Ofudesaki Part 8, verses 28–50

Childbirth and smallpox; the free and unlimited workings

(28) This is because in whatever salvation I may work, I do not teach you of ordinary things.1

(29) I do not speak of things already seen or of things that already exist.

(30) I shall teach you only of things that have not existed before and bring true salvation.2

(31) What do you think this salvation is about? I am preparing the amulet to protect you from smallpox.

(32) Another salvation: My free and unlimited workings for the time of childbirth, either to delay or to quicken.3

(33) About these free and unlimited workings of which I speak: do not think of them as being trivial.4

(34) Though [Cosmic Space-Time] is doing the utmost, everyone in the world continues to be ordinary.5

The truth of the place for the Service

(35) I must have you know My true intent in beginning this world.6

(36) This place, the place for the Service, is the very place where I began human beings.7

The truth of Oyasama being the Parent; sincerity

(37) This Parent, who began human beings, lives. This is the truth.8

(38) There is perhaps no one anywhere who believes this talk to be the truth.

(39) Though I speak in this way about things which do not exist, it is all the real truth.

(40) Even until now, when I began this world which did not exist, I began by teaching things unknown.

(41) This time also, I begin to teach again, speaking only of things which do not exist and things unknown.9

(42) This is the intention of [Cosmic Space-Time]: to teach everything which no one has ever known.10

(43) By teaching all of the unknown step by step, [Cosmic Space-Time] will save the world.11

(44) So great is [Cosmic Space-Time]’s concern, but those in the world are aware of nothing.12

The correlation between single-hearted salvation, the Parent, and the Jiba

(45) If only your mind is truly accepted by [Cosmic Space-Time], you will be assured of any salvation whatever.

(46) [Cosmic Space-Time] assures you any and every salvation because your true Parent lives.13

(47) Because the Jiba of Origin and the causality of origin exist, [Cosmic Space-Time] works freely and unlimitedly.14

(48) You may wonder why I repeat this teaching so persistently. It is the basis of My assurance of single-hearted salvation.15

(49) Wherever you may seek to find the origin, there will be no one who knows.

(50) So should it be, for this is the first time that [Cosmic Space-Time] has entered a body and speaks.16


  1. OC 8:28: In every salvation I embark on, although it may be difficult for you to understand since I will not say anything that is commonplace, you must fully gain insight into this.
  2. OC 8:29, 30: I will not talk about something that happened in the past or something that already exists in the present. I shall reveal to you a truth new to your ears, something that no one has yet seen or heard before until now and wholeheartedly save the entire world.
  3. OC 8:31, 32: What kind of salvation you think My wholehearted salvation is? I shall provide free and unlimited blessings of salvation that include amulets I give you to remove smallpox together with the Grant of Safe Childbirth that either delay or quicken the time of birth.
  4. OC 8:33: Do not ever think lightly of such free and unlimited forms of salvation. It is something that I do out of a deep and profound intention.
  5. OC 8:34: Although I, Oyagami, am exerting My mind that is by no means ordinary, the people of the world have yet to awaken to My intention in the slightest and are solely indulging in human thinking.
  6. OC 8:35: You will most likely will not understand anything unless I tell you My true intention behind beginning this world.
  7. OC 8:36: This Place for the Service is the Jiba of Origin (original place) where I began human beings.

    *Note: The Place for the Service refers the place to conduct the Salvation Service and is the Main Sanctuary of Church Headquarters built at the Jiba of Origin.

  8. OC 8:37: The Parent who made human beings and the world from where they did not originally exist is now revealed, living as the Foundress, Oyasama. This is the truth beyond all certainty.

    *Note: This verse is about how Oyagami directly became revealed through Oyasama as Shrine.

  9. OC 8: 40, 41: In order for me to begin this world that originally did not exist, I taught things which no one knew about. This time also, to begin this teaching, I will solely talk of things that have not existed before and about things people do not know about.
  10. OC 8:42: The reason why I, Oyagami, solely teach of things no one knows is because I have a profound intention.
  11. OC 8:43: I, Oyagami, shall save the entire world, solely teaching you things one after another about everything human beings do not know.
  12. OC 8:44: The people of the world, knowing nothing of how I, Oyagami, am exerting My mind in order to save the entire world, are only thinking selfishly about themselves in a human manner.
  13. OC 8:46: I, Oyagami, accept all forms of salvation because your true Parent, Oyasama, lives.
  14. OC 8:47: I, Oyagami, enact free and unlimited blessings because of the profound causality that your true Parent lives and because the Jiba of Origin, where the entire world was originally created, exists.
  15. 8:48: If you ask why I repeat this so excessively, it is the foundation by which I assure single-hearted salvation.
  16. OC 8:49, 50: It is very likely that whomever you may ask, you will find no one who knows about the fundamentals of all things in detail. This is not at all unreasonable for this marks the first time I entered a human body to speak.

    *Note: The phrase “Cosmic Space-Time has entered a body and speaks” is speaking about how Oyagami received Oyasama as Shrine.