do this by free and unlimited workings.10

(38) After the performers are assembled step by step, I shall discern their sincerity and assign their roles.11

(39) To explain what the roles are to be: ten for the Kagura and others for the musical instruments.12

(40) If only this assemblage is quickly completed, nothing will remain that cannot be achieved.

Teaching the truth of origin to Nihon

(41) From today, I shall change the topic step by step and speak solely of things you have not known before.

(42) Even until now, there have been various paths, but there is nothing that has not been taught by [Cosmic Space-Time].13

(43) Though [Cosmic Space-Time] has already taught you most everything step by step,

(44) This time, I shall teach you further all the truths yet unknown to you.14

(45) Until now, those of Kara have been boastfully thriving, but they also have been taught by [Cosmic Space-Time].15

(46) This time, returning to the origin, [Cosmic Space-Time] will clearly reveal the whole root of the tree.16

(47) There is perhaps no one anywhere who clearly knows the origin of this world.17

(48) If you clearly know this origin, you will always be assured, wherever you may go.18

(49) What do you think on hearing this talk? I desire to train My intermediaries in this.19

(50) All that [Cosmic Space-Time] desires is to have the whole world know the origin of human beings.20

(51) If this truth becomes quickly known to all humankind, My talks will be understood.21

(52) No matter how I strive to explain My teachings, unless I teach you the origin…22

(53) If only I have taught you the origin clearly, you will understand everything I say.23

(54) The earth and heaven of this world is your real Parent. Out of this, human beings were born.24

(55) From now one, I shall tell you solely of things unknown to both Kara and Nihon. Listen closely!

(56) I wish to train you in everything so that you need not say that you do not know.25


  1. OC 10:25–27: How are you hearing this talk? You must not think of this Service of the Kanrodai as a simple ceremony/ritual. The number of performers for the Teodori are 36, plus ten more persons for the Kagura and nine persons for the Narimono for a total of 19 persons.

    10:26, 27 *Note: The Service performers indicated by Oyagami are:

    Kagura: 10 persons

    Narimono (musical instruments): 9 persons

    Teodori: 36 persons (6 persons in one group)

    Further, there are 20 people designated as “gakunin” for a total of 75 persons.

  2. OC 10:28: Intermediaries, firmly resolve your minds, gain insight into where My intention lies, and devote your efforts toward preparations for the Service for the Kanrodai.
  3. OC 10:29: I am taking the steps toward assembling the Service performers, with the construction of the Kanrodai as the initial step.
  4. OC 10:30: Once the Service performers assemble without fail, the Kanrodai will be set up by itself.
  5. OC 10:31, 32: If you ask what the sequence is to be, I shall first teach you the hand movements of the Service. Once those who have been taught this go out to teach the hand movements around the world according to My instructions, the Kanrodai will naturally become complete.
  6. OC 10:33: When the Kanrodai is built and the hand movements of the Service are performed with accuracy, the Service month after month will come to be conducted without error.
  7. OC 10:34: Once the Service is conducted without error month after month, I shall bestow the Gift of Heaven without fail.
  8. OC 10:35: This path is the path of true sincerity. Although it is not easy to become one with a completely purified and sincere mind that has gained insight into My truth, if you can perceive My parental love, it truly becomes a delightful path. Be sure to fully ponder this, all of you.
  9. OC 10:36: There is no knowing who will be chosen as Service performers and where they may come from. Yet I shall distinguish between each of you and draw them all here.
  10. OC 10:37: If I think to draw someone as a Service performer, I shall draw them freely, no matter where they may be from.
  11. OC 10:38: Once the Service performers gradually assemble, I shall assign their roles for the Service upon ascertaining each person’s sincerity.
  12. OC 10:39 *Note: Refer to note for Ofudesaki 10:26, 27.
  13. OC 10:42: Though there have been various teachings that existed until today, these were all teachings that I, Oyagami, taught according to the level of spiritual maturity attained by human beings.
  14. OC 10:43, 44: Although I have taught to human beings generally all there is to know at each level of spiritual maturity you attained, at this time, I shall teach you the most important teachings of all concerning the true foundation of this world.
  15. OC 10:45: Until today, unaware of My intention, those who had superior knowledge and power were domineering, thinking that having knowledge and skill was enough. Yet these are all courses that I taught to human beings according to the level of spiritual maturity you attained.
  16. OC 10:46: At this time, I, Oyagami, shall come back to the source and firmly manifest the truth of single-hearted salvation into the open.
  17. OC 10:47: There is no one in this wide world who thoroughly knows that the beginning of this world was initiated by Cosmic Space-Time.
  18. OC 10:48: If you truly settle in your minds the truth of how I created this world and human beings, you will have nothing to fear and your mind will be at ease, no matter where you may go.
  19. OC 10:49: What are you thinking of as you listen to these talks? I give these talks because I wish to thoroughly train My intermediaries in them.
  20. OC 10:50: If you ask what I, Oyagami, am thinking about, I desire to teach the fundamental truth about human creation to the entire world.
  21. OC 10:51: Once I speak about the true story of how human beings were created to the entire world, you will come to know everything.
  22. OC 10:52: No matter what kind of talks I may give, you will not be able to grasp anything unless you come to know that at the beginning was initiated by Cosmic Space-Time.
  23. OC 10:53: Once I thoroughly teach you that at the beginning was initiated by Cosmic Space-Time, you will be able to understand everything, no matter what I may say.
  24. OC 10:54 Heaven and earth are physical manifestations of the essence of ”Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto” and ”Omotari-no-Mikoto”, the true Parents of human beings. The entire human race was born in the embrace of heaven and earth due to Oyagami’s protection. Thus, all people in the world are all My beloved children and human beings are all brothers and sisters.

    *Note: The providence of heaven and the Moon is Kunitokotachi-no-Mikoto. The essence of earth and the Sun is Omotari-no-Mikoto. At the world’s beginning, Moon-Sun entered ”Izanagi-no-Mikoto” and ”Izanami-no-Mikoto” to create human beings and the world. The essence of Moon-Sun is presently manifested in heaven and earth, and humans are bestowed with life and are born in the embrace of heaven and earth. Thus, heaven and earth are the true Parents of human beings. Human beings live in the bosom of Oyagami, the embrace of heaven and earth, and are protected night and day by Oyagami’s providence.

    In the Mikagura-uta, The Songs for the Service, we sing: “Representing heaven and earth I have created husband and wife. This is the beginning of the world.”

  25. OC 10:55, 56: From now I will solely give talks that no one in the world has ever known. I wish to teach all things in detail to My children in the entire world because so there will be nothing that which you will not know about (so that you know everything). I wish for you to firmly (thoroughly) listen to what I say while fully perceiving the depth of My parental heart that loves the entire world, My children, equally without any discrimination.

    *Note: It is out of Oyagami’s sincere parental love that there is no discrimination between kara and nihon. In the eyes of Oyagami, the Parent of the entire human race, nihon, kara, and the whole wide world are places where Oyagami’s beloved children live. Those born earlier and those born later are all Oyagami’s beloved children. Also, those who perceive Oyagami’s heart and those who oppose Oyagami are all Oyagami’s beloved children. Ultimately, it is Oyagami’s fundamental desire to save all human beings in the entire world. This is the true significance Oyagami’s single-hearted salvation. Oyagami’s intention in relation to nihon and kara is explained in Part 2 and thereafter. Refer to note for Ofudesaki 2:47.